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The Business【 共收藏 8 张专辑, 78 首歌 】
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The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth 英文
Suburban Rebels 英文
1.Harry May
Hardcore Hooligan 英文
2.Viva Bobby Moore
3.3 Lions
4.Saturday's Heroes
5.Boys Are Out Tonight
6.No One Likes Us
7.Hardcore Hooligan
8.Southgate (Euro 96)
10.England 5, Germany 1
11.Guinness Boys
12.Terrace Lost Its Soul
Smash the Disco's / Loud, Proud 'n' Punk, Live 英文
1.Blind Justice (live)
2.Get Out While You Can (live)
3.Nobody Listened (live)
4.Sabotage the Hunt (live)
5.Real Enemy (live)
6.Guttersnipe (live)
No Mercy for You 英文
1.Takers & Users
2.Hell 2 Pay
3.No Mercy for You
4.Class Compromise [... History's Glory]
5.Boys Are Out Tonight
6.U Won't Change Me
7.Anarchy in the Streets
9.Ghetto Youth
10.Oi the Poet
13.Hate. K.D.
14.Code Red
15.Steal This Record
16.Guinness Boys
Live And Loud 英文
1.Suburban Rebels - Live And Loud
2.Hurry Up Harry (Live) (提供)
3.Drinking and Driving (Live)
4.Saturdays Heroes (Live)
5.Do a Runner (Live)
6.Harry May - Live And Loud
7.Hurry Up Harry - Live And Loud
8.Drinking And Driving - Live And Loud
9.Real Enemy - Live And Loud
10.Blind Justice - Live And Loud
11.Drinking 'n' Driving
Keep the Faith 英文
2.Keep the Faith
3.You're Going Down in History
4.All Out
暂存 英文
2.Real Enemy
3.Drinking And Driving
5.Blind Justice
6.Work Or Riot?
7.Sabotage The Hunt
8.Mortgage Mentality
9.Nobody Listened
10.Suburban Rebels
11.Do Anything You Wanna Do
12.The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing But The Truth
13.Going Strong
14.Justice Not Politics
15.No Time 4 U
16.One Thing Left To Say
17.Get Out While You Can
18.Another Rebel Dead
19.Class Compromise (...History's Glory)
20.One Thing Left to Say (Live)
21.Out In the Cold (Live)
22.Suburban Rebels (Carry On Oi! Version)
23.Hang the DJ (Panic)
24.Death to Dance
25.We'll Take'em On
26.The Employer's Blacklist
27.Spirit of the Streets

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