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Yngwie Malmsteen( 英格威·玛姆斯汀 )【 共收藏 13 张专辑, 114 首歌 】
英格威·约翰·玛姆斯汀(瑞典语:Yngwie Johann Malmsteen, 1963年6月30日-)是瑞典国宝级吉他手、作曲家,原名拉尔斯·约翰·英格维·兰纳贝克(瑞典语:Lars Johan Yngve Lannerbäck)。他的新古典金属吉他演奏风格,开创先河,对新古典乐作出的贡献对后世影响极大。
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War to End All Wars 英文
1.Prophet of Doom
2.Bad Reputation
3.Black Sheep of the Family
5.Wild One
6.The Wizard
7.Miracle of Life
9.Catch 22
11.War to End All Wars
Unleash the Fury 英文
1.Locked & Loaded
2.Russian Roulette
3.The Hunt
5.Revelation (Drinking With the Devil)
6.Let the Good Times Roll
7.Cherokee Warrior
8.Beauty and a Beast
9.The Bogeyman
10.Crown of Thorns
11.Winds of War (Invasion)
12.Cracking the Whip
14.Unleash the Fury
Spellbound Live in Tampa 英文
1.Crown of Thorns
2.Red Devil
3.Into Valhalla
4.I'll See the Light Tonight
Rising Force 英文
1.Now Your Ships Are Burned
2.As Above, So Below
3.Little Savage
Perpetual Flame 英文
1.Death Dealer
2.Damnation Game
3.Live to Fight (Another Day)
4.Red Devil
5.Four Horsemen (of the Apocalypse)
6.Priest of the Unholy
7.Be Careful What You Wish For
8.Magic City
9.Eleventh Hour
Odyssey 英文
1.Rising Force
2.Hold On
3.Heaven Tonight
4.Dreaming (Tell Me)
5.Riot in the Dungeons
6.Deja Vu
7.Crystal Ball
8.Now Is the Time
9.Faster Than the Speed of Light
Marching Out 英文
1.I'll See the Light, Tonight
2.Don't Let It End
3.Disciples of Hell
4.I Am a Viking
5.Soldier Without Faith
Far Beyond The Rising Sun 英文
1.Nobody's Fool
2.Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
3.Broken Glass
Birth of the Sun 英文
1.Merlin's Castle
2.Birth of the Sun
3.Dying Man
Attack!! 英文
1.Razor Eater
2.Iron Clad
3.Touch the Sky
5.Freedom Isn't Free
6.In the Name of God
7.Mad Dog
10.Ship of Fools
11.Valley of Kings
12.Rise Up
Alchemy 英文
2.Playing with Fire
3.Stand (The)
4.Wield My Sword
5.Legion of the Damned
6.Hangar 18, Area 51
7.Voodoo Nights
Seventh Sign 英文
1.Brothers (提供)
2.Meant to Be
3.Seventh Sign
4.Bad Blood
5.Pyramid of Cheops
6.Crash and Burn (提供)
7.Rising Force (Bonus Live Version) (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Like an Angel
4.Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
6.No Love Lost
7.Dream On
9.Save Our Love
10.Gimme ! Gimme ! Gimme ! (A Man After Midnight)
11.In the Dead of Night
12.The Sails of Charon
13.I'm My Own Enemy
14.Cry No More
15.Hold On
16.On the Run Again
17.Prisoner of Your Love
18.Forever One
20.Never Die
21.Devil in Disguise
22.You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget
23.Child in Time
24.Bedroom Eyes
26.All I Want Is Everything
27.Making Love

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