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Mac Demarco( 马克 狄马哥 )【 共收藏 19 张专辑, 182 首歌 】
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On the Level 英文
1.On the Level
Mac Demarco This Old Dog 英文
1.This Old Dog
This Old Dog 英文
1.My Old Man
2.This Old Dog
3.Baby You're Out
4.For the First Time
5.One Another
6.Still Beating
8.Dreams from Yesterday
9.A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
10.One More Love Song
11.On the Level
12.Moonlight on the River
13.Watching Him Fade Away
Another Demo One 英文
1.A (Demo) Heart Like Hers (提供)
2.Another (Demo) One #1 (提供)
3.Another (Demo) One #2 (提供)
4.At Ron's Bris (提供)
5.B^) (提供)
6.I've Been Waiting For Her Demo (提供)
7.No Other Demo Heart (提供)
8.Pickin Me Up (提供)
9.Prem + Prickle (提供)
10.Reggie's First Date (提供)
11.Rick's New Haircut #1 (提供)
12.Rick's New Haircut #2 (提供)
13.The Way You'd Love Her Demo (提供)
14.Demo Without Me (提供)
15.The Doan #1 (提供)
16.The Doan #2 (提供)
Some Other Ones 英文
1.Little Pepper (提供)
2.Onion Man (提供)
3.Peters Pickles (提供)
4.Don Juan (提供)
5.Young Coconut (提供)
6.Hachiko (提供)
7.Fish Terry (提供)
8.Hoso Boyo (提供)
9.Special K (提供)
Another One 英文
1.The Way You'd Love Her
2.Another One
3.No Other Heart
4.Just to Put Me Down
5.A Heart Like Hers
6.I've Been Waiting for Her
7.Without Me
8.My House by the Water (提供)
9.The Way You'd Love Her (Instrumental) (提供)
10.Another One (Instrumental) (提供)
11.No Other Heart (Instrumental) (提供)
12.Just to Put Me Down (Instrumental) (提供)
13.A Heart Like Hers (Instrumental) (提供)
14.I've Been Waiting for Her (Instrumental) (提供)
15.Without Me (Instrumental) (提供)
16.My House by the Water (Instrumental) (提供)
The Wonderful World Of Mac DeMarco Singles Club #4 英文
1.Viceroy (提供)2.Wicked Game (Written by Chris Isaak) (提供)
The Wonderful World Of Mac DeMarco Singles Club #1 英文
1.Rock N' Roll Night Club2.The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
Salad Days 英文
1.Salad Days
2.Blue Boy
4.Let Her Go
5.Goodbye Weekend
6.Let My Baby Stay
7.Passing Out Pieces
8.Treat Her Better
9.Chamber of Reflection
10.Go Easy
11.Johnny's Odyssey (提供)
12.Go Easy (demo)
13.Passing Out Pieces (demo)
Demos, Vol. 1 英文
1.Cooking Up Something Good
2.The Stars Keep on Calling My Name
3.Dreaminu2019 Slow (提供)
4.Lonely Shredder Wee Water (提供)
5.Robson Girl
7.Harrison Ford Escort (提供)
9.My Kind of Woman
10.Dreaminu2019 Fast (提供)
11.Goodbye Weekend
12.Salad Days
13.Ken The Wolf (提供)
14.Passing Out Pieces of Me
15.Organ Ronald Donkey Water (提供)
16.Let My Baby Stay
17.Pepperoni Playboy (提供)
19.Potato Boy (提供)
20.Go Easy
Rock and Roll Night Club 英文
1.Moving Like Mike
2.She's Really All I Need
3.106.2 Breeze FM (提供)
4.European Vegas
5.One More Tear To Cry
6.Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans
7.96.7 The Pipe (提供)
8.Rock And Roll Night Club
9.Me And Jon Hanging On
10.I'm A Man
11.Only You
12.Me and Mine
2 英文
1.Cooking Up Something Good
3.Freaking Out The Neighborhood
5.Ode To Viceroy
6.Robson Girl
7.The Stars Keep On Calling
8.My Kind Of Woman
9.Boe Zaah (提供)
11.Still Together
Adult Swim Singles Program 2013 英文
1.Young Blood
Live and Acoustic: Volume 1 英文
1.Marilyn and Me
2.Let My Baby Stay
3.Eating Like a Kid
4.Only You
5.Still Together
6.Cooking Up Something Good
Demo Bundle 英文
1.Goodbye Weekend (Demo)
2.Salad Days (Demo)
3.Let My Baby Stay (Demo)
4.Brother (Demo)
Catalog Bundle 英文
1.Salad Days
2.Still Together
3.She's Really All I Need
5.Freaking Out the Neighborhood
6.Moving Like Mike
8.My Kind of Woman
9.The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
10.Cooking Up Something Good
11.Passing Out Pieces of Me (Demo)
12.Blue Boy
14.Let Her Go
15.Goodbye Weekend
16.Passing Out Pieces
17.Treat Her Better
18.Chamber of Reflection
19.Go Easy
20.Only You
2 Demos 英文
1.The Stars Keep Calling My Name
2.Dreamin' Fast
3.My Kind of Woman (Instrumental)
4.Stars Keep Calling My Name
7.Robson Girl
8.Cooking Up Something Good
2 / Rock and Roll Night Club 英文
1.Rock and Roll Night Club
2.The Stars Keep on Calling My Name
3.My Kind of Woman
5.Still Together
6.Cooking Up Something Good
7.Ode to Viceroy
8.Freaking Out the Neighborhood
10.Me and Mine
11.I'm a Man
12.Me and Jon Hanging On
13.Moving Like Mike
14.She's Really All I Need
15.106.2 Breeze FM (提供)
16.European Vegas
17.One More Tear to Cry
18.Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans
19.Only You
暂存 英文
1.Stars Keep on Calling My Name
2.Cooking Up Something Good (Demo)
3.Dreamin' Fast (Demo)
4.Joe Buck
5.Brother (Live)
6.Chamber of Reflection (Live)
7.Baby's Wearin' Blue Jeans

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