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Darling Arithmetic 英文
2.Everything I Am Is Yours
3.Dawning On Me
4.Hot Scary Summer
5.The Soul Serene
6.Darling Arithmetic
7.Little Bigot
8.No One To Blame
9.So Naive
Where Have You Been All My Life 英文
1.So Naive2.Wichita Lineman
Occupy Your Mind 英文
1.Occupy Your Mind2.Beatitudes
Awayland 英文
1.The Waves
2.Earthly Pleasure
3.My Lighthouse
4.Passing a Message
5.Judgement Call
6.Nothing Arrived
7.The Bell
8.{Awayland} (提供)
9.Grateful Song
10.In a Newfound Land You Are Free
11.Rhythm Composer
Nothing Arrived (Single) 英文
1.Nothing Arrived (Single)2.Memoir
Becoming A Jackal 英文
1.I Saw The Dead
2.Becoming A Jackal
3.Ship Of Promises
4.The Meaning Of A Ritual
6.That Day
7.The Pact (I'll Be Your Fever)
8.Set The Tigers Free
9.Twenty Seven Strangers
11.To Be Counted Among Men
Spotify Sessions 英文
1.Nothing Arrived - Live from Spotify London
2.My Lighthouse - Live from Spotify London
3.Earthly Pleasure - Live from Spotify London
暂存 英文
1.The Meaning Of The Ritual
2.Death Trap Kid
3.Courage (Live)
4.Dawning On Me (Crouch Angeles Version) (Bonus Track)
5.Memoir - Live at RAK
6.The Waves - Live At RAK
7.Hot Scary Summer - Live at RAK
8.Set the Tigers Free (Live At RAK Studios, London / 2015)
9.Everything I Am Is Yours - Live At RAK Studios, London / 2015
10.The Soul Serene - Live At RAK Studios, London / 2015
11.So Naïve (Live At RAK Studios, London / 2015)
12.Memoir (Live At RAK Studios, London / 2015)
13.Wichita Lineman - Live at RAK
14.The Waves - Live from Spotify London
15.The Waves (Live At Attica)
16.On a Sunlit Stage
17.The Waves (Psychemagik Mix)
18.Cecelia & Her Selfhood
19.Mercy, Mercy Me
20.The Waves (Mmoths Remix)

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