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The Story 英文
1.The Story (提供)
3.Rise And Fall
4.Elegy (提供)
5.Every Beating Heart
6.The Years We Shared
7.When The Beauty
8.18th July
9.An-Diugh Ghabh Mi Cuairt (提供)
10.The Place Where The Rivers Run
11.Somewhere (提供)
Everything You See 英文
1.Year Of The Flood
3.Clash Of The Ash
4.The Ocean Road
6.An Dealachadh
7.This Day
9.Something's Got To Give
10.And The Accordian Played
11.In Scandinavia
The Big Wheel 英文
1.Abhainn An T - Sluaigh
2.Always The Winner
3.An Cuibhle Mor
4.Edge Of The World
5.Flower Of The West
7.Healer In Your Heart
9.I'll Keep Coming Home
10.This Beautiful Pain
Searchlight 英文
1.City Of Lights
3.Every River
4.News From Heaven
5.Only The Brave
6.Precious Years
7.Siol Ghoraidh (Pronounced She-All Ghaw-Ree)
9.Tear Down These Walls
10.That Final Mile
11.Tir A' Mhurain
12.Transl Of Siol Ghoraidh (The Geneology Of Goraidh)
13.Transl Of Tir A' Mhurain
14.World Appeal
The Cutter And The Clan 英文
2.An Ubhal As Airde
3.Hearts Of Olden Glory
4.Our Earth Was Once Green
5.Pride Of The Summer
6.Protect And Survive
7.Rocket To The Moon
8.The Cutter
9.The Only Rose
10.Worker For The Wind
Year of the Flood (Live) 英文
1.Year of the Flood (Live)
2.The Ocean Road (Live)
3.In Scandinavia (Live)
4.Something's Got to Give (Live)
5.Hearts of Olden Glory (Live)
6.Road Trip (Live)
7.Every River (Live)
8.Clash of the Ash (Live)
The Best Of Runrig - Long Distance 英文
1.Protect And Survive - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
2.Healer In Your Heart - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
3.The Dancing Floor - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
4.The Mighty Atlantic/Mara Theme - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
5.Road And The River - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
6.Rocket To The Moon - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
7.Hearts Of Olden Glory - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
8.The Only Rose - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
9.The Times They Are A Changin' - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
10.Stepping Down The Glory Road (Medley) - Live; 1999 Remastered Version
Stepping Down the Glory Road (The Chrysalis Years 1988-1996) 英文
1.Dream Fields (Live)
2.I'll Keep Coming Home (Live)
3.The Mighty Atlantic/Mara Theme (orchestral mix)
4.The Greatest Flame (1996 Remix)
5.Protect and Survive (Acoustic Medley) (Live)
6.Hearthammer (Live)
7.Always the Winner (Live)
8.Going Home (Live) (提供)
Rarities (Best Of) 英文
1.Saints of the Soil (Live in Mainz 12.12.01)
2.Every River (Live in Heilbronn 11.12.01)
3.Wonderful (Live in Freiburg 11.05.93)
4.Edge of the World (Live in Köln 11.06.94)
5.Road and the River (BBC Session live in Glasgow 06.-07.12.96)
6.The Dancing Floor (BBC Session live in Glasgow 06.-07.12.96)
7.Road Trip (Live at Radio Clyde 30.11.08)
8.Things That Are (Live in Glasgow 18.12.10)
9.Pride of the Summer (Live in Glasgow 18.12.10)
10.Clash of the Ash (Live in Edinburgh 26.07.08)
11.Flower of the West (Live in Koblenz 30.11.05)
12.The Ship (Live in Inverness 09.05.02)
13.Canada (Live in London 15.05.02)
14.One Thing (Live in Manchester 05.12.01)
15.Hearts of Olden Glory (SWR Radio Session live in Mainz 07.10.03)
16.An Sabhal Aig Neill (Live in Hamburg 12.06.01)
17.The Ocean Road (Live in Hamburg 19.07.08)
18.And the Accordions Played (Live in Edinburg 26.07.08)
19.Empty Glens (Live in Liverpool, 29.11.03)
20.Onar (Live in Vejle 02.03.16)
Party On The Moor (Live) 英文
1.The Cutter - Live
2.The Summer Walkers (Live)
3.And We'll Sing - Live
Gaelic Collection 英文
1.Siol Ghoraidh
Amazing Things 英文
1.Dream Fields2.Canada
50 Great Songs 英文
1.May Morning (edit)
2.Edge of the World (Live)
3.Every River (edit)
4.Proterra (edit)
5.Hearts of Olden Glory (edit)
6.Pride of the Summer (edit)
7.Hearthammer (edit)
8.Mighty Atlantic
10.Year of the Flood (remix)
11.Flower of the West (live)
12.The Stamping Ground (edit)
13.Book of Golden Stories (album version)
14.One Thing (album version)
15.Running to the Light (radio edit)
16.Year of the Flood
暂存 英文
2.Transl The Big Wheel
3.Transl The Crowed River
4.Rhythm Of My Heart
5.Harvest Moon
6.Things That Are
7.The Greatest Flame
8.This Time Of Year
9.The Mighty Atlantic
11.Day In A Boat
12.Nothing But The Sun
13.The Apple Came Down
14.Pog Aon Oidhche Earraich (A Kiss One Spring Evening)
16.The Dancing Floor
17.Saints Of The Soil
18.Going Home
19.Loch Lomond - Live Version
20.Rubh Nan Cudaigean (Middleton Mouse) - Live
21.The Greatest Flame (Version 2005)
22.Loch Lomond (Hampden Remix)
23.Loch Lomond (live)
24.Rhythm of My Heart (Radio Edit)
25.The Wire (Live)
26.Big Sky (Live)
27.City of Lights (Live)
28.Dance Called America (live)
29.Fichead Bliadhna
30.The Old Boys
31.The Work Song (Live in Schorndorf 04.12.86)
32.Thairis Air a Ghleann (BBC Session live in Glasgow 06.-07.12.96)
33.Atoms (Live at Radio Clyde 30.11.08)
34.In Search of Angels (Live at Radio Clyde 30.11.08)

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