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Yo La Tengo( 优拉糖果乐团 )【 共收藏 20 张专辑, 221 首歌 】
Yo La Tengo(通常缩写为YLT)是1984年在新泽西州Hoboken组建的美国独立摇滚乐队。自1992年以来,该阵容由Ira Kaplan(吉他,钢琴,人声),Georgia Hubley(鼓,钢琴,人声) )和James McNew(低音,主唱)。 2015年,原创吉他手戴夫施拉姆重新加入乐队,并出现在他们的第十四张专辑Stuff Like That There中。

尽管主流成功有限,Yo La Tengo被称为“典型批评家”乐队,并且继续保持强烈的崇拜。

尽管他们大多使用原创素材,但Yo La Tengo以其百科全套的现场表演和唱片歌曲而闻名。
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Stuff Like That There 英文
1.My Heart's Not In It
3.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
4.Friday I'm in Love
5.Before We Stopped to Think
6.Butchie's Tune
7.Automatic Doom
9.I Can Feel the Ice Melting
11.Somebody's In Love
12.All Your Secrets (original on Popular Songs)
13.The Ballad of Red Buckets (original on Electr-O-Pura)
14.Deeper Into Movies (original on I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One)
Andalucia Live 英文
1.Farmer John (提供)
2.Interview (提供)
3.Casper the Firendly Ghost (featuring Daniel Johnston) (提供)
4.Whispering Hope (featuring Daniel Johnston) (提供)
Extra Painful 英文
1.I Was A Fool Beside You For Too Long
Fade 英文
2.Is That Enough
3.Well You Better
4.Paddle Forward
5.Stupid Things
6.I'll Be Around
7.Cornelia and Jane
8.Two Trains
9.The Point Of It
10.Before We Run
Ohm 英文
1.Oriole (Mix 12) (提供)
2.Ohm (Live Loud Version)
3.Oriole (Mix 15) (提供)
4.Ohm (Loud Quiet Version) (提供)
5.Oriole (Mix 29) (提供)
6.Ohm (radio edit) (提供)
Daytrotter Session September 4th 英文
1.Nuclear War2.Welcome to Daytrotter (提供)
Popular Songs 英文
1.Nothing To Hide
2.By Two's
3.Avalon Or Someone Very Similar
4.Here To Fall
5.Periodically Double Or Triple
6.If It's True
7.I'm On My Way
8.When It's Dark
9.All Your Secrets
10.More Stars Than There Are In Heaven
11.The Fireside
12.And The Glitter Is Gone (提供)
13.You've Got A Friend (提供)
I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass 英文
1.Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind
2.Beanbag Chair
3.I Feel Like Going Home
4.Mr. Tough
5.Black Flowers
6.The Race Is On Again
7.The Room Got Heavy
8.Sometimes I Don't Get You
9.Daphnia (提供)
10.I Should Have Known Better
11.Watch Out For Me Ronnie
12.The Weakest Part
13.Song For Mahila
14.Point And Shoot
15.The Story Of Yo La Tango
I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One 英文
1.Stockholm Syndrome
2.Autumn Sweater
3.Green Arrow (提供)
4.The Lie and How We Told It
5.Center of Gravity
6.Spec Bebop (提供)
7.Return to Hot Chicken (提供)
8.Moby Octopad
10.Deeper into Movies
13.Little Honda
14.My Little Corner of the World
15.We're an American Band
16.One PM Again
And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out 英文
1.Let's Save Tony Orlando's House
2.Last Days of Disco
3.The Crying of Lot G
4.You Can Have It All
5.Our Way to Fall
7.Cherry Chapstick
8.From Black to Blue
10.Tired Hippo (提供)
11.Night Falls on Hoboken
13.Tears Are in Your Eyes
Summer Sun 英文
1.Take Care
2.Beach Party Tonight
3.Little Eyes
4.Nothing But You And Me
5.Season Of The Shark
6.Today Is The Day
7.Tiny Birds
8.How To Make A Baby Elephant Float
9.Georgia Vs. Yo La Tengo
10.Don't Have To Be So Sad
11.Winter A-Go-Go
12.Moonrock Mambo
13.Let's Be Still
Painful 英文
1.The Whole Of The Law
2.Big Day Coming
3.From A Motel 6
4.Double Dare
5.Superstar-Watcher (提供)
6.Nowhere Near
7.Sudden Organ
8.A Worrying Thing
9.I Was The Fool Beside You For Too Long
10.I Heard You Looking (提供)
New Wave Hot Dogs 英文
2.Did I Tell You
3.House Fall Down
5.Lost In Bessemer (提供)
6.It's Alright (The Way That You Live)
7.3 Blocks From Groove Street
8.Let's Compromise
10.A Shy Dog
11.No Water
12.The Story Of Jazz
Fakebook 英文
1.The Summer
2.Here Comes My Baby
3.You Tore Me Down
4.Tried So Hard
5.Oklahoma, U.S.A.
6.What Can I Say
7.Did I Tell You*
8.Can't Forget
10.Barnaby, Hardly Working
11.Yellow Sarong
13.Speeding Motorcycle
14.What Comes Next
15.The One To Cry
Electr-O-Pura 英文
2.Flying Lesson (Hot Chicken #1)
3.The Hour Grows Late
4.Tom Courtenay
5.False Ending (提供)
6.Pablo And Andrea
7.Paul Is Dead
8.False Alarm
9.The Ballad Of Red Buckets
10.Don't Say A Word (Hot Chicken #2)
11.Straight Down To The Bitter End
12.My Heart's Reflection
13.Attack On Love
14.Blue Line Swinger
May I Sing With Me 英文
1.Swing For Life
2.Detouring America With Horns
4.Mushroom Cloud Of Hiss
5.Five-Cornered Drone
6.Some Kinda Fatigue
7.Always Something
8.86-Second Blowout
9.Out The Window
10.Sleeping Pill (提供)
Ride The Tiger 英文
1.The Way Some People Die
2.The Evil That Men Do
3.The Cone Of Silence
4.Big Sky
5.The Forest Green (提供)
6.The Pain Of Pain (提供)
7.The Empty Pool
8.Alrock's Bells (提供)
9.Five Years (提供)
10.Screaming Dead Balloons (提供)
11.Living In The Country (提供)
12.The River Of Water
13.A House Is Not A Motel
14.Crispy Duck (提供)
15.Closing Time (提供)
Dark Was The Night 英文
1.Gentle Hour
Andalucia Live (WFMU Studios - East Orange, NJ 4th Feb 1990) 英文
1.Andalucia - Live
2.The Summer - Live
3.Griselda - Live
4.Barnaby, Hardly Working - Live
5.Yellow Sarong - Live
6.Emulsified - Live
7.The One To Cry - Live
8.Tried So Hard - Live
9.Here Comes My Baby - Live
暂存 英文
1.How Much I've Lied
2.Fourth Time Around
3.I Wanna Be Your Lover
4.I'm Your Puppet
5.I Threw It All Away
6.Be Thankful For What You Got
7.You Make Me Feel Good
8.Hanky Panky Nohow
9.Texas Man Abducted By Aliens For Outer Space Joy Ride
10.Needle Of Death
11.Nevada Man Invents Piano With 21 Extra Keys
12.Clever Chemist Makes Chewing Gum From Soap
13.Helpful Monkey Wallpapers Entire Home
14.Ingenious Scientist Invents Car Of The Future
15.Retired Woman Starts New Career In Monkey Fashions
16.Minnesota Man Claims Monkey Bowled Perfect Game
17.Stupid Things (Instrumental)
18.Ohm (Live 1)
19.Is That Enough (Live at NPR Music)
20.If It's True (false start) / If It's True
21.Somebody's Baby
22.Cherry Chapstick (Acoustic Version)
23.Don't Worry, Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking for Her Hand in the Snow)
24.Shades of Blue
25.Polynesia #1
26.For You Too

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