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Luciano( 卢西亚诺 )【 共收藏 5 张专辑, 70 首歌 】
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Banditorinho 英文
1.Gauner in Lacoste
2.Show 'Em (What You're Made Of) (提供)
3.Make Believe (提供)
4.Breathe (提供)
5.In a World Like This (提供)
6.The One (Live in Japan) (提供)
7.Jagen die Mio (feat. Nikky Santoro)
9.Monamie (feat. Cahiipsn)
10.J„ger (提供)
11.Ryad Marez (提供)
13.Mach mein Batz
14.Mio 2.0
15.Vato Mulatto Rmx (feat. Nate57 & Telly Tellz)
16.Jonny Walker Kaffa
17.Anders nicht so wie du
18.One Phone Call (提供)
The Qabalah Man 英文
1.Organize In Dub (提供)
2.Don't Give In (提供)
3.Dis Yah Reggae Music Feat. Vido (提供)
4.So Long Feat. Mark Wonder (提供)
5.Black Man Government Feat. Naptali (提供)
6.Tribute To Dennis Brown Feat. Dub-Terian (提供)
7.Skull And Bone (提供)
8.Organize Feat. U-Roy & Ziggi Ricardo (提供)
9.Material World (提供)
10.No Mercy (提供)
11.Weapons Of War (提供)
12.Speak Your Mind (提供)
13.Don't Sell Out (提供)
14.Create Our History Feat. Bob Andy (提供)
Luciano Live 英文
1.Messenger (Live) (提供)
2.Never Give Up My Pride (Live)
3.Your World & Mine (Live)
4.War (Live)
5.Over the Hills (Live)
Live In San Francisco 英文
1.Sweep Over My Soul (Live)
2.Back to Africa (Live)
3.Lord Give Me Strength (Live)
暂存 英文
3.Never Give Up My Pride
4.Carry Jah Load
6.Who Could It Be
7.How Can You
8.Friend in Need
9.Guess What's Happening
10.Over the Hills
11.Feel Like Moving
12.Rainy Days
13.Lord Give Me Strength
14.His Imperial Majesty
15.Sweep Over My Soul
16.Perfect Love
17.We are the World
18.Give Praises
19.None Shall Escape
20.Soul Rebel
21.Rivers of Babylon
22.In the Name of Love
23.No Night In Zion
24.Concrete Castle King
25.Your World and Mine
26.Are You Ready?
28.Let the Reason Be Love
30.It's Me Again Jah (Live)

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