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Jason Collett【 共收藏 5 张专辑, 61 首歌 】
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Reckon 英文
1.Pacific Blue (提供)
2.Jasper Johns Flag (提供)
3.King James Rag (提供)
4.Sailor Boy (提供)
5.Ask No Questions (提供)
6.You're Not The One And Only Lonely One (提供)
7.Miss Canada (提供)
8.Talk Radio (提供)
9.I Wanna Rob A Bank (提供)
10.Where Things Go Wrong (提供)
11.Song Of The Silver Haired Hippie (提供)
12.Black Diamond Girl (提供)
13.My Daddy Was A RocknRoller
14.Don't Let The Truth Get To You (提供)
15.When The War Came Home (提供)
Essential Cuts 英文
1.We All Lose One Anothe
2.I'll Bring The Sun
3.Angel Of Kensington
4.Brother (提供)
5.Love is a Dirty Word
6.Every Night
Here's To Being Here 英文
1.Roll On Oblivion
2.Sorry Lori
3.Out Of Time
4.Papercut Hearts
5.Henry's Song
6.Charlyn, Angel Of Kensington
7.No Redemption Song
8.Through The Night These Days
9.Nothing To Lose (提供)
10.Not Over You
12.Waiting For The World
Rat A Tat Tat 英文
1.Rave On Sad Songs
2.Lake Superior (提供)
3.Love Is A Dirty Word
4.Bitch City
5.High Summer (提供)
6.Cold Blue Halo (提供)
7.Love Is A Chain
8.Long May You Love
9.The Slowest Dance (提供)
10.Vanderpool Vanderpool
11.Winnipeg Winds (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Super Model
2.Tinsel & Sawdust
3.These Are The Days
4.Brownie Hawkeye
6.Pink Night
7.Parry Sound
8.We All Lose One Another
9.Hangover Days
10.Almost Summer
11.Bitter Beauty
12.Blue Sky
13.Tiny Ocean Of Tears
14.Little Clown
15.Honey I Don't Know
16.It Won't Be Long
17.Madame Pompadour

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