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Sabaton( Sabaton band )【 共收藏 19 张专辑, 258 首歌 】
Sabaton /sæbətɒn/是来自法轮的瑞典权力金属乐队。 乐队的主要抒情主题是基于战争,历史战役和英雄主义行为 - 这个名字是对sabaton,骑士的脚甲的参考。 在专辑“Primo Victoria”,“战争艺术”,“徽章”,Carolus Rex,Heroes和“Last Stand”中,所有歌曲都包含这些主题,除了最后的曲目, 重金属乐队。 从第一次世界大战,第二次世界大战和其他历史冲突中抽取的抒情内容是流行的,歌词经常背诵男人和军队的英雄事蹟。
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War And Victory Best Of Sabaton 英文
1.Twilight Of The Thunder God
2.A Lifetime Of War
3.Twilight Of The Thunder Gods
The Last Stand 英文
2.Camouflage (Bonus)
3.All Guns Blazing (Bonus Track)
4.All Guns Blazing
6.The Last Battle
7.Winged Hussars
9.Hill 3234
10.The Last Stand
11.Rorke's Drift
12.Diary of an Unknown Soldier
13.Last Dying Breath
Live On The Sabaton Cruise 2014 英文
1.Resist Ans Bite
2.Karolinens Bon
3.En Livstid I Kring
4.Twilight Of The Thunder God (Amon Amarth Cover)
Heroes 英文
1.Soldier of 3 Armies
2.Far From the Fame
3.Inmate 4859
4.To Hell and Back
5.Ballad of Bull
6.Resist And Bite
7.Night Witches
8.No Bullets Fly
9.Smoking Snakes
10.Hearts of Iron
11.Man of War
Swedish Empire Live 英文
1.The March to War (提供)
2.Gott Mit Uns (Eng)
3.Lion from the North (提供)
4.Price of a Mile
5.Carolus Rex (Eng)
6.Art of War
Carolus Rex 英文
1.Dominium Maris Baltici (提供)
2.The Lion From The North
3.Gott Mit Uns
4.Lifetime Of War
6.Carolean's Prayer
7.Carolus Rex
8.Killing Ground
10.Long Live the King
11.Ruina Imperii
12.In The Army Now
The Art Of War 英文
1.Sun Tzu Says (提供)
2.Ghost Division
3.The Art Of War
6.The Nature Of Warfare (提供)
7.Cliffs Of Gallipoli
10.Union (Slopes Of St. Benedict)
11.The Price Of A Mile
13.A Secret (提供)
14.Swedish Pagans
15.Glorious Land
Coat Of Arms 英文
1.The Final Solution
2.Aces In Exile
5.The White Death
6.Metal Ripper
7.Coat Of Arms
10.Screaming Eagles
11.Coat Of Arms (Instrumental) (提供)
12.Metal Ripper (Instrumental) (提供)
Metalizer 英文
6.Burn Your Crosses
8.Endless Nights
9.Hail To The King
11.Masters Of The World
13.The Hammer Has Fallen
14.Guten Nacht (提供)
15.Birds Of War
Attero Dominatus 英文
1.We Burn
2.Attero Dominatus
3.Nuclear Attack
4.Rise Of Evil
5.In The Name Of God
6.Angels Calling
7.Back In Control
8.A Light In The Black
9.Metal Crue
Primo Victoria 英文
1.Purple Heart
2.Into The Fire
3.Reign Of Terror
6.Primo Victoria
7.Panzer Battalion
9.Metal Machine
World War Live: Battle of the Baltic Sea (Live) 英文
1.Screaming Eagles (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
2.Rise of Evil (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
3.Panzer Battalion (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
4.Hellrider (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
5.7734 (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
6.Panzerkampf (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
7.Back in Control (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
8.The Final Solution (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
9.Talvisota (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
10.Into the Fire (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
11.Coat of Arms (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
12.40:1 (Live World War Tour 2010) (Live)
World War Live - Battle of the Baltic Sea 英文
1.40:01 - Live at the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010
2.Into the Fire (World War Tour 2010)
3.Talvisota (World War Tour 2010)
4.The Final Solution (World War Tour 2010)
5.Back In Control (World War Tour 2010)
6.Panzerkampf (World War Tour 2010)
7.7734 (World War Tour 2010)
8.Hellrider (World War Tour 2010)
9.Panzer Battalion (World War Tour 2010)
10.Rise of Evil (World War Tour 2010)
11.40:1 (World War Tour 2010)
12.Ghost Division (Live)
13.Screaming Eagles - World War Tour 2010
14.Coat of Arms (World War Tour 2010)
15.Metal Medley (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
16.Uprising (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
17.Aces In Exile (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
18.Cliffs of Gallipoli (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
19.White Death (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
20.Swedish Pagans (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
21.Wolfpack (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
22.The Art of War (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
23.Attero Dominatus (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
24.The Price of a Mile (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
25.Primo Victoria (Live At the Sabaton Cruise, Dec. 2010)
Primo Victoria (Re-Armed) 英文
1.The Beast
2.Primo Victoria
3.Metal Machine
4.The Beast - Twisted Sister Cover
5.Purple Heart
7.Rise of Evil (live in Falun 2008)
8.Into the Fire (live in Falun 2008)
10.Panzer Battalion
Metalizer (Re-Armed) 英文
1.Hellrider (live in Västeras 2006)
2.Endless Nights (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
3.Burn Your Crosses (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
4.The Hammer Has Fallen (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
5.Hail to the King (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
6.Shadows (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
7.Thunderstorm (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
8.Masters of the World (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
9.Birds of War (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
10.Birds of War
15.Dream Destroyer
16.Panzer Battalion (demo version)
17.Metalizer (Fist for Fight - Compilation of Demos)
18.Jawbreaker (Judas Priest Cover Song)
19.Panzer Batallion (Demo Version)
Heroes on Tour 英文
1.Ghost Division (Live @ Wacken 2015)
2.Ghost Division
3.Night Witches
5.No Bullets Fly (Live)
6.No Bullets Fly
7.The Art of War
8.Resist and Bite
9.Far from the Fame
10.Soldier of 3 Armies
11.Screaming Eagles
12.Primo Victoria
13.Swedish Pagans
14.Metal Crüe (Live @ Wacken 2015)
15.Primo Victoria (Live @ Wacken 2015)
16.To Hell and Back (Live @ Wacken 2015)
17.Carolus Rex (Live @ Wacken 2015)
18.Resist and Bite (Live @ Wacken 2015)
19.Far from the Fame (Live @ Wacken 2015)
20.Panzerkampf (Live @ Wacken 2015)
21.Gott Mit Uns (Live @ Wacken 2015)
22.The Art of War (Live @ Wacken 2015)
23.Swedish Pagans (Live @ Wacken 2015)
24.Screaming Eagles (Live @ Wacken 2015)
25.Night Witches (Live @ Wacken 2015)
26.Gott mit uns
Heroes (Track Commentary Version) 英文
1.Night Witches (Track Commentary)
2.Far from the Fame (Track Commentary)
3.Soldier of 3 Armies (Track Commentary)
4.Resist and Bite (Track Commentary)
5.The Ballad of Bull (Track Commentary)
6.To Hell and Back (Track Commentary)
7.Inmate 4859 (Track Commentary)
8.Smoking Snakes (Track Commentary)
9.No Bullets Fly (Track Commentary)
10.Hearts of Iron (Track Commentary)
Carolus Rex (Bonus Version) 英文
1.Killing Ground
2.Carolus Rex (English Version)
3.The Lion from the North
4.Poltava (Swedish Version)
5.1 6 4 8 (Swedish Version)
6.Long Live the King (English Version)
7.Killing Ground (English Version)
8.A Lifetime of War (English Version)
9.Gott mit uns (English Version)
10.Twilight of the Thunder God (Bonus Track)
11.Long Live the King
13.Gott mit uns
暂存 英文
2.White Death
3.Metal Crüe
4.Metal Crüe (Live at Wacken 2015)
5.To Hell and Back (Live)
6.Blood of Bannockburn
7.The Lost Battalion
8.Amphibious battalion
9.Metalizer (Fist For Fight (Compiltation Of Demos)
10.Burn Your Crosses (Fist For Fight (Compiltation Of Demos)
11.Art Of War( PreProduction Demos)
12.The Art of War (Pre-Production Demos)
13.For Whom the Bell Tolls (Metallica Cover)
14.The Ballad of Bull
15.Night Witches (Sabaton Cruise 2014 1st Set)
16.The Art of War (Sabaton Cruise 2014 2nd Set)
17.Metal Crüe (Sabaton Cruise 2014 2nd Set)
18.Talvisota (Sabaton Cruise 2014 2nd Set)
19.The Price of a Mile (Sabaton Cruise 2014 2nd Set)
20.To Hell and Back (Sabaton Cruise 2014 1st Set)
21.Resist and Bite (Sabaton Cruise 2014 1st Set)
22.Soldier of 3 Armies (Sabaton Cruise 2014 1st Set)
23.Twilight of the Thunder God (Sabaton Cruise 2014 1st Set)
24.Ghost Division (Sabaton Cruise 2014 2nd Set)
25.White Death (Sabaton Cruise 2014 2nd Set)
26.Attero Dominatus (Sabaton Cruise 2014 2nd Set)
27.7734 (Sabaton Cruise 2014 2nd Set)
28.Uprising (Live at the Sabaton Cruise)
29.White Death (Live at the Sabaton Cruise)
30.Night Child
31.For Whom the Bell Tolls (Bonus Track)
32.Light in the Black
33.7734 (ライヴ)

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