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Kenny Price【 共收藏 27 首歌 】
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  歌名 作词 作曲 日期
1 After All Price Kenny    
2 All In The Family Price Kenny    
3 Biloxi      
4 Clock Price Kenny    
5 Destination Anywhere Price Kenny    
6 From Here To There Price Kenny    
7 Happy Tracks (1967)      
8 Happy Tracks Ray Pennington    
9 Heavyweight      
10 I'd Be A Legend In My Time Don Gibson    
11 I'm A Ramblin' Man Ray Pennington    
12 It Don't Mean A Thing To Me Ray Pennington    
13 Midnight      
14 My Goal For Today Chuck Howard    
15 Round Mound Of Sound Kenny Price    
16 Sea Of Heartbreak David Hal, Hampton Paul    
17 Sheriff Of Boone County (1971)      
18 Six String Guitar Price Kenny    
19 Somebody Told Mary Price Kenny    
20 Sunshine Man Ray Pennington    
21 Take Me      
22 Tomorrow Night In Baltimore Kenny Price    
23 Walking On New Grass (1966)      
24 Wasting My Time Price Kenny    
25 Who Do I Know In Dallas Hank Cochran, Willie Nelson    
26 Yonder Comes A Freight Train Ray Pennington    
27 You Made Me Lie To You Alan Jardine, Brian Douglas Wilson, Carl Wilson