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The Mountain Goats( 山羊乐团 )【 共收藏 43 张专辑, 515 首歌 】
山羊(风格化的山羊)是美国独立民谣乐队,由歌手兼作曲家约翰·达尼埃尔(John Darnielle)在加利福尼亚州的克莱蒙特(Claremont)组建。乐队目前在北卡罗莱纳州的达勒姆。

多年来,山羊唯一的成员是达尼耶尔,尽管有多个名字。尽管他仍然是乐队的核心成员,但他还是与不同时期的合作者合作过,包括贝司手兼主唱Peter Hughes,鼓手Jon Wurster,多乐器演奏家Matt Douglas,歌手兼创作歌手Franklin Bruno,贝斯手Rachel Ware,创作型歌手/制作人John Vanderslice,吉他手Kaki King和多乐器演奏家Annie Clark。



John Darnielle - 主唱,吉他,键盘
彼得·休斯 - 低音,支持vocals
Jon Wurster - 鼓
马特·道格拉斯 - 长笛,萨克斯管,单簧管,吉他,键盘,支持vocals


Rachel Ware - 低音,主唱(1992-1995)
明亮的山唱诗班(Rachel洁具,Amy Piatt,Sarah Arslanian,Roseanne Lindley)
富兰克林布鲁诺 - 钢琴
Lalitree Darnielle - 班卓琴
Alastair Galbraith - 小提琴
格雷姆Jefferies - 吉他
Erik Friedlander - 大提琴
欧文Pallett - 字符串
Alex Decarville
理查德·科尔本 - 鼓
克里斯托弗麦圭尔 - 鼓
诺拉丹尼尔森 - 小提琴
Maggie Doyle - keytar
Yuval Semo - 琴,钢琴,弦乐安排




Zopilote Machine (1994)
Sweden (1995)
Nothing for Juice (1996)
Full Force Galesburg (1997)
The Coroner's Gambit (2000)
All Hail West Texas (2002)
Tallahassee (2002)
We Shall All Be Healed (2004)
The Sunset Tree (2005)
Get Lonely (2006)
Heretic Pride (2008)
The Life of the World to Come (2009)
All Eternals Deck (2011)
Transcendental Youth (2012)
Beat the Champ (2015)
Goths (2017)
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Blood Capsules 英文
1.Blood Capsules2.Dub Capsules (提供)
Beat the Champ 英文
1.Southwestern Territory
2.The Legend of Chavo Guerrero
3.Foreign Object
4.Animal Mask
5.Choked Out
6.Heel Turn 2
7.Fire Editorial
8.Stabbed to Death Outside San Juan
9.Werewolf Gimmick
12.The Ballad of Bull Ramos
13.Hair Match
Transcendental Youth 英文
1.Amy (AKA Spent Gladiator I)
2.Lakeside View Apartments Suite
3.Cry for Judas
4.Harlem Roulette
5.White Cedar
6.Until I Am Whole
7.Night Light
8.The Diaz Brothers
9.Counterfeit Florida Plates
10.In Memory of Satan
11.Spent Gladiator II
12.Transcendental Youth
All Eternals Deck 英文
1.Birth Of Serpents
2.Age Of Kings
3.The Autopsy Garland
4.Beautiful Gas Mask
5.High Hawk Season
6.Damn These Vampires
7.Estate Sale Sign
8.Liza Forever Minnelli
9.Never Quite Free
10.For Charles Bronson
11.Outer Scorpion Squadron
12.Sourdoire Valley Song
13.Prowl Great Cain
The Life Of The World To Come 英文
1.1 Samuel
8.1 John
12.Ezekiel 7 And The Permanent Efficacy Of Grace
Heretic Pride 英文
1.Sax Rohmer, Part 1
2.San Bernardino
3.Heretic Pride
5.New Zion
6.So Desperate
7.Lovecraft In Brooklyn
8.Tianchi Lake
9.How To Embrace A Swamp Creature
10.Marduk T-Shirt Men's Room Incident
11.Sept 15, 1983
12.Michael Myers Resplendent
13.In The Craters On The Moon
We Shall All Be Healed 英文
1.Slow West Vultures
2.Against Pollution
4.All Up the Seething Coast
5.Home Again Garden Grove
7.Letter from Belgium
8.Linda Blair Was Born Innocent
9.Palmcorder Yajna
11.Your Belgian Things
12.The Young Thousands
13.Pigs That Ran Straightaway Into the Water, Triumph Of
Zopilote Machine 英文
1.That Black Ice Cream Song
2.Azo Tle Nelli in Tlalticpac?
3.Alpha Sun Hat
4.Orange Ball of Love
5.Orange Ball of Hate
6.Going to Bristol
7.Going to Lebanon
8.Alpha in Tauris
9.Going to Georgia
10.Alpha Incipiens
11.Quetzalcoatl Is Born
12.Sinaloon Milk Snake Song
13.Sinaloan Milk Snake Song
14.We Have Seen the Enemy
15.Standard Bitter Love Song #7
16.Quetzalcoatl Eats Plums
17.Young Caesar 2000
18.Song for Tura Satana
19.Bad Priestess
The Sunset Tree 英文
1.Dinn Lipatti's Bones
2.Love Love Love
3.Magpie (提供)
4.Hast Thou Considered the Tetrapod? (提供)
5.Dance Music (提供)
6.Dilaudid (提供)
7.Broom People (提供)
8.Song for Dennis Brown (提供)
9.Up the Wolves (提供)
10.This Year (提供)
11.You or Your Memory (提供)
12.Dinu Lipatti's Bones
13.Lion's Teeth
14.Pale Green Things (提供)
The Life of the World in Flux 英文
1.Romans 10:9
2.Matthew 11:14-19
3.Proverbs 6:27
4.Genesis 3:23
5.Philippians 3:20-21
6.Psalms 40:2
7.Hebrews 11:40
8.Isaiah 45:23
9.1 John 4:16
10.Matthew 25:21
11.Daniel 12:8 (Third)
12.Deuteronomy 2:10
13.Enoch 18:14
The Hound Chronicles 英文
1.שקט (提供)
2.Going to Spain
3.Lab Rat Blues
4.Going to Mexico
5.Going to Chino
6.Alpha Negative
7.Going to Wisconsin
8.The Water Song
9.Standard Bitter Love Song #4
10.The Cow Song
11.Torch Song
12.Spilling Toward Alpha
13.The Garden Song
14.Keep It on Your Mind
The Hound Chronicles / Hot Garden Stomp 英文
1.The Torch Song
2.Fresh Cherries in Trinidad
3.Going to Norwalk
4.Hello There Howard
5.Beach House
6.Love Hymn to Aphrodite
7.Thanks for the Dress
8.The Hot Garden Stomp
9.Sun Song
10.Water Song II
11.Feed This End
The Coroner's Gambit 英文
1.'Bluejays and Cardinals'
3.Family Happiness
4.Horseradish Road
6.Island Garden Song
9.We Were Patriots
10.The Alphonse Mambo
11.There Will Be No Divorce
12.Shadow Song
13.Scotch Grove
14.The Coroner's Gambit
15.Trick Mirror
16.Insurance Fraud #2
Tallahassee 英文
1.Oceanographer's Choice
2.Old College Try
3.Have to Explode
4.International Small Arms Traffic Blues
6.No Children (提供)
7.Idylls of the King
8.First Few Desperate Hours
9.See America Right (提供)
10.The House That Dripped Blood
11.Southwood Plantation Road
13.Game Shows Touch Our Lives
14.Alpha Rats Nest
Taboo VI: The Homecoming 英文
1.Running Away With What Freud Said
2.This Magic Moment
3.Solomon Revisited
4.Move (Chicago 196?)
5.Don't Take the Dogs Away
6.One Winter at Point Alpha Privative
7.Going to Alaska
8.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
9.Eleven Bands
Sweden 英文
1.Sept 16 Triple X Love! Love!
2.Cold Milk Bottle
3.Prana Ferox
5.Neon Orange Glimmer Song
6.California Song
7.Going to Bolivia
8.Going to Queens
9.Deianara Crush
10.Downtown Seoul
11.Send Me an Angel
12.Snow Crush Killing Song
13.Tollund Man
14.Tahitian Ambrosia Maker
15.Sept 19 Triple X Love! Love!
16.Whole Wide World
17.Some Swedish Trees
18.The Recognition Scene
19.Flashing Lights
Satanic Messiah EP 英文
1.Sarcofago Live
2.Wizard Buys a Hat
3.Satanic Messiah
4.Gojam Province 1968
Protein Source of the Future...Now! 英文
1.The Window Song
2.Fresh Berries for You
3.Love Cuts the Strings
4.Pure Honey
5.Duke Ellington
6.Omega Blaster
7.Coco-Yam Song
9.Chinese Rifle Song
10.Alpha Omega
11.Billy the Kid's Dream of the Magic Shoes
12.Going to Malibu
13.Night of the Mules
14.Third Snow Song
15.The Monkey Song
16.Seed Song
17.Quetzalcoatal Comes Through
18.Two Thousand Seasons
19.Yam, the King of Crops
20.Going to Tennessee
21.Pure Heat
22.Hand Ball
On Juhu Beach 英文
1.Transjordanian Blues
2.World Cylinder
3.Hotel Road
4.Bad Waves
5.Burned My Tongue
Nothing for Juice 英文
1.Moon & Sand
2.Going to Scotland
3.I Corinthians 13: 8-10
4.Going to Reykjavík
5.Going to Kansas
6.Orange Ball of Pain
7.Going to Bogotá
9.Full Flower
10.It Froze Me
11.I Will Grab You by the Ears
12.Moon and Sand
13.Alabama Nova
14.Blueberry Frost
16.Waving at You
17.Then the Letting Go
18.Hellhound on My Trail
Nine Black Poppies 英文
1.Pure Money
2.Stars Fell On Alabama
3.Cubs In Five
4.Going to Utrecht
5.Cheshire County
6.Chanson Du Bon Chose
7.I Know You've Come To Take My Toys Away
8.Nine Black Poppies
9.Lonesome Surprise
New Asian Cinema 英文
1.Treetop Song
2.Cao Dai Blowout
3.Korean Bird Paintings
5.Golden Jackal Song
Moon Colony Bloodbath 英文
2.Satori in Denver
3.Sudden Oak Death
Marsh Witch Visions 英文
1.Marsh Witch Vision
2.Shirtless in Hamburg
3.California Jam
4.No More Tears
Jam Eater Blues 英文
2.Straight Six
3.Jam Eater Blues
Jack & Faye 英文
1.There Will Always Be an Ireland
3.An Inscription at Salonae
Isopanisad Radio Hour 英文
1.The Last Limit of Bhakti
2.Abide With Me
3.Dutch Orchestra Blues
4.Pseudothyrum Song
Hail and Farewell, Gothenburg 英文
1.You're So Vain
2.Red Choral Diamond Spray
3.Hello, Old Rabbit
4.Four New Trees
5.I Love You. Let's Light Ourselves on Fire
6.Milk Song
7.Ending the Alphabet
9.One Frozen River
Ghana 英文
1.Song for John Davis
2.Hatha Hill
3.Going to Kirby Sigston
4.Please Come Home to Hamngatan
5.Going to Jamaica
6.Flight 717: Going to Denmark
7.Going to Hungary
8.Earth Air Water Trees
9.Creature Song
10.Going to Maine
11.Noctifer Birmingham
12.Leaving Home
13.Orange Ball of Peace
14.Chino Love Song 1979
15.Blood Royal
16.Going to Port Washington
17.Stars Around Her
18.The Only Thing I Know
19.Raja Vocative
20.The Last Day of Jimi Hendrix's Life
21.Wild Palm City
22.The Anglo-Saxons
23.The Admonishing Song
24.Pure Sound
25.Standard Bitter Love Song #8
26.Wrong! (提供)
27.Golden Boy
28.Pure Gold
30.Alpha Gelida
Get Lonely 英文
1.Wild Sage
2.Keeping House
3.In Corolla
4.Cobra Tattoo
5.In the Hidden Places
6.Moon Over Goldsboro
7.Maybe Sprout Wings
8.Get Lonely
9.Half Dead
10.New Monster Avenue
11.Woke Up New
12.Song for Lonely Giants
13.If You See Light
Full Force Galesburg 英文
1.Snow Owl
2.Original Air-Blue-Gown
4.Evening In Stalingrad
5.Maize Stalk Drinking Blood
6.Down Here
8.Chinese House Flowers
10.New Britain
11.Song for the Julian Calendar
12.US Mill
13.Weekend In Western Illinois
14.Twin Human Highway Flares
15.West Country Dream
16.It's All Here In Brownsville
Devil In the Shortwave 英文
3.Genesis 19: 1-2
4.Dirty Old Town
Daytrotter Session (SXSW) 英文
1.Red River Valley
3.Babylon Burning
Bitter Melon Farm 英文
1.No, I Can't. (Alternate Version)
2.Going to Bangor
3.Against Agamemnon
4.Going to Cleveland
5.Early Spring
7.No, I Can't
8.Going to Monaco
9.Going to Santiago
10.Black Molly
11.Alpha Double Negative: Going to Catalina
12.Noche del Guajolote
13.The Sign
14.Song for Dana Plato
15.Star Dusting
16.Teenage World
17.Sail On
18.Rain Song
19.The Bad Doctor
20.The Lady From Shanghai
21.Pure Love
22.Song for an Old Friend
23.Snow Song
24.Short Song About the 10 Freeway
25.Faithless Bacchant Song
Beautiful Rat Sunset 英文
1.Song For Cleomenes
2.Sendero Luminoso Verdadero
3.Song For Mark And Joel
4.Seeing Daylight
5.Resonant Bell World
6.New Star Song
7.Going To Maryland
Babylon Springs EP 英文
1.Sail Babylon Springs
2.Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise
3.Ox Baker Triumphant
All Hail West Texas 英文
1.Hardpan Song
2.Blues in Dallas
3.Distant Stations
4.Jeff Davis County Blues
5.Pink and Blue
6.Jenny (提供)
7.Color in Your Cheeks
8.Fall of the Star High School Running Back
9.Source Decay
10.The Mess Inside
11.Riches and Wonders
12.The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton
13.Fault Lines
14.Tape Travel Is Lonely
17.Answering the Phone
18.Absolute Lithops Effect
2002-03-07: Independent Media Center, Urbana, IL, USA 英文
1.The Plague
2.Pure Milk
3.Going to Bogatá
4.Carmen Cicero
5.The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton
2001-04-21: The Olde Club, Swarthmore, PA, USA 英文
1.Song For Roger Maris (cut)
2.Going to Monoco
3.Born Ready (was: Know the Way)
4.Oslo 1888
5.Going to Bridlington
6.I Corinthians 13:8-10
8.My Favorite Things
9.The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton
1999-01-27: Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, NC, USA 英文
1.You're in Maya
2.Somebody Else's Parking Lot in Santa Cruz
3.Sept 19th Triple X Love! Love!
4.I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink
5.Letter From a Motel
6.Born Ready
1996-03-23: Covent Garden Rough Trade, London, UK 英文
1.The Irony Engine
3.Are You Cleaning Off the Stone?
1996-03-14: Broadway, Essen, Germany 英文
1.Real Good Girlfriend
2.If England Were What England Seems, Then We Would Only Have Our Dreams
3.Doctor Wu
4.Going to Palestine
暂存 英文
1.1 Samuel 15:23
2.Brave (提供)
4.Anti-Music Song
5.Pet Politics
6.Genesis 30:3
8.Beat the Devil
9.Attention All Pickpockets
12.Ice Cream, Cobra Man
13.Cobscook Bay
14.Night Of The Mules
15.Ice Blue
16.Itzcuintli-Totzli Days
17.I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone
18.Going To Japan
19.September 15, 1983
20.Nova Scotia
22.Hellhound On My Trail
23.Wait For You
24.Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1
25.Spent Gladiator 2
26.I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink
28.The Ultimate Jedi Who Wastes All the Other Jedi and Eats Their Bones
29.Used to Haunt
30.The River Song (The Extra Glenns cover)
31.You Were Cool
32.Rockin' Rockin' Pet Store
33.Toolshed (Bonus Track)
34.One Fine Day
35.The Day the Aliens Came
36.High Doses #2
37.Furniture Store
38.Sign of the Crow
39.Pigs That Ran Straightway Into the Water, Triumph Of
41.Dinu Lapatti's Bones
42.From TG & Y
43.Standard Bitter Love Song #1
44.You & Me & A High Balcony
45.Steal Smoked Fish
46.In the Shadow of the Western Hills
47.Thucydides II:58
48.Predator Eyes
49.All Devils Here Now
50.Stable Boy Song
51.Soft Targets
52.Eugene Sue
53.Tyler Lambert's Grave
54.Raid on Entebbe
55.Terror Song
56.I've Got the Sex
58.Butter Teeth
60.Going to Marrakesh
61.Alpha Desperation March
62.Saigon Shrunken Panorama
63.Collapsing Stars
64.New Chevrolet In Flames
65.Design Your Own Container Garden
66.The Fall of the Star High School Running Back
67.No Surprises
68.Tulsa Imperative
69.Tell Me on a Sunday
70.Song for My Stepfather

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