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We'll Meet Again: The Very Best Of Vera Lynn 英文
1.There'll Be Blue Birds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover
2.Travellin' Home
3.As Time Goes By
4.Dream (提供)
5.Faraway Places
6.Harbour Lights
7.It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
8.If You Love Me
9.When You Hear Big Ben (提供)
10.The Loveliest Night Of The Year
11.Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye
12.Half As Much - Isle Of Innisfree - You Belong To Me
13.Up The Wooden Hill To Bedfordshire
14.When I Grow Too Old To Dream
15.Somewhere Along The Way - Here In My Heart - Let The Rest Of The World Go By (提供)
16.I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
17.From The Time You Say Goodbye
Vera Lynn At Christmas (Remastered) 英文
1.Sleigh Ride
2.The Christmas Song
3.Little Donkey
4.Let's Have A Merry Merry Christmas (提供)
5.The Little Boy That Santa Forgot
6.White Christmas
7.Do You Hear What I Hear? (提供)
8.Winter Wonderland
9.The Little Drummer Boy
10.Mary's Boy Child
11.A Christmas WIsh (From Me To You) (提供)
12.Silent Night (提供)
More Of The Best 英文
1.Lili Marlene
Something To Remember - Wartime Memories [ORIGINAL RECORDINGS REMASTERED] 英文
Vol. 2-It's a Lovely Day Tomor 英文
1.Over The Hill
The Vera Lynn Collection 英文
1.There'll Always Be an England
2.If You Love Me
3.From the Time You Say Goodbye
4.A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
5.It Had to Be You
6.Anniversary Waltz
7.As Time Goes By
8.My Way
9.Everybody Needs Somebody
10.Amazing Grace
11.Unforgettable (提供)
12.White Cliffs of Dover
13.Now Is the Hour
14.Those Were the Days
15.Land of Hope and Glory
16.I'm Beginning to See the Light
17.You'll Never Know
18.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
Remembers: The Songs That Won World War 2 英文
1.Room Five-Hundred-And-Four
2.Land of Hope and Glory
3.As Time Goes By
4.Lili Marlene
5.You'll Never Know
6.Who's Taking You Home Tonight / Wishing / Wish Me Luck
7.Be Like the Kettle and Sing / There's a New World Over the Skyline
8.Besame Mucho
9.You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
10.I'll Be Seeing You
11.London Pride
12.Somewhere in France With You
13.When the Lights Go on Again / I'll Pray for You / We'll Meet Again
14.That Lovely Weekend
Original Hits - Wartime 英文
1.We'll Meet Again - 1999 Remastered Version
2.As Time Goes By - 1999 Remastered Version
3.There'll Always Be An England - 1999 Remastered Version
4.We'll Meet Again (1999 Digital Remaster)
5.Lili Marlene
Legends Of The 20th Century 英文
1.A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square - 1999 Remastered Version
2.London Pride - 1999 Remastered Version
3.'Til There Was You - 1999 Remastered Version
4.You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To - 1999 Remastered Version
5.Yours - 1999 Remastered Version
6.The Old Rugged Cross - 1999 Remastered Version
7.It Hurts To Say Goodbye - 1999 Remastered Version
8.As Time Goes By
Her Greatest From Abbey Road 英文
1.I'm Beginning to See the Light (2016 Remastered Version)
2.A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (2016 Remastered Version)
3.As Time Goes By (From ''Casablanca'') [2016 Remastered Version]
4.Autumn Leaves (2016 Remastered Version)
5.Stars Fell On Alabama (2016 Remastered Version)
6.You'll Never Know (2016 Remastered Version)
7.Lili Marlene (2016 Remastered Version)
8.I'll Be Seeing You (2016 Remastered Version)
9.Yours (2016 Remastered Version)
10.It Hurts to Say Goodbye (Stereo Version) [2016 Remastered Version]
11.There'll Always Be an England (2016 Remastered Version)
12.There'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover [2016 Remastered Version]
13.Land of Hope and Glory
Decca (Remasters) 英文
1.A House Is a Home (2009 Remaster)
2.Half As Much-Isle of Innisfree- You Belong to Me (2009 Remaster)
3.Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye (2009 Remaster)
4.The White Cliffs of Dover (2009 Remaster)
5.We'll Meet Again (2009 Remaster)
6.Drifting and Dreaming (2009 Remaster)
20 Great Songs 英文
1.There'll Come Another Day
2.We'll Meet Again
3.Goodnight Children Everywhere
4.Harbour Lights
5.I Shall Be Waiting
8.Be Like the Kettle and Sing
9.Wish Me Luck (As You Wave Me Goodbye)
10.It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow
11.There'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs of Dover
12.When the Lights Go on Again
暂存 英文
1.Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart
2.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (Remastered)
3.From The Time You Say Goodbye (The Parting Song)
4.White Christmas - 2007 Digital Remaster
5.That Old Feeling
6.The Anniversary Waltz
7.A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
8.Smilin' Through
9.Unforgettable (2016 Remastered Version)
10.Wishing (Will Make It So)
11.My Son, My Son
12.Rose of England (2016 Remastered Version)
13.I Had The Craziest Dream
15.I'll Never Smile Again
16.When The Lights Go On Again
17.Who's Taking You Home Tonight
18.Someone's Rocking My Dreamboat
19.It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
20.I'll Pray For You
21.Fools Rush In
22.Ev'ry Hour, Ev'ry Day Of My Life
23.Back In Your Own Backyard
24.When I Grow Too Old to Dream (Live)
25.Land of Hope and Glory (Adapted From 'Pomp & Circumstance' No 1)
26.Rose of England
27.Land of Hope & Glory
28.Be Careful, It's My Heart
29.Long Ago and Far Away
30.I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire
31.Wishing (Remastered)
32.Besame Mucho (Kiss Me)
33.Room 504
34.Shine On Harvest Moon
35.Wish Me Luck
36.Cinderella, Stay in My Arms
37.Something to Remember You By
38.Memory of a Rose
39.We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
40.Goodnight, Wherever You Are
41.Please Think of Me
42.How Green Was My Valley
44.The Bells of St. Mary's
45.Harbor Lights
46.Do You Ever Dream of Tomorrow?
47.I'm in the Mood for Love
48.Please Mr. Sun
49.Thank You for the Music
50.The Homecoming Waltz
51.Don't Cry My Love
52.A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley
53.They're Always Be an England
54.Auf Weiderseh'n Sweetheart (Remastered)
55.When The Lights Go On Again (Remastered)
56.A House With Love in It
57.When They Sound the Last 'All Clear'
58.Wishin (Will Make It So)
59.I'm in Love for the First Time
60.The White Cliffs of Dover
62.I Will Wait for You
63.Cinderella Sweetheart
64.Harbour Lights (Remastered)
65.I Shall Be Waiting (Remastered)
66.I'll Always Be in Love With You (Remastered)
67.You Are Always in My Heart (Remastered)
68.Land of Hope and Glory (Remastered)
69.Rose of England (Remastered)
70.Shine on Harvest Moon (Remastered)
71.It's A Sin To Tell A Lie (Remastered)
72.I'll Make Up for Everything
73.Sleigh Ride (Digitally Remastered)
74.I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter (2016 Remastered Version)
75.I'll Always Be In Love With You
76.It Hurts to Say Goodbye - Remastered 1999
77.We'll Meet Again (Digitally Re-Mastered Version)

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