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The Dave Clark Five【 共收藏 10 张专辑, 84 首歌 】
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Try Too Hard 英文
1.Try Too Hard
Satisfied With You 英文
1.Satisfied With You
Everybody Knows 英文
1.Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)
Hits 英文
1.Do You Love Me?
2.Bits And Pieces
3.Don't Let Me Down
4.Having A Wild Weekend
5.Catch Us If You Can
6.I Like It Like That
7.Reelin And Rockin
8.Over And Over
9.Come Home
10.You Got What It Takes
11.Everybody Knows
12.I'll Be Your's My Love
13.Nineteen Days
14.'Till The Right One Comes Along
15.All Night Long (提供)
16.Good Old Rock 'N' Roll Medley
17.Sha-Na-Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
18.Here Comes Summer
19.Put A Little Love In Your Heart
20.Everybody Get Together
21.Universal Love (提供)
22.Any Way You Want It
23.Can't You See That She's Mine
24.Everybody Knows (I Still Love You)
25.Glad All Over
26.Look Before You Leap
28.Try Too Hard
Look Before You Leap (Single) 英文
1.Look Before You Leap
Glad All Over 英文
1.Glad All Over
2.All Of The Time (提供)
4.Chaquita (提供)
5.I Know You
6.No Time To Lose
7.Doo Dah (提供)
8.Time (提供)
9.She's All Mine (提供)
Cant You See That Shes Mine (Single) 英文
1.Can't You See That She's Mine
Anyway You Want It (Single) 英文
1.Any Way You Want It
Catch Us If You Can 英文
1.Long Ago
2.If You Come Back
3.Don't You Realize
暂存 英文
1.You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
2.At The Scene
3.Mighty Good Loving
4.Inside And Out
5.Concentration Baby
6.I Need Love
7.'Til The Right One Comes Along
8.Do You Love Me
9.Hurting Inside
11.Don't Be Taken In
12.Anyway You Want It
13.Please Tell Me Why
14.At The Place
15.Best Day's Work
16.I've Got To Have A Reason
17.Maze Of Love
18.Little Bitty Pretty One
19.Crying Over You
20.I'll Be Yours My Love
21.Any Time You Want Love
22.Live In The Sky
23.Thinking Of You Baby
24.Somebody Find A New Love
25.Small Talk
26.Doctor Rhythm
27.I Miss You
28.I Am On My Own
29.Whenever You're Around
30.I Can't Stand It
31.Blue Suede Shoes
32.Poison Ivy
33.No One Can Break a Heart Like You
34.Pick Up Your Phone
35.I Like It Like That (The Name of the Place Is) (Remastered)
36.I'll Be Yours My Love (Stereo)
37.I'm Gonna Be Somebody

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