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Fear The Silence 英文
1.The Master's Voice (提供)
2.The Kid Rocks On
4.Treasure World
5.Dying Just To Live
6.Through Thick And Thin
7.Fear The Silence
8.Love Is A Rock
9.Hopes And Dreams
Novum Initium 英文
1.Per Aspera Ad Astra (提供)
2.The Game
3.Keep Your Dream Alive
4.Black Night Of Magic
6.No Escape
7.Pray On My Soul
8.Earth Is Going Down
9.Return From Avalon
10.Through Your Eyes
11.Novum Initium
12.1492 (digipack bonus track)
13.Fear The Silence (digipack bonus track)
Keep Your Dream Alive 英文
1.Spirit Never Die
2.Lost And Gone
3.Back For My Life
4.Kind Hearted Light
Time To Be King 英文
1.Kisses From You
2.The Dark Road
3.Under The Moon
4.Blow Your Winds
5.The Black One
6.The Sun Is In Your Hands
7.Never Walk Alone
8.Time To Be King
9.Fiddle Of Time
10.Lonely Winds Of War
11.Blue Europa
12.Far From The End Of The World
PumpKings 英文
1.The Chance
2.Someone's Crying
4.Mr. Ego
5.Still We Go
6.Escalation 666
7.The Time of the Oath
9.Take Me Home
Novum Initium (Ltd. Digipak) 英文
2.Through Your Eyes
3.Return From Avalon
4.Earth Is Going Down
5.Pray On My Soul
6.No Escape
8.Black Night Of Magic
9.Keep Your Dream Alive
10.The Game
11.Fear the Silence
12.Novum Initium
Masterplan 英文
1.Soulburn2.Sail On
MK II 英文
1.Warriors Cry
2.Call The Gypsy
3.Lost And Gone
4.Heart of Darkness
7.Trust in You
8.Watching the World
9.I'm Gonna Win
10.Take Me Over
Keep Your Dream aLive (Live) (Audio Version) 英文
1.Enlighten Me - Live at Masters of Rock
2.Crawling from Hell - Live at Masters of Rock
3.Kind Hearted Light - Live at Masters of Rock
4.Soulburn - Live at Masters of Rock
5.Heroes - Live at Masters of Rock
6.Keep Your Dream Alive - Live at Masters of Rock
7.Time to Be King - Live at Masters of Rock
8.Back for My Life - Live at Masters of Rock
9.Crimson Rider - Live at Masters of Rock
10.Betrayal - Live at Masters of Rock
11.Crystal Night - Live at Masters of Rock
12.Lost and Gone - Live at Masters of Rock
13.Spirit Never Die - Live at Masters of Rock
14.Black Night of Magic - Live in Atlanta
暂存 英文
1.I'm Not Afraid
3.Falling Sparrow
4.After This War
5.Black In The Burn
6.Dark From The Dying
7.Enlighten Me
8.Crimson Rider
9.Into The Light
11.Crystal Night
12.Crawling From Hell
13.Bleeding Eyes
14.When Love Comes Close
15.Headbanger's Ballroom
16.Far from the End of the World (Single Edit)
17.Far From the End of the World (single version)
18.Killing in Time
19.Through Thiek and Thin
20.Black Dog
21.Into The Arena
22.Keeps Me Burning
23.Keep Your Dream Alive (Live At Wacken 2014)

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