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Styles P( 风格P先生 )【 共收藏 11 张专辑, 139 首歌 】
David Styles(1974年11月28日出生),以他的舞台名字“P”为名,是一位美国说唱歌手,作家和企业家。 他突出地被称为嘻哈乐团Lox,D-Block唱片公司的创始人之一,也是Ruff Ryders嘻哈乐队的一部分,此外还发行了多张专辑和mixtapes作为独奏MC。 2002年,他发行了他的首张专辑“A Gangster”和“绅士”。 (2006),“超级流氓绅士”(2007年),“仪式师父”(2011),世界上最难的MC项目(2012),“浮动(2013)”,“幽灵与幽灵”(2014) )和“智慧之王”(Wise Guy)和“智者”(Wise Guy)(2015)。
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A Wise Guy & A Wise Guy 英文
2.My Party (feat. Jadakiss) (提供)
3.Fly (feat. Sofi Green and Tyler Woods) (提供)
4.Telly Port (feat. Snype Life) (提供)
5.I'm a Beast (feat. Sheek Louch) (提供)
6.Get Your Weight Up (feat. Whispers) (提供)
7.Convo with Shawty (Interlude) (提供)
8.Together (feat. Chris Rivers) (提供)
9.Satisfaction Jackson (Interlude) (提供)
10.If I Should Fly Away (feat. Tyler Woods) (提供)
11.I Gotta Tell You (Interlude) (提供)
12.Life Time (提供)
13.Rawwww (Interlude) (提供)
14.Hate It Or Love It (feat. Dyce Payne) (提供)
15.Bring It In (feat. Fortes and King Buudha) (提供)
16.White Nz (You Are Too) (提供)
17.Welcome To NY (feat. Snype Life, Dave East and Nino Man) (提供)
18.Money Change You (提供)
19.Ghost In Me (feat. Dyce Payne) (提供)
20.Tear The Club Up (feat. LVB's, Chary Ary and PLF) (提供)
Phantom and the Ghost 英文
1.Other Side
2.For the Best (提供)
3.World Tour
4.Don't Be Scared (提供)
6.Never Trust (提供)
7.Rude Boy Hip Hop
8.Never Safe
9.Creep City
10.Deeper Self
11.Smoke All Day (提供)
12.We Gettin (提供)
13.Same Scriptures (提供)
14.So Deep (提供)
Float 英文
1.Float (Intro)
3.Shoot You Down
4.Open Up
5.Screw Y'all
6.Mansion Murder
7.Bodies in the Basement
8.Hater Love
9.Take it Back
10.Haze vs. Sour (Skit) (提供)
11.I Need Weed
12.Red Eye
The World's Most Hardest MC Project 英文
1.I Know
2.Like That
3.Empire State High
4.Pop Out
6.Murda Mommy
7.Araab Styles
8.Hoody Season
I Know (Single) 英文
1.I Know (Single)
The Ghost Dub-Dime (explicit) 英文
2.Back On My New Shit (提供)
3.Where I'm From (提供)
4.It's Over
5.The Beat Don't Stop (提供)
6.Fast Lane
7.Here I Am (提供)
8.Juice Bar (提供)
9.Road To Success (提供)
Master Of Ceremonies 英文
1.It's Ok
3.How I Fly
4.We Don't Play
5.I'm A Gee
6.Ryde On Da Regular
7.Keep The Faith
9.Street Shit
10.Feelings Gone
11.Don't Turn Away
Time Is Money 英文
1.I'm Black
2.How We Live
4.Burn One Down
The Ghost In the Shell 英文
1.Kill That Faggot
2.I'm Home
3.Switch My Style
The Ghost Dub-Dime (Mixtape) 英文
1.That Street Life
暂存 英文
1.Good Times
2.Nobody Believes Me
3.Alone In The Street
4.Black Magic
6.Lick Shots
7.Soul Clap
8.Get Paid
9.A Gangster And A Gentleman
10.Yall Don't Wanna Fuck
11.And I Came To...
12.Daddy Get That Cash (Feat. Lil Mo)
13.Blow Ya Mind
14.We Thugs (My Niggas)
15.Green Piece Of Paper
16.The Life
17.Send A Kite
18.My Brother
19.Styles (Feat. Jadakiss)
21.Look At Her
22.Shots Fired (50 Cent Diss!!!)
23.Good Times (I Get High)
24.I'm A Ruff Ryder
25.I'm A G
26.What's The Problem
27.Da 80's
29.All I Know Is Pain
30.Blow Your Mind
31.Shoot Niggas
32.Gangster, Gangster
33.Got My Eyes On You
34.In It To Win It
35.Star Of The State
36.Ms. Jackson
37.#1 Homie
38.Am I in the Right Game
39.Time Will Tell (feat. Raekwon)
40.Lean (Radio Edit)
41.Yall Know We In Here
42.My Life
43.Let's Go
44.U Ain't Ready 4 Me
45.The Ghost Is Here
46.Can You Believe It
47.Locked Up
48.Money Hunt
49.The Key
51.Good Times (clean)
52.Who Want a Problem (radio edit)
53.For This Occasion

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