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Write Your Story (Single) 英文
1.Write Your Story
If We're Honest 英文
1.Write Your Story
2.When the Crazy Kicks In
3.He Knows My Name
5.Choose to Love
6.Run to Jesus
7.Find Rest
8.If We're Honest
9.Giants Fall
10.Hands of God
11.We Are the Kingdom
12.Holy Spirit
13.Keeping Score
14.I Am Home
Strangely Dim (Single) 英文
1.Strangely Dim
Christmas 英文
1.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2.You're Here
3.The Christmas Song
4.Heaven Everywhere
5.Christmas Is
6.What Child Is This? (First Noel Prelude)
7.Marshmallow World
8.O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
9.Joy To The World
10.Christmas Dreams
11.Go Tell It On The Mountain
12.December 25
13.Heaven Everywhere (Acoustic Version)
Hundred More Years 英文
1.So Long
3.Worth It
4.This Is The Stuff
5.You Never Are
6.Angel By Your Side
7.Motion Of Mercy
8.Emily (It's Love)
9.Good To Know
10.Don't Miss It
11.Hundred More Years
12.Hold Out For Love
13.Something More
15.In Your Eyes (提供)
My Paper Heart (Deluxe Edition) 英文
Fervent Records
1.Free To Be Me
2.I'm Letting Go
4.My Paper Heart
6.Blue Sky
7.Forever Love
8.Someday Soon
9.Behind The Scenes
10.It's Your Life
11.Time In Between
12.Lead Me To The Cross
13.Keeping Me Guessing
14.Free To Be Me (Dented Fender Sessions)
15.I'm Letting Go (Dented Fender Sessions)
16.Beautiful,Beautiful (Dented Fender Sessions)
17.It's Your Life (Dented Fender Sessions)
This Is The Stuff (Single) 英文
1.This Is The Stuff (Single)2.I'm Letting Go
Christmas Live In Nashville 英文
1.The Christmas Song (Live)
2.Go, Tell It On the Mountain (Live)
3.Christmas Dreams (Live)
4.December 25 (Live)
5.You're Here (Live)
6.Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Live)
7.O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (Live)
8.Marshmallow World (Live)
9.What Child Is This? (First Noel Prelude) (Live)
10.Christmas Is (Live)
11.Heaven Everywhere (Live)
12.Joy To the World (Live)
暂存 英文
1.This Is The Stuff - Take 1
2.Emily - It's Love [feat. Dave Barnes]
3.Angel By Your Side - Medium Key Track without BGVs
4.Angel By Your Side (Demo Version)
5.This Is the Stuff (Take 1) [Bonus Track]
6.In Your Eyes (Bonus Track)
7.Trampoline (Bonus Track)
8.Something More (Bonus Track)
9.Hold Out For Love (Bonus Track)
10.He Knows My Name - Radio Version
11.Free To Be Me (Live)
12.You're Here [Compilation Version]
13.Oh, Son of God
14.Free to Be Me (Low Key Performance Track Without Background Vocals)
15.Constant (Low Key Track Without Background Vocals)
16.Just The Same
17.Write Your Story (Original Key Performance Track With Background Vocals)
18.Where It All Begins
19.Middle of a Miracle
20.Be Born in Me (Mary)
21.Holy Spirit (Original Key Performance Track With Background Vocals)
22.Where Were You

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