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Luther Vandross( 路德·范德鲁斯 )【 共收藏 20 张专辑, 336 首歌 】
路德·罗札尼·范德鲁斯(Luther Ronzoni Vandross,1951年4月20日-2005年7月1日),美国节奏蓝调和灵魂音乐创作歌手,音乐制作人。他共获得过8次格莱美音乐奖,其中包括四次最佳节奏蓝调男歌手奖。2004年他获得4项葛莱美奖,其中因与理查·马克斯共同创作《Dance with My Father》这首歌曲,而获得年度最佳歌曲奖。在他的歌唱生涯中,共销售了超过2500万张唱片。他于2005年死于心脏病。


Luther (1976)
This Close To You (1977)
Never Too Much (1981)
Forever, for Always, for Love (1982)
Busy Body (1983)
The Night I Fell in Love (1985)
Give Me the Reason (1986)
Any Love (1988)
Power of Love (1991)
Never Let Me Go (1993)
Songs (1994)
This Is Christmas (1995)
Your Secret Love (1996)
I Know (1998)
Luther Vandross (2001)
Dance with My Father (2003)
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Songs / Your Secret Love 英文
1.Always And Forever
2.Endless Love
3.Going In Circles
4.Impossible Dream
5.Love The One You're With
The Best Of Love 英文
1.Give Me The Reason
2.Here And Now
3.Love Won't Let Me Wait
4.So Amazing
5.Stop To Love
6.Superstar / Until You Come Back To Me (That's What
7.There's Nothing Better Than Love
8.Treat You Right
9.A House Is Not A Home
Never Too Much 英文
1.A House Is Not A Home
2.Don't You Know That?
3.Never Too Much
4.Sugar And Spice (I Found Me A Girl)
5.You Stopped Loving Me
Luther Vandross 英文
1.Any Day Now
2.Are You There (With Another Guy)
3.Bring Your Heart To Mine
4.Can Heaven Wait
5.Grown Thangs
6.Hearts Get Broken All The Time (But The Problem Is
7.How Do I Tell Her
8.If I Was The One
9.Let's Make Tonight The Night
10.Like I'm Invisible
11.Love Forgot
12.Say It Now
13.Take You Out
I Know 英文
1.Are You Mad At Me?
2.Are You Using Me?
3.Dream Lover
4.Get It Right
5.I Know
6.I'm Only Human
7.Isn't There Someone
8.Keeping My Faith In You
9.Nights In Harlem
10.Now That I Have You
12.When I Need You
Your Secret Love 英文
1.Crazy Love
2.I Can Make It Better
3.It's Hard For Me To Say
4.Love Don't Love You Anymore (TM's Urban Mix)
5.Nobody To Love
6.This Time I'm Right
7.Too Proud To Beg
8.Whether Or Not The World Gets Better
9.Your Secret Love
The Ultimate Luther Vandross: Special Edition 英文
1.Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
2.Never Too Much
3.Dance with My Father
4.I'd Rather
5.'Til My Baby Comes Home (Dance Version)
6.I'd Rather (Mike Rizzo Radio Mix)
7.Take You out Tonight (Allstar Remix Radio Edit)
8.Can Heaven Wait (David Harness Soulful Club Mix)
9.Power of Love / Love Power (The Dance Radio Mix)
10.Shine (Freemasons Mixshow)
11.Here and Now
The Ultimate Luther Vandross 英文
1.Any Love
2.Shine (The Freemasons Mix)
3.I'd Rather (Mike Rizzo Global Mix)
4.Take You Out (Radio Edit)
5.The Closer I Get to You (Radio Edit)
6.Power Of Love/Love Power (The Dance Radio Mix)
7.Think About You (Radio Edit)
8.If This World Were Mine
9.Always and Forever
10.I'd Rather
11.Dance With My Father
12.Never Too Much
13.Here and Now
14.Superstar/Until You Come Back
15.Superstar / Until You Come Back Home to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
16.Searching (Performed by Change)
17.Dance With My Father (Album Version and Radio Version)
18.Got You Home (Main)
19.So Amazing
20.Stop to Love
21.Love the One You're With
22.Got You Home
23.I Really Didn't Mean It
The Essential 英文
1.Bad Boy / Having a Party (Single Version)
2.Here and Now
3.Never Too Much
4.So Amazing
5.If Only for One Night
6.Always and Forever
7.Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
8.Power of Love / Love Power (Single Version)
9.I'd Rather (Radio Version)
10.Any Love (Single Mix)
11.Wait for Love (Single Version) (提供)
The Essential Luther Vandross 英文
1.I Who Have Nothing (feat. Martha Wash)
2.I Want the Night to Stay
3.For You to Love
4.I'd Rather - Radio Version
5.I (Who Have Nothing) [Duet with Martha Wash]
6.Always and Forever
7.If Only for One Night
8.So Amazing
9.See Me
10.I Really Didn't Mean It
11.Never Too Much
12.Here and Now
13.Goin' Out of My Head
14.Never Too Much ('89 remix)
15.Power of Love (Love Power Original)
17.She Loves Me Back
18.The Night I Fell in Love
19.If the World Were Mine (feat. Cheryl Lynn)
20.How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (feat. Dionne Warwick) (提供)
22.The Glow of Love
23.Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (Morales remix)
24.I Gave It Up (When I Fell in Love) (Marcus Miller mix)
25.Power of Love - Love Power (dance radio mix)
26.Always & Forever
27.Knocks Me Off My Feet
Now That's What I Call Christmas 英文
1.O Come All Ye Faithful
Now That's What I Call Christmas 2 英文
1.Please Come Home For Christmas
Luther Vandross: Live At Radio City Music Hall, 2003 英文
1.Here and Now (Live)
2.Take You Out (Live)
3.Love Won't Let Me Wait (Live)
4.Stop to Love (Live) (提供)
5.If Only for One Night (Live)
6.I'd Rather (Live)
7.A House Is Not a Home (Live)
8.Glow of Love (Live)
Lovesongs 英文
1.So Amazing
2.Your Secret Love
3.Got You Home
4.Any Love
5.Love Is On The Way (Real Love)
6.Heaven Knows
7.Power of Love/Love Power
Love, Luther 英文
1.Searching - Wembley Stadium 1989 - Live
2.Always and Forever - Live
3.If Only for One Night
4.I'd Rather
5.So Amazing
6.Dance with My Father
7.Never Too Much
8.Here and Now
9.She Loves Me Back
10.For You to Love
11.Knocks Me Off My Feet
12.Endless Love (with Mariah Carey)
13.Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
14.The Lady Is a Tramp
15.The Closer I Get to You (with Beyoncé Knowles)
16.Don't You Know That?
17.Never Let Me Go
18.There's Nothing Better Than Love (with Gregory Hines) (提供)
19.Ready for Love
20.If You Can't Dance
21.Bad Boy/Having a Party
22.How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye (Duet with Dionne Warwick) (提供)
23.There's Only You
Hidden Gems 英文
1.I'd Rather (Album Version & Radio Version)
2.You Really Started Something (提供)
3.Once Were Lovers
4.You Stopped Loving Me
5.The Impossible Dream
6.I (Who Have Nothing)
7.Goin' Out Of My Head
Essential Mixes 英文
1.Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now ('95 remix)
2.Heaven Knows (Classic 12' mix)
3.It's Over Now (dance mix)
4.Stop to Love (12' mix) (提供)
5.Your Secret Love (Urban remix)
6.The Rush (Morales 12' mix)
7.Power of Love / Love Power (The Frankie Knuckles radio remix)
8.I Gave It Up (When I Fell in Love) (Marcus Miller extended mix)
9.Never Too Much ('89 remix)
Dance With My Father 英文
1.Think About You
2.Right In the Middle
4.She Saw You
5.If I Didn't Know Better
6.Never Too Much (live)
7.Take You Out (Allstar remix)
8.Dance With My Father (album version)
9.Lovely Day, Part II (feat. Busta Rhymes)
10.Dance With My Father
11.Buy Me a Rose
12.Once Were Lovers
暂存1 英文
1.Don't You Know That
2.Superstar / Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)
3.There's Nothing Better Than Love'(feat. Gregory Hines
4.Whether Or Not The World Gets Better'(feat. Lisa Fischer
5.Get It Right'(feat. Precise
6.I'm Only Human'(feat. Cassandra Wilson & Bob James
7.Nights In Harlem'(feat. Precise
8.Hearts Get Broken All the Time (But the Problem Is, This Time It's Mine)
9.The Night I Fell In Love
10.Lovely Day
11.If It Ain't One Thing...'(feat. Foxy Brown
12.Once You Know How
13.The Closer I Get To You'(feat. Beyonce Knowles
14.Lovely Day'(feat. Busta Rhymes
15.Can't Be Doin' That Now
16.It's Over Now
17.Hearts Get Broken All The Time (But The Problem...
18.Hit It Again'(feat. Queen Latifah
19.Right in the Middle
20.I'll Let You Slide
21.They Said You Needed Me
22.If It Ain't One Thing
23.I Want The Night To Stay
25.The Second Time Around
26.Since I Lost My Baby
27.'Til My Baby Comes Home
29.Going Out of My Head
30.All the Woman I Need
31.What The World Needs Now Is Love
32.She Won't Talk to Me
33.I Know You Want To
34.Lady, Lady
35.She's So Good To Me
36.Other Side of the World
37.What the World Needs Now
38.Little Miracles (Happen Every Day)
39.I Won't Let You Do That To Me
40.The Mistle Toe Jam (Everybody Kiss Somebody)
42.Don't Want to Be a Fool
43.Sometimes It's Only Love
44.A Kiss for Christmas
45.Glow of Love
46.Emotion Eyes
47.I'm Gonna Start Today
48.I Wanted Your Love
49.I Gave It Up (When I Fell In Love)
50.She Doesn't Mind
51.My Baby Comes Home
52.Make Me a Believer
53.The Closer I Get to You
54.How Deep Is Your Love
55.The Rush
56.They Said You Need Me
57.Are You Gonna Love Me
58.Hit It Again
59.'Every Year, Every Christmas'
60.Give Me the Reason (From 'Ruthless People')
61.Anyone Who Had a Heart
62.One Night With You (Everyday Of Your Life)
63.Killing Me Softly
64.Bad Boy/ Having A Party
65.I Who Have Nothing (Duet With Martha Wash)
66.Better Love
67.Wait for Love
68.I Can Tell You That
69.The Christmas Song
70.I Wonder
71.Secret Lovers
72.Busy Body
73.Little Miracles
74.She's a Super Lady
75.Love Don't Love You Anymore
76.Love Me Again
77.I (Who Have Nothing) (Duet w/ Martha Wash)
78.I've Been Working
79.Too Far Down
80.I Can't Wait No Longer (Let's Do This)
83.Because It's Really Love
暂存 英文
1.Emotional Love
2.Power Of Love
3.You're the Sweetest One
4.My Favorite Things
5.Promise Me
6.Bad Boy/Having A Party
7.At Christmas Time
8.The Lady Is A Tramp
10.When You Call On Me
12.[emotion 98.3] Never Too Much
13.Funky Music Is a Part of Me - Original 1976 Version
14.I'd Rather (Mike Rizzo Global Club)
15.My Sensitivity (Gets in the Way)
16.It's All About You
17.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
18.The Closer I Get to You (Duet With Luther Vandross)
19.Never really wished on a star (提供)
20.Nights In Harlem (Remix)
21.Dance with My Father - Album/Radio Version
22.Always And Forever - Royal Albert Hall 1994
23.When You Call on Me / Baby That's When I Come Runnin'
24.The Best Things in Life Are Free (Classic Club edit) (From the Motion Picture Soundtrack Mo' Money) (feat. Janet Jackson)
25.Give Me The Reason - Single Version
26.So Amazing - Single Version
27.Here And Now - Single Version
28.Come Back
29.If Only for One Night / Creepin'
30.Here & Now
31.Endless Love (Duet With Mariah Carey)
32.Never Too Much (Original Remix)
33.Forever, For Always, For Love
34.May Christmas Bring You Happiness
35.7. Dance With My Father
36.I Really Don't Mean It
37.Stop the Love
38.Everybody Rejoice
39.Since You've Been Gone
40.Superstar / Until You Come Back to Me
41.Going in Cirlces
42.Take You Out Tonight
43.This Is Christmas
44.Heart of a Hero
45.For the Sweetness of Your Love
46.The Thrill I'm In
47.She's So Good to Me (original album version)
48.Nights in Harlem (A Darkchild extended mix)
49.I Listen to the Bells
50.Don't Wanna Be a Fool
51.Sugar & Spice
52.Any Love (live)
53.She Won't Talk to Me (live)
54.Hearts Get Broken All the Time.
55.Endless Love (Duet with Luther Vandross)
56.Endless Love (instrumental)
57.Dance With My Father (5.1 Mix)
58.This Christmas

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