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Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster【 共收藏 5 张专辑, 57 首歌 】
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IV 英文
1.Killing Me Slow
2.Taking On Water
3.Fate Games
4.Never Enough
5.Cat's Walk
6.Drought Of '85
7.Off To The Laughing Place (提供)
8.Carry Us Away
9.Save Me (High Top Kicks Remix) (提供)
10.In Dead We Dream
11.Save Me
12.Faith Healer (Bring Me Down)
13.Open Your Eyes
14.Come For You
III 英文
1.Waiting On My Deathbed
2.Oh Lonely Grave
3.Harvest Moon Changing
4.No Good Son
5.The Old Iron Hills
6.Listen Close
7.Step Up (I'm On It)
8.Last Train Coming
9.Just A Shock
10.Settling Scores By Burning Bridges
11.The End Is Here...The End Is Beautiful (提供)
II 英文
1.Memories Of The Grove
2.Dry The River
3.Plenty Strong And Plenty Wrong
4.Darkest Of Kin
5.Raised By The Tide
7.Death Is An Alcoholic
8.Everyone Needs A Hasting
9.Don't Ever Cross A Trowel
10.Tales Of The Runaways
11.The Day Hell Broke Loose At Sicard Hollow
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster 英文
1.Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead
2.The Road Home To Panther Creek
3.Bang! The Witch Is Dead
4.Tough As John Jacobs
5.Gusty Like The Wind
6.The Mind Of A Grimes
7.Lady At The Gate
8.Never Stop Haunting
9.Hell On The Rise
10.Just Wanted To Make Mother Proud
暂存 英文
1.Just A Shock
2.Listen Close
3.No Good Son
4.The End Is Here...The End Is Beautiful (提供)
5.Waiting On My Deathbed
6.Oh Lonely Grave
7.Settling Scores By Burning Bridges
8.Last Train Coming
9.Step Up (I'm On It)
10.The Old Iron Hills
11.Harvest Moon Changing

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