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Man About Town 英文
1.Man About Town
2.Cosmic Love
3.Book of Broken Hearts
4.Breakfast in Bed
5.Lingerie & Candlewax
6.Fancy Clothes
7.The Valley
8.Love Like That
9.Get You Back
10.Out of Pocket
Her Favorite Song 英文
1.Her Favorite Song
Where Does This Door Go 英文
1.Allie Jones
2.Back Seat Lover
3.Wine Glass Woman
4.The Only One
5.The Innocent
6.Problematization (提供)
7.Her Favorite Song
8.Ay Bass Player (提供)
10.Reach Out Richard
11.Corsican Rosé
12.Where Does This Door Go
13.Robot Love
14.The Stars Are Ours
15.All Better
16.They Don't Know You
19.Small Clone
20.Designer Drug
The Walk (Single) 英文
1.The Walk (Single)
Impressions (EP) 英文
1.Work To Do
2.Don't Turn The Lights On
3.You've Got The Makings Of A Lover
4.Fantasy Girl
5.Little Person
6.Mr. Blue Sky
How Do You Do 英文
1.Get To Know You
2.Long Time
3.Can't Stop
5.The Walk
6.Finally Falling
8.Stick Around
10.You Called Me
11.You're Not Ready
12.No Strings
13.Henny & Gingerale
A Long Time (Single) 英文
1.A Long Time (Single)
A Strange Arrangement 英文
1.Prelude (提供)
2.A Strange Arrangement
3.Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
4.Maybe So, Maybe No
5.Your Easy Lovin' Ain't Pleasin' Nothin'
6.I Wish It Would Rain
7.Make Her Mine
8.One Track Mind
9.The Ills
10.Shiny And New
11.Let Me Know
12.Green Eyed Love
13.When I Said Goodbye
iTunes Session 英文
1.Love In Motion (iTunes Session)
2.The Walk
3.Finally Falling
4.I've Got a Crush On You
5.You Make My Dreams
6.I've Got a Crush On You (iTunes Session)
7.Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (iTunes Session)
8.The Walk (iTunes Session)
9.Finally Falling (iTunes Session)
10.No Strings (iTunes Session)
11.Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
How Do You Do Remixes 英文
1.A Long Time (Sugar Rod D-mix)
2.Dreaming (Gordon Voidwell Freak-mix)
3.The Walk (Loose Shus V-mix)
4.No Strings (RAC remix)
5.Henny & Gingerale (Bakaboyz B-mix)
暂存 英文
1.Someone Like You
2.Reach Out Richard - Commentary
3.Love Is Alright
4.Crime (with Kendrick Lamar)
5.Designer Drug (Bonus Track)
6.Small Clone (Bonus Track)
7.Kaila (Bonus Track)
8.Fool (Bonus Track)
9.Her Favorite Song (Large Professor Remix)
10.Get Ready
11.A Long Time (Chromeo remix)
12.Thin Moon
13.When the Night Falls
14.The Walk (Live)
15.Time for Love

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