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Mesh【 共收藏 8 张专辑, 110 首歌 】
所属唱片公司: SPV唱片
发迹地: 1991 年,英国布里斯托
专辑: Looking Skyward, Automation Baby, A Perfect Solution
成员: 马克·霍金斯, 理查德·西尔沃托, 尼尔·泰勒
类型: 另类/独立, 舞曲/电子
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Looking Skyward 英文
1.The Last One Standing (提供)
2.Before This World Ends
4.The Traps We Made
6.My Protector
7.Once Surrounded
8.The Fixer
9.End of the World (提供)
10.Paper Thin (Demo) (提供)
11.The Fixer (Olafs Mended Mix) (提供)
12.Tactile (Feels Nice Mix) (提供)
13.Last of the 212S (提供)
14.Circles (提供)
15.There Must Be a Way (提供)
16.Iris (提供)
17.Kill Your Darlings (提供)
Automation Baby 英文
1.Just Leave Us Alone
2.Taken For Granted
3.You Want What's Owed To You
4.Automation Baby
5.Ab Incidental No.1 (提供)
6.This Is The Time
7.The Way I Feel
8.Adjust Your Set
9.Born To Lie
10.Ab Incidental No.2 (提供)
12.Never Meet Your Heroes
13.When The City Breathes
14.You Couldn't See This Coming
15.Automation Baby (Radio Version)
17.Perfect Idea Of Beauty (提供)
18.Born To Lie (Duet Version Featuring Mechanical Cabaret) (提供)
19.Airkraft (提供)
20.Just Leave Us Alone – Aaron Molho (Featuring Wendy Wang) (提供)
21.Petrified (Acoustic)
22.Automation Baby (Remix By Johannes BìRmann) (提供)
An Alternative Solution 英文
1.If We Stay Here (Zeromancer Remix)
2.Only Better (Mechanical Cabaret Bi-Polar Mix)
3.Everything I Made (Robin Gigla Remix)
4.Is It So Hard? (Remixed By Iris) (提供)
5.Hold It Together (Daniel Myer Renegade Of Noise RMX) (提供)
6.It's Gone (SMP Deathproof Mix)
7.How Long? (Assemblage 23 Remix)
8.Who Says? (Intuition's Alternate Solution Mix) (提供)
9.Hopes, Dreams (Parralox Remix) (提供)
10.Want You (Restraining Order Mix By Informatik) (提供)
11.The Bitter End (Portion Control 'Grind' 70BPM Version)
A Perfect Solution 英文
1.If We Stay Here
2.Only Better
3.Everything I Made
4.Is It So Hard
5.Hold It Together
6.It's Gone
7.How Long
8.Who Says
10.Want You
11.The Bitter End
The Point At Which It Falls Apart 英文
1.I Fall Over
On This Tour Forever 英文
1.Needle In A Bruise
2.Safe With Me
3.Not Prepared
4.This Without You
On This Tour Again 英文
1.Intro (Live)
2.I Fall Over (Live)
3.The Damage You Do (Live)
4.Needle In a Bruise (Live)
5.Someone to Believe In (Live)
6.I Don't Think They Know (Live)
7.Safe With Me (Live)
8.Confined (Live)
9.This Without You (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Leave You Nothing
2.Trust You
3.It Scares Me
4.Hope, Dreams
5.Let Them Crush Us
6.Maybe Tomorrow
7.The Ride
8.Step By Step
10.Self Healing Lie
12.Trust You - Buskers Mix
13.Scares Me - Mesh Remix
14.It It So Hard
15.Born to Lie (single version)
16.Black Dog
17.Automation Baby (Remix by Johannes Bührmann)
18.Just Leave Us Alone - Aaron Molho feat. Wendy Wang
19.I Can't Imagine How It Hurts
20.Walk of Shame
21.Just Once
22.So Easy
23.I Don't Think They Know
24.In The Light Of Day
25.State of Mind
26.Someone to Believe In / So Important
27.Petrified (Acoustic Version)
28.Hold & Restrain (Olafs Vinyl Version)
29.Little Missile
30.What Are You Scared Of?
31.It Scares Me (Fearful)
32.Save Everyone (Live at Neues Gewandhaus Leipzig)
34.Kill Your Darlings - Club Edit

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