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Iron & Wine( 铁与酒乐团 )【 共收藏 19 张专辑, 234 首歌 】
Samuel'Sam'Ervin Beam(1974年7月26日出生),以舞台和录音名称Iron&Wine而闻名,是一位美国创作歌手。 他已经发行了六张录音室专辑,几张EP和单曲,以及一些只下载的专辑,其中包括一张现场专辑(2005年Bonnaroo表演的录音)。 他偶尔会以一个完整的乐队进行巡演。

梁在南卡罗来纳州长大,然后搬到弗吉尼亚州,然后佛罗里达州上学。 他现在居住在北卡罗莱纳州的达勒姆。 Iron&Wine这个名字来源于一家名为“牛肉,铁和酒”的饮食补充品,他在一家百货商店拍摄电影时发现。
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Weed Garden 英文
1.What Hurts Worse
2.Waves Of Galveston
3.Last Of Your Rock 'n' Roll Heroes
5.Autumn Town Leaves
6.Talking To Fog
What Hurts Worse 英文
1.What Hurts Worse
Beast Epic 英文
1.Claim Your Ghost
2.Thomas County Law
3.Bitter Truth
4.Song In Stone
5.Summer Clouds (提供)
6.Call It Dreaming
7.About A Bruise
8.Last Night
9.Right For Sky
10.The Truest Stars We Know
11.Our Light Miles (提供)
Archive Series Volume No. 2 英文
1.Albuquerque (提供)2.It's The Same Old Song
Archive Series Volume No. 1 英文
1.Minor Piano Keys
2.Wade Across The Water
3.Slow Black River
4.The Wind Is Low
6.Two Hungry Blackbirds
7.Freckled Girl
9.Sing Song Bird
10.Beyond The Fence
11.Quarters In A Pocket
13.Everyone's Summer of '95
14.Your Sly Smile
15.Halfway to Richmond
Ghost On Ghost 英文
1.Caught in the Briars
2.The Desert Babbler
4.Low Light Buddy of Mine
5.Grace for Saints and Ramblers
6.Grass Widows
7.Singers and the Endless Song
8.Sundown (Back in the Briars)
9.Winter Prayers
10.New Mexico's No Breeze
11.Lovers' Revolution
12.Baby Center Stage
Kiss Each Other Clean 英文
Warner Bros.
1.Walking Far From Home
2.Me And Lazarus
3.Tree By The River
4.Monkeys Uptown
5.Half Moon
6.Rabbit Will Run
7.Godless Brother In Love
8.Big Burned Hand
9.Glad Man Singing
10.Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me
The Shepherd's Dog 英文
1.Pagan Angel and A Borrowed Car
2.White Tooth Man
3.Lovesong Of The Buzzard
5.House By The Sea
6.Innocent Bones
7.Wolves (Song Of The Shepherd's Dog)
8.Resurrection Fern
9.Boy With A Coin
10.The Devil Never Sleeps
11.Peace Beneath The City
12.Flightless Bird, American Mouth
In The Reins (EP) 英文
1.Red Dust
Our Endless Numbered Days 英文
1.On Your Wings
2.Belated Promise Ring
3.Free Until They Cut Me Down (demo)
4.Cinder and Smoke (demo)
5.Passing Afternoon
6.Sodom, South Georgia
7.Fever Dream
8.Free Until They Cut Me Down
9.Radio War
10.Love And Some Verses
11.Teeth In The Grass
12.Cinder And Smoke
13.No Moon
Woman King (EP) 英文
1.Woman King
Walking Far From Home (EP) 英文
1.Summer In Savannah
2.Walking Far From Home (EP)
3.Biting Your Tail
Unreleased Basement Recordings 英文
1.Sixteen Maybe Less
3.Foot of the Manger
4.He Lags in the Reigns
5.Minor Piano Keys
6.God Gave a Stone
7.Wade Across the Water
8.Swans and the Swimming
9.Mothers of the Rodeo
10.A History of Lovers
11.Rattling Bone
12.Love and Some Verses
Unknown Early Sessions 英文
1.Love You This Hound
2.Two Hungry Blackbirds
3.Calm on the Valley
4.This Solemn Day
5.The Sun Will Rise
6.Beauty and Family
7.Cold Town
8.Chelsea Hotel No. 2
9.A Book Unfinished
10.Blue Leaves
11.Our Friends Shrine
13.Lion's Mane (unreleased version)
14.The Wind Is Low
15.In Your Own Time
16.Thousand Miles
Such Great Heights 英文
1.Such Great Heights - Performed By Iron And Wine
2.Trapeze Swinger (live recording from Radio Vienna)
3.Naked as We Came (live recording from Radio Vienna)
Morning Becomes Eclectic 英文
1.Tree By The River (Live)
2.Summer In Savannah (Live)
3.Half Moon (Live)
4.Boy With A Coin (Live)
5.Me And Lazarus (Live)
6.Naked As We Came (Live)
Around The Well 英文
1.Dearest Forsaken
3.Loud As Hope
4.Sacred Vision
5.Friends They Are Jewels
7.Swans And The Swimming
8.Call Your Boys
9.Such Great Heights
10.Communion Cups And Someone's Coat
11.Belated Promise Ring
12.God Made The Automobile
13.Homeward, These Shores
14.Love Vigilantes
15.Sinning Hands
16.No Moon
17.Serpent Charmer
18.Carried Home
19.Kingdom Of The Animals
20.Arms Of A Thief
21.The Trapeze Swinger
22.Waitin' For A Superman
2009-05-04: The Vera Project, Seattle, WA, USA 英文
1.Stolen Houses (Die)
2.Prison on Route 41
3.Burn That Broken Bed
4.Love Vigilantes
5.Flightless Bird, American Mouth
暂存 英文
1.Communion Cups & Someone's Coat
2.The Rooster Moans
3.Beneath the Balcony
6.Each Coming Night
7.Rabbit Will Run (Live)
8.Iron and Wine - Such Great Heights
9.Lion's Mane
10.The House and The Sea
11.Someday the Waves
12.Waiting For A Superman
13.Me & Lazarus
14.Love Vigilantes (New Order)
15.Swans & The Swimming
18.History of Lovers
19.Her Tea Leaves
20.Pegan Angel and a Borrowed Car
21.Sunset Soon Forgotten
22.Teeth in the Grass
23.Cinder and Smoke
24.Promise What You Will
25.An Angry Blade
26.The Sea and the Rhythm
27.He Lays In The Reins (Demo Version)
28.John's Glass Eye
29.Cinders and Smoke
30.Gray Stables
31.Evening On the Ground (Lilith's Song)
32.The Night Descending
33.Naked As We Came
34.Red Dust (Demo Version)
35.A History Of Lovers (In The Reins Version)
36.Naked as We Come
37.My Lady's House
38.Weary Memory
39.Homeward, These Shoes
40.Southern Anthem
41.Dead Man's Will
42.Flightless Bird, American Mouth (live)
43.Wolves (Song of the Shepherd's Dog) (live)
44.Upward Over the Mountain
45.Bird Stealing Bread
46.Jesus the Mexican Boy
47.Faded from the Winter
48.Promising Light
49.Muddy Hymnal
50.Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
51.Mothers Of The Rodeo
52.Watch And Chain
53.Lean into the Light
54.Black Candle
55.My Side of the Road
56.Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Twilight Soundtrack Version
57.Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Live Twilight Soundtrack Version
58.Flightless Bird, American Mouth (Album)
59.Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Wedding Version
60.Tree By The River (Acoustic Version)
61.Lovesong of the Buzzard (Edit)
62.Minor Piano Key
63.My Lady's House (Live)
64.He Lays In the Reins (Live)
65.Pagan Angel & A Borrowed Car
67.Carissa's Wierd
68.Cinders & Smoke
69.Mary Anne
70.Godless Brother
71.Sea and the Rhythm
72.Smokestack Lightning (live)
73.Mr. Soul
74.The Trapeze Swinger (clean)
75.We All, Us Three, Will Ride
76.Trapeze Swinger
77.Time After Time
78.Naked As We Can
79.Miss Bottom of the Hill
80.Dark Eyes

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