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Good Things: The Best Of 英文
1.More To Life (提供)
2.Good Times
3.Like A Song (提供)
4.Business Is Booming (提供)
5.Bad Things (Theme From 'True Blood')
6.God Made You Mean (提供)
8.The Goodlife
9.Pretty Good Plan
11.Little Black Dress
12.No Place To Hide (Mountain Mix) (提供)
13.One Of Them (提供)
14.Let's Begin Again
15.Sapphira (提供)
16.Lloyd's Sumer Vacation (提供)
17.Love Is Gone (提供)
18.Down So Long (提供)
Jace Everett 英文
1.Half Of My Mistakes
2.Bad Things
3.That's the Kind of Love I'm In
5.Nowhere In The Neighborhood
6.Between A Father And A Son
7.I Gotta Have It
8.Everything I Want
9.A Little Less Lonely
10.The Other Kind
11.Bad Things (Club Mix)
Terra Rosa 英文
1.No Place to Hide
2.Beyond the Wall
4.The Great Fish (Wave After Wave)
5.Pretty Good Plan
Red Revelations 英文
1.More to Life (C'mon C'mon)
2.Burn for You
3.The Good Life
4.Damned If I Do
5.Permanent Thing
6.Little Black Dress
7.Slip Away
9.Bad Things
Old New Borrowed Blues 英文
1.Doin Nothing With You
2.Doin' Nothin' With You
3.Your Man
4.Turn It On
5.Greatest Story (Never Told)
6.Angel Loves the Devil Outta Me
7.Bad Things
Mr. Good Times 英文
1.Great American Hero
2.The Drugs Aren't Getting It Done
3.Don't Look Down
4.Let's Begin Again
暂存 英文
1.More To Life (C'mon, C'mon)
2.Bad Things - Soundtrack Version
3.Angel Loves The Devil Outta Me

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