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The Korgis【 共收藏 2 张专辑, 45 首歌 】
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By Appointment 英文
1.If I Had You
2.It Won't Be The Same Old Place (提供)
3.Young 'n' Russian – Unplugged (提供)
4.Something About The Beatles (提供)
5.That's What Friends Are For – Unplugged (提供)
6.I Just Can't Help It
7.All The Love In The World – Unplugged (提供)
8.Mount Everest Sings The Blues (提供)
9.Hold On (提供)
10.If It's Alright With You Baby
11.One Life (提供)
12.Perfect Hostess
13.Lines (提供)
14.This World's For Everyone
15.True Life Confessions (提供)
16.Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime
17.Rover's Return (提供)
暂存 英文
1.Boots And Shoes
2.Young 'n' Russian
3.Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime (DNA Mix)
4.Dirty Postcards
5.Art School Annexe
6.Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime (Re-Recorded Version)
7.Drawn & Quartered
8.Don't Look Back
9.All the Love in the World (Unplugged)
10.Young 'n' Russian (Unplugged)
11.The Graduate ('Mrs. Robinson')
13.O Maxine
14.Don't Say That It's Over
15.Wish You a Merry Christmas
16.Everybody's Got to Learn Some Time (DNA Mix 93)
17.Living on the Rocks
18.Silent Running
19.Everbody's Got to Learn Sometime
20.Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime
21.Everybody's Got to Learn Sometimes
22.Everybody's Got to Learn Something
23.Chinese Girl
24.Cold Tea
25.Everyboy's Gotta Learn Sometime
26.Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime I Need Your Loving
27.Three Times a Lady
28.If I Had You (Re-Recorded / Remastered)

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