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魔镜歌词网欧美歌手Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star
Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star【 共收藏 4 张专辑, 63 首歌 】
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Lullaby Versions Of Pearl Jam 英文
1.Even Flow (提供)
2.Alive (提供)
3.Hunger Strike (提供)
4.Black (提供)
5.Jeremy (提供)
6.Elderly Woman (提供)
7.Corduroy (提供)
8.Yellow Ledbeter (提供)
9.Daughter (提供)
10.Better Man (提供)
11.Last Kiss (提供)
12.Just Breathe (提供)
13.Love, Reign O'er Me (提供)
Lullaby Versions Of The Black Keys 英文
1.Tighten Up (提供)
2.Gold On The Ceiling (提供)
3.Little Black Submarines (提供)
4.Lonely Boy (提供)
5.The Lengths (提供)
6.Next Girl (提供)
7.I'll Be Your Man (提供)
8.Your Touch (提供)
9.I Got Mine (提供)
10.Howlin' For You (提供)
11.Thickfreakness (提供)
12.Everlasting Light (提供)
13.Chop And Change (提供)
Lullaby Versions of Justin Bieber 英文
1.Believe (提供)
2.All Around the World (提供)
3.Turn to You (提供)
4.Beauty and a Beat (提供)
5.As Long as You Love Me (提供)
6.Baby (提供)
7.Somebody to Love (提供)
8.Eenie Meenie (提供)
9.Right Here (提供)
10.U Smile (提供)
11.Mistletoe (提供)
12.Never Say Never (提供)
13.Boyfriend (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Miserable at Best (Lullaby Version of Mayday Parade)
3.Here's to Us
4.My Love (made famous by Sia)
5.Eclipse (All Yours)
6.My Love
7.Shadow of the Day
8.Stop Crying Your Heart Out
9.Right in Two
10.The Grudge
11.Coming Undone
12.Dear Agony
13.Rebel Love Song
15.Vermillion, Pt. 2
16.Pretty Good Year
19.Lucky Star
20.I Am Machine
21.I'll Be There
22.My Hero
23.Meet Me On the Equinox (Made Famous By Death Cab for Cutie)
24.How Far I'll Go (Moana)

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