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Mavis Staples( 玛维丝·史黛波 )【 共收藏 11 张专辑, 116 首歌 】
Mavis Staples(生于1939年7月10日)是美国节奏布鲁斯和福音歌手,女演员和民权活动家。她曾和她的家庭乐队The Staple Singers一起录制和表演,也是独奏艺术家。



Mavis Staples,Volt Records,1969
1969年,男孩遇见女孩,Stax纪录(22曲目二重奏册页以Stax记录录音艺术家为特色Mavis在与威廉·贝尔,Eddie Floyd和约翰尼·泰勒的轨道的10曲目唱二重奏)
仅在1970年的“寂寞,伏特”(Volt Records)(2001年在Stax唱片上重新发行,包含5首歌曲)
作品的片断,Curtom纪录,1977年(从Curtis Mayfield生产的相同名字的电影配乐的音乐)
精神与福音 - 奉献给玛哈利亚杰克逊,Verve唱片,1996年(与幸运彼得森)
我们永远不会倒退,ANTI-Records,2007年4月(由Ry Cooder制作)
One True Vine,ANTI-Records,2013年6月(Jeff Tweedy制作)
Livin'高注,抗/ Epitaph记录,2016年2月

Studio albums

Mavis Staples, Volt Records, 1969
Boy Meets Girl, Stax Records, 1969 (22 track ‘duets’ album featuring Stax Records recording artists. Mavis sings duets on 10 of the tracks with William Bell, Eddie Floyd and Johnny Taylor)
Only for the Lonely, Volt Records, 1970 (re-released as an expanded edition CD on Stax Records in 2001 containing 5 bonus tracks)
A Piece of the Action, Curtom Records, 1977 (music from the soundtrack of the film of the same name, produced by Curtis Mayfield)
Love Gone Bad, Phono Records, 1984 (Produced by Brian Holland and Eddie Holland)
Oh, What a Feeling, Warner Brothers Records, 1979
Time Waits for No One, Paisley Park Records, May 1989 (Produced by Prince)
The Voice, Paisley Park Records, August 1993 (Executive Produced by Prince)
Spirituals & Gospel - Dedicated to Mahalia Jackson, Verve Records, 1996 (with Lucky Peterson)
Have a Little Faith, Alligator Records, 2004
We'll Never Turn Back, ANTI- Records, April 2007 (Produced by Ry Cooder)
You Are Not Alone, ANTI- Records, September 2010 (Produced by Jeff Tweedy)
One True Vine, ANTI- Records, June 2013 (Produced by Jeff Tweedy)
Livin' on a High Note, ANTI-/Epitaph Records, February 2016
If All I Was Was Black, ANTI- Records, November 2017
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Livin' on a High Note 英文
1.Take Us Back
2.Love and Trust
3.If It's a Light
5.High Note
6.Don't Cry
9.History, Now
10.One Love
11.Jesus Lay Down Beside Me
12.MLK Song
Your Good Fortune 英文
1.Your Good Fortune
2.Fight Master
3.See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
4.Wish I Had Answered
One True Vine 英文
1.Holy Ghost
2.Every Step
3.Can You Get To That
4.Jesus Wept
5.Far Celestial Shore
6.What Are They Doing In Heaven Today
7.Sow Good Seeds
8.I Like The Things About Me
9.Woke Up This Morning(With My Mind On Jesus) (提供)
10.One True Vine
You Are Not Alone 英文
1.Don't Knock
2.Wonderful Savior
3.Wrote A Song For Everyone
4.You Are Not Alone
5.Downward Road
6.I Belong To The Band Hallelujah (提供)
7.In Christ There Is No East Or West
8.Last Train
9.Losing You
10.Only The Lord Knows
11.Too Close To Heaven (提供)
12.We're Gonna Make It
13.Creep Along Moses
We'll Never Turn Back 英文
1.Down In Mississippi
2.Eyes On The Prize
3.We Shall Not Be Moved
4.In The Mississippi River
5.On My Way
6.This Little Light
7.99 And 1/2
8.My Own Eyes (提供)
9.Turn Me Around (提供)
10.We'll Never Turn Back (提供)
11.I'll Be Rested
12.Jesus Is On The Main Line (提供)
The Voice 英文
1.The Voice
3.A Man Called Jesus
4.I'll Be Right Here
5.Kain't Turn Back
6.Melody Cool
7.The Undertaker
8.All Because of You
9.You Will Be Moved
10.Blood Is Thicker Than Time
11.House in Order
Only for the Lonely 英文
3.What Happened to the Real Me
4.That's the Way Love Is
Mavis Staples Live: Hope At the Hideout 英文
1.For What It's Worth (Live)
2.On My Way (Encore) (Live)
3.Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Encore) (Live)
4.We Shall Not Be Moved (Live)
5.Freedom Highway (Live) (提供)
6.This Little Light (Live)
7.Waiting for My Child (Live)
8.Wade In the Water (Live)
9.Down In Mississippi (Live)
10.Eyes On the Prize (Live)
11.I'll Take You There (Encore) (Live)
Live Hope At The Hideout 英文
1.For What It's Worth
2.Wade In The Water
3.Waiting For My Child (提供)
4.Why Am I Treated So Bad
5.Freedom Highway
6.Circle Intro (提供)
7.Will The Circle Be Unbroken
8.I'll Take You There
9.Down In Mississippi
10.Eyes On The Prize
11.We Shall Not Be Moved
12.On My Way
13.This Little Light
If All I Was Was Black 英文
1.Little Bit
2.Build a Bridge
3.If All I Was Was Black
4.Who Told You That
5.Peaceful Dream
6.No Time for Crying
7.We Go High
8.Try Harder
9.All Over Again
暂存 英文
1.Christmas Vacation
2.House Is Not A Home
3.Step Into The Light
4.Can You Get to That
5.Woke Up This Morning (With Jesus On My Mind)
6.At the End of the Day
7.In Times Like These
8.I Have Learned to Do Without You
9.Melody Cool (extended remix)
10.A House Is Not a Home
11.20th Century Express
12.You Must Have That True Religion
13.Gotta Serve Somebody
14.Keep On Pushing
15.Oh What A Feeling

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