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Horizontalism 英文
1.Fall Into the Light
2.Looking Too Closely (So36dub)
3.Shakespeare (Nachbarn39)
4.Pilgrim (Moda232)
5.A30 Breakdown (提供)
6.Suffering Is the Art of Love
7.White Flag (Nachteule143)
8.Hard Believer (kstr10179)
9.Green And the Blue (RLP12-321)
10.Music Wonu2019t Save You (H (提供)
Hard Believer 英文
1.Hard Believer
2.Green And The Blue
3.White Flag
5.Two Days Later
7.Truth Begins
8.Looking Too Closely
9.Too Late
10.Keep Falling
RCO 英文
1.What Power Art Thou? (提供)
2.The Infernal Machine (提供)
3.The Unanswered Question (提供)
Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet 英文
2.Perfect Darkness
3.Fear Is Like Fire
4.Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us
5.Blueberry Pancakes
6.Trouble's What You're In
7.Berlin Sunrise
8.Warm Shadow
11.This Is The Thing
12.Sort Of Revolution
13.Pretty Little Thing
Perfect Darkness 英文
1.Perfect Darkness
2.Fear Is Like Fire
3.Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us
6.Warm Shadow
7.Save It For Somebody Else
8.Who Says
9.Foot In The Door
10.Berlin Sunrise
Sort Of Revolution 英文
1.Sort Of Revolution
2.Move On Me
3.Six Weeks
4.Nothing Is Ever Finished
5.See It All
6.Q & A
7.If I Had A Million
10.Walking In The Sun
Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet (Live) 英文
1.Biscuits (Live from Amager Bio, Copenhagen – Oct 14 2011)
2.Sort of Revolution (Live from La Cigale, Paris – Oct 25 2011)
3.This Is the Thing (Live from Paradiso, Amsterdam – Oct 20 2011)
4.Wheels (Live from Paradiso, Amsterdam – Oct 20 2011)
5.Honesty (Live from La Cigale, Paris – Oct 25 2011)
6.Warm Shadow (Live from Epicerie Moderne, Lyon – Oct 28 2011)
7.Berlin Sunrise (Live from La Cigale, Paris – Oct 25 2011)
8.Trouble's What You're In (Live from Union Chapel, London – Oct 5 2011)
9.Blueberry Pancakes (Live from WUK, Vienna – Nov 14 2011)
10.Yesterday Was Hard On All of Us (Live from Paradiso, Amsterdam – Oct 20 2011)
11.Fear Is Like Fire (Live from Koko, London – Feb 17 2012)
12.Perfect Darkness (Live from Union Chapel, London – Oct 5 2011)
13.Pretty Little Thing (Live from Meetfactory, Prague – Nov 17 2011)
Sort of Versions 英文
1.Maker (Solo acoustic)
2.See It All (Solo acoustic)
3.This Is the Thing (Solo acoustic)
4.Pills in My Pockets (Solo acoustic)
5.Q&A (Solo acoustic)
6.The Apologist (Acoustic)
Sort of Versions EP 英文
1.See It All (Acoustic)
2.This Is the Thing (Acoustic)
3.Q & a (Live On Byte FM, Berlin 09)
4.Maker (Acoustic)
5.The Apologist (Acoustic)
Resurgam 英文
1.Cracks Appear
2.Word To the Wise
4.Not Everything Was Better In the Past
5.The Determined Cut
7.This Isn't a Mistake
8.Day 22
Distance And Time 英文
1.Get Your Share
Biscuits for Breakfast (Live) 英文
1.Biscuits (Live Version)
2.Pretty Little Thing (Live Version)
3.All Cried Out (Live Version)
Biscuits For Breakfast 英文
2.So Long
3.Sorry I'm Late
暂存 英文
1.All Cried Out
2.Hush Now
4.Make It Good
5.You Gotta Choose
6.If Only - Live at The Red Roaster
7.Looking Too Closely (from Le Mouv, Paris)
8.Little Blue Mailbox (Radio Version)
9.See It All (Radop Edit)
10.Yesterday Was Hard On All of Us (Instrumental Version)
11.Warm Shadow (Radio Edit)
12.Sort of Revolution (The Cinematic Orchestra Remix)
13.Shakespeare (Radio Version)
14.Looking Too Closely (Radio Edit)
15.Perfect Darkness (Lapalux Remix)
16.Hush Now (feat. Tina Grace)
17.Pretty Little Thing (Fink Sonar mix)
18.Cold Feet
19.Keep Myself Alone Now
20.She Was Right
21.Move On Me (Marcus Worgull Edit)
22.The Goose
23.Hour Golden (Edit)
24.Little Bump
25.Hard to See You Happy
27.Make It Good (acoustic version)
28.Deep Calm

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