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Price Check Moore’s Code – Freedom Now 英文
1.Muted Dance of the Plains Indians (提供)
2.Tome Pah (提供)
3.George The Cat (提供)
4.Pearl Sure (提供)
5.Yabba Yabba (提供)
6.I'm Taking a Vacation (提供)
7.Piece for Cardboard Boxes (提供)
8.The Letter (提供)
9.Poor Little Fool (提供)
10.Can I Sit Next To You (提供)
11.Let Grandfather Fall (提供)
12.Real Banking (提供)
13.Don't Worry About Women (提供)
14.Tumpa (提供)
15.Flanged Folksong (提供)
16.Gibberish (提供)
17.Freedom Now (orig) (提供)
18.You Can't Hurry Love (提供)
19.Little Tiny Tune (提供)
20.Mama Mama (提供)
21.Bell Alarm (提供)
22.Singing Telegram (提供)
23.Stalling Tape (提供)
24.Here to Stay (提供)
25.Good Album Uhh (提供)
26.Time Check 2 (提供)
27.Time Check 1 (提供)
28.Words Still There (提供)
29.Youngone Pickman (提供)
30.Lou Ah (提供)
31.When Someday Is Nowhere (提供)
32.Freedom Now
33.Have A Seat (提供)
34.Cut All the Bullshit Out of What I Was Doing (提供)
35.Rodger That Belmar (提供)
36.Washed Ashore (提供)
37.The Words Are Still There (提供)
38.Phone-In Performance Collage (提供)
39.JImmy's Got a Girl (提供)
40.Power Tools (提供)
41.Winter Lady (提供)
42.Flatboat (提供)
43.Away From Jane (提供)
44.Latrine (提供)
Burst Upon The Scene 英文
3.Carmen Is Sleeping (提供)
4.Decent (提供)
5.Run For Your Lives (提供)
6.R. Stevie Moore (A Thousand Miles of Tape), by Benny Zen (提供)
7.Fishes Flee (提供)
8.Burst Upon The Scene (提供)
9.Bring It On (提供)
10.Roza 32 (提供)
11.Not Hard Enuff (提供)
12.220 (提供)
13.190 (提供)
14.221 (提供)
15.191 (提供)
16.222 (提供)
17.192 (提供)
18.223 Let's Do This (提供)
19.212 (提供)
20.193 (提供)
21.194 (提供)
22.224 (提供)
23.195 (提供)
24.216 (提供)
25.225 (提供)
26.230 PIAPTK (提供)
27.214 (提供)
28.229 (提供)
29.226 (提供)
30.215 (提供)
31.231 (提供)
32.217 (提供)
33.228 (提供)
34.232 Green (提供)
35.219 (提供)
36.233 Bass (提供)
37.234 Bass (提供)
38.The Rain Kings (提供)
39.June Bug On A String (提供)
Hearing Aid 英文
1.Hey Man You Got A Cigarette? (提供)
2.Advertisement (提供)
3.There Is No God In America
4.Even Me
5.Ta Da for Bass Viol (提供)
6.Silent Afterthought (提供)
7.Theme From Hurricane David (提供)
8.Flowers Sleep Into The Night (提供)
9.Am I Ugly? (提供)
10.Commentary (提供)
11.Pow Wow
12.Are You Gonna Thank Me?
13.Eugene's Record Shop (提供)
14.Ill (Worst)
15.Birds To Telephone (提供)
16.Tape To Disc
17.Let's (提供)
18.Girl Go (提供)
19.Adjacent Species Like You
20.I Never Know (提供)
21.The Crystal Chandelier (提供)
22.The Winner
23.Games (提供)
24.Loud Nothing (提供)
25.Hearing Aid
26.Pink Litmus Paper Shirt
27.Cuss Me Out (提供)
28.Keeping You
29.Watch Me On the News
30.If You See Kay/Bleu Space
31.Life & Death of an Insect (提供)
32.Your Daughter And I (提供)
Hobbies Galore 英文
1.Why Should I Love You
2.Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs
3.I Go Into Your Mind
4.I Want You in My Life
Delicate Tension 英文
1.Adjacent Species Like You
3.Don't Let Me Go to the Dogs
4.Don't Blame the Niggers
6.Dance Man
7.This Wednesday
8.Funny Child
9.Cool Daddio
暂存 英文
1.I'm Sorry but Goodnight (提供)
2.Makeup Shakeup
3.Quarter Peep Show
4.I've Begun to Fall in Love
5.Pretend for a Second That You Are Very Intelligent
7.No Zipper
8.I'm Only Sleeping
10.I Wouldn't Mind Dyin'
11.Pop Music
12.Come As You Are (Nirvana)

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