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Jungle River Adventure 英文
2.Absent Treatment
3.Sandra Bullock Rom Com
4.Tuesday (提供)
5.Mr. McDougall (提供)
6.Skin & Bones (提供)
7.It Doesn't Matter (提供)
8.Lana (提供)
Songs About Girls 英文
1.Georgia (提供)
2.Sam Bowie (提供)
3.Summer Song (提供)
4.More Like Drake (提供)
5.Life Is OK (提供)
6.Sentinel Beach (提供)
7.I Think You're Cool (提供)
Songs for the Family of Man: A Collection 1969–1979 英文
1.Don't Call It Love
3.Rainy Days and Mondays
4.Waking Up Alone
5.The Hell of It
6.The Family of Man
7.Out in the Country
8.Let Me Be the One
9.An Old Fashioned Love Song
10.Someday Man
11.I Won't Last a Day Without You
12.We've Only Just Begun
Life Goes On 英文
1.Little Girl
3.Where Do I Go from Here
4.Park Avenue
5.That Lucky Old Sun
6.I Won't Last a Day Without You
7.Out in the Country
Here Comes Inspiration 英文
1.Nilsson Sings Newman
2.What Would They Say
3.Dream Away
4.In the Beginning
6.If We Could Still Be Friends
7.That's What Friends Are For
8.Born To Fly
9.You Know Me
10.Rainy Days and Mondays
Evergreens - The Best Of The A&M Years 英文
1.The Hell Of It
2.I Never Had It So Good
3.Rainy Days and Mondays
4.That's What Friends Are For
5.Waking Up Alone
6.What Would They Say
7.The Family of Man
8.Out In the Country
9.Let Me Be the One
10.An Old Fashioned Love Song
11.I Won't Last a Day Without You
12.We've Only Just Begun
Bugsy Malone 英文
1.Bugsy Malone
2.Down And Out
3.Ordinary Fool
4.So You Wanna Be A Boxer
5.My Name Is Tallulah
6.I'm Feeling Fine
7.Bad Guys
9.Fat Sam's Grand Slam
10.You Give A Little Love
A Little on the Windy Side 英文
1.Here's Another Fine Mess
2.My Fair Share
3.Save Me a Dream
4.For Goodness Sake
暂存 英文
2.Special To Me
3.The Hucklebuck
4.Phantom's Theme
5.Somebody Super Like You (Beef Construction Song)
6.Travelin' Boy
7.Phantom's Theme (Beauty And The Beast)
8.Beulah Land
9.With One More Look at You
10.You and Me Against the World
11.I'm Going to Go Back There Someday
12.Rainbow Connection
13.A Perfect Love
14.Lonely Hearts
15.Old Souls
16.Still Alive
18.Just an Old Fashioned Love Song
19.Room In Your Heart
20.Seek Ye Out the Old Paths
21.I Need You More Than Ever

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