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Horsepower 英文
2.One Less Tornado
3.All Wound Up
4.A Cowboy Was Born
5.Smack Dab In The Middle
6.The Buffalo Grass (提供)
7.Feels Like I'm Gettin' Into Something Good
8.The Ride
9.Rodeo Moon
10.Between The Rainbows And The Rain
11.Pass My Hat
12.Blue Bonnet Blues
Icon 英文
1.Every Time I Roll the Dice
2.Look at You Girl
3.Silence on the Line
5.Life Is a Highway
6.For Your Love
7.Under This Old Hat
8.Runaway Love
9.Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy (with Garth Brooks)
10.Cadillac Ranch
11.This Cowboy's Hat
Stampede 英文
1.When I Say Forever
2.I'll Get the Job Done
3.Now That's All Right With Me
4.Fathers and Sons
5.Take Me to the Rodeo
Haywire 英文
1.Love Needs a Fool
2.Light of the World
3.Honky Tonk World
4.Tougher Than The Rest
Under This Old Hat 英文
1.Get Back On That Pony
2.Making Ends Meet
3.Struggling Years
Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy 英文
1.Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy
Western Underground 英文
1.Workin' Man's Dollar2.Shot Full of Love
Chris Ledoux And The Saddle Boogie Band 英文
1.Hooked on An 8 Second Ride
2.Chris And The Saddle Boogie Band
3.Night Rider's Lament
4.Searching For A Rainbow
Wild And Wooly 英文
1.Little Long-Haired Outlaw2.Born In Mississippi
Melodies And Memories 英文
1.Melodies And Memories
2.God Must Be a Cowboy
3.Working Cowboy Blues
4.Copenhagen Junkie
5.The Rodeo Hand
6.Something In The Wind
Thirty Dollar Cowboy 英文
1.Take Me Back To Old Wyoming
2.A Cowboy's Got To Ride
3.Thirty Dollar Cowboy
4.Montana Rodeo
He Rides The Wild Horses 英文
1.Blue Eyes and Freckles
2.The Cowboy and the Hippie
3.Back When We Was Kids
4.Just Riding Through
Old Cowboy Heroes 英文
1.Song of Wyoming
2.Freedom Ain't Free
3.Little Joe The Wrangler
4.The Life Of A Rodeo Cowboy
5.Ghost Riders In The Sky
6.Where Is The Glory
7.Wife Behind The Cowboy
Western Tunesmith 英文
1.Settin' the Woods On Fire
2.Dream On Cowboy
3.Navajo Wrangler
4.Get Along Little Doggies
5.Cowboy And The Rose
6.Country Star
Paint Me Back Home in Wyoming 英文
1.Hippies in Calgary
2.Lean, Mean And Hungry
3.Ain't Had Time To Go Home
4.I'm Coming Home Mom Waltz
5.Six Bucks A Day
Cowboys Ain't Easy To Love 英文
1.Round And Round She Goes
Sing Me A Song, Mr. Rodeo Man 英文
1.Silver Tongued Devil
2.Bad Brahma Bull
3.Daddy's Biggest Dream
Songbook Of The American West 英文
1.I've Got To Be A Rodeo Man
2.Goin' and a Blowin'
3.Go Riding Young Cowboy
4.The Ol' Double Diamond
Rodeo And Living Free 英文
1.Tight Levis And Yellow Ribbons
Life as a Rodeo Man 英文
1.All Around Cowboy
2.Long Black Veil
3.Born to Follow Rodeo
Songs Of Rodeo And Country 英文
1.Rodeo, You've Cast A Spell
2.Daydream Cowboy
3.Joade The Rodeo Clown
4.Real Live Buckeroo
5.She's In Love With A Rodeo Man
6.True Western Movie
Rodeo Songs Old & New 英文
1.National Finals Rodeo
2.Copenhagen Angel
3.Scene We All Ain't Saw
Songs of Rodeo Life 英文
2.The Bull Rider
3.Ain't No Place for a Country Boy
4.River Boat Gambler
5.Hometown Cowboy
6.Mountain Wild
7.Cowboy's Prayer
8.Punchy Bareback Rider
Live 英文
1.Take Me To The Rodeo - Live
2.Gravitational Pull - Live
3.This Cowboy's Hat - Live
4.Bareback Jack - Live
5.Copenhagen Angel - Live
6.Whatcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy - Live
7.Cadillac Ranch - Live
8.Wild And Wooly - Live
9.County Fair - Live
10.You Just Can't See Him From The Road - Live
Legends & Pioneers, Vol. 3 (Live) 英文
1.Hooked On an 8 Second Ride (Live)
2.Tougher Than the Rest
3.Billy the Kid
4.Even Cowboys Like a Little Rock and Roll
5.Riding for a Fall (Live)
6.Dallas Days and Fort Worth Nights (Live)
7.Billy the Kid (Live)
8.Western Skies (Live)
9.Tougher Than the Rest (Live)
10.Copenhagen (Live)
11.Cadillac Cowboy (Live)
12.For Your Love (Live)
13.Watcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy (Live)
14.Honky Tonk World (Live)
15.Five Dollar Fine (Live)
American Cowboy (Disc 2)(Part Ii) 英文
1.Blue Bonnet Blues
2.County Fair
3.Hard Times
4.Riding For A Fall
5.Song Of The Yukon Rose
6.The Lady Is Dancing With Me
7.This Cowboy's Hat
8.Yellow Brick Road Turns Blue
American Cowboy (Disc 2)(Part I) 英文
1.A Cowboy's Just Got To Ride
2.Cowboy Songs
3.I Believe In America
4.I Can't Ride The Broncos Anymore
5.It Ain't The Years, It's The Miles
6.Johnson County War
7.Just Enough Money, Honey
8.Melodies And Memories
9.Rainbow Rider
10.Running Through The Rain
After The Storm 英文
1.Cowboy Up
暂存1 英文
1.Strawberry Roan
2.Calico Moon
3.Photo Finish
4.Cadillac Cowboy
5.Call of the Wild
6.Five Dollar Fine
7.He Rides the Wild Horses
8.Horses And Cattle
9.I'm Country
10.John Ed Sang Cowpoke
11.Our First Year
12.Powder River Home
14.Round And Round She Goes (the Barrel Racer)
16.The Buckskin Lady
17.Let's All Help The Cowboys (Sing The Blues)
18.The Littlest Cowboy Rides Again
19.Them Bareback Horses
20.The Passenger
21.Western Skies
22.The Bucking Machine
23.You Just Can't See Him From The Road
24.Caballo Diablo
25.Honky-Tonk World (1994)
26.There's Nobody Home On The Range Anymore
27.Sweet Wyoming Home
28.The Blizzard
29.Wyoming Girl
30.Amarillo by Morning
31.Rhinestone Cowboy
33.Big Love
34.Too Tough To Die
35.She's Tough
36.Simple As Dirt
37.The Yellow Stud
39.The Lawman Reverend Brown
40.Working Man's Dollar
41.I Don't Want To Mention Any Names
42.The Greatest Prize
43.Mighty Lucky Man
44.So You Want to Be a Cowboy
45.Cadillac Ranch (Dance Club Version)
46.Don't It Make You Want To Dance
47.I Used to Want to Be A Cowboy
48.Red Headed Stranger
49.Sons Of The Pioneers
50.One Ride in Vegas
51.Bang a Drum
52.My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys
53.Easy Come, Easy Go
54.Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
55.Sometimes You've Just Gotta Ride
56.Raised By The Railroad Line
57.Old Tom Horn
58.Fine As Wine
59.I Would for You
60.That's What Loving You Means to Me
61.Gravitational Pull
62.Soft Place to Fall
63.Tennessee Stud
64.Littlest Cowboy Rides Again
65.Rodeo Trails
66.Ballad Of Will Rogers
67.Cowboy In The Continental Suit
68.One Tonight
69.Cowboys Ain't Easy To Love
70.Come Riding Joe Cy
暂存 英文
2.Running Through The Wind
3.Fourth of July Rodeos
4.When The Rodeo Comes To Town
5.The Last Cowboy In Town
6.Rodeo Life
7.Dirt And Sweat Cowboy
9.Grange Hall Dance
10.I Can't Ride The Broncs Anymore
11.Someday Soon
12.All Around Cowboy Of '64
13.The Last Sunset
14.Rusty Spurs
15.What More Could A Cowboy Need
16.They Couldn't Understand My Cowboy Songs
17.Dallas Days And Fort Worth Nights
18.The Fever
19.I Do It For Me
20.Dallas Days And Ft. Worth Nights
21.Tie A Knot In The Devil's Tail
22.Rodeo Rose
23.Raised By The Railroad
24.Old Red
25.The Real Thing
26.Looking at You Girl
27.Willie The Wandering Gypsy
28.The Feeling Comes Back
29.The Wild Bunch Rides Again
30.The Last Drive In
31.Paint Me Back Home in Wyoming
32.Even Cowboys Like a Little Rock 'n' Roll
33.Bull Rider
34.Wild And Wooly
35.Even Cowboys Like A Little Rock & Roll
36.Utah Tribute
37.Bareback Jack
38.Cowboys Like A Little Rock And Roll
39.Last Drive-In
41.Not For Heroes
42.The Borderline
43.Hoka Hey, Lakotas
44.Look at You Girl (Live)
45.Cowboys Like a Little Rock and Roll (with Charlie Daniels) [Edit]

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