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Parachute( 降落伞乐团 )【 共收藏 14 张专辑, 131 首歌 】
降落伞(英语:Parachute),是一个美国男子音乐组合。最早由Will Anderson、Johnny Stubblefield、Alex Hargrave与Kit French四位高中死党组成,因为有着相同理念而聚在一起玩音乐。直到上了大学,Will认识吉他手Nate McForland,邀约加入乐团的行列,起初以Sparky's Flaw之名四处表演,2003-2007年间发行三张独立厂EP。2008年5月毕业于从弗吉尼亚大学后,降落伞正式成立。

Will Anderson (主唱/写作核心/吉他/钢琴手)
Johnny Stubblefield (鼓手)
Alex Hargrave (贝斯手)
Kit French (萨克斯风/键盘手/主唱)
Nate McFarland (吉他/主唱)

Dave Glover (吉他)
Peter De Jong (吉他)
Eric Prum (键盘手)
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Wide Awake 英文
1.Without You
2.What Side Of Love
3.Jennie (提供)
4.Everything (提供)
5.Lonely With Me (提供)
6.Love Me Anyway (提供)
7.New Orleans
8.When You Move
9.Getaway (提供)
10.What Breaks My Heart (提供)
11.Waking Up (提供)
Crave (Single) 英文
Hurricane 英文
1.Hurricane(Album Version)
Overnight 英文
1.Untitled (提供)
2.Pussyhole VIP (提供)
3.Demons (提供)
4.Sorrow (提供)
5.Swagger (提供)
Hearts Go Crazy (Single) 英文
1.Hearts Go Crazy
Can't Help (Single) 英文
1.Can't Help
Matins : Vespers 英文
1.Hope Is a River (提供)
2.Keep the Fire Burning
4.Run to You (+ Meet You)
5.In Your Name
6.In Jesus
7.The City of the Lord
8.Hark (提供)
9.Halt (提供)
10.Consecrate (提供)
11.Linger (提供)
12.Still (提供)
13.Rallentando (提供)
14.Simmer (提供)
The Way It Was 英文
1.White Dress(Album Version)
2.You And Me(Album Version)
3.Something To Believe In(Album Version)
4.Forever And Always(Album Version)
5.What I Know(Album Version)
6.American Secrets(Album Version)
7.Kiss Me Slowly(Album Version)
8.Halfway(Album Version)
9.Philadelphia(Album Version)
Losing Sleep 英文
Mercury Records
1.All That I Am
2.Back Again
3.She (For Liz)
4.The Mess I Made
5.She Is Love
7.Under Control
8.Blame It On Me
9.Words Meet Heartbeats
10.The New Year
11.She Is Love (Full Band Version)
iTunes Live from SoHo 英文
1.Back Again (Live)
2.She (For Liz) [Live]
3.The Mess I Made (Live)
4.Words Meet Heartbeats (Live)
5.She Is Love (Live)
6.Ghost (Live)
7.Under Control (Live)
8.The Mess I Made
Something To Believe In (Single) 英文
1.Something To Believe In (Single)
Love Without Measure 英文
1.Gave It All
2.My Constant
3.Peace On Earth
4.You Remain
5.It's You
6.The Redeemed (提供)
7.Saviour Of The Broken Heart
8.You Got Me
9.Anthem Of My Heart
10.So Much More
11.Sweet Surrender
12.*Soar* (2 Samuel 22) (提供)
All the Earth (Live) 英文
1.All My Life (Live)
2.Pure and Holy (Live)
3.Lord of the Heavens (Live)
4.Amazing (Live)
5.Jesus (Live)
6.To Live Is Christ (Live) (提供)
7.Complete (Live)
8.High Above (Live)
9.All the Earth (Live)
10.Everything That Has Breath (Live) (提供)
11.Shout (Live)
12.O Come Let Us Adore Him (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Something To Believe In
2.You And Me
3.Kiss Me Slowly
4.White Dress
5.Forever And Always
6.What I Know
7.American Secrets
10.Strange World
11.Stuck In The Middle
12.Be Here
13.Losing Sleep
14.All That I Am (Acoustic)
15.Everything That Has Breathe
16.One Small Step
17.Everything That Has Breath
18.Salvation Song
19.All the Earth
20.Forever & Always
21.You & Me
23.Drive You Home
24.Meant To Be
26.The Only One
27.Waiting For That Call
28.The Other Side
29.Didn't See It Coming
31.Square One
32.Hearts Go Crazy (Single Mix)
34.What Child Is This
35.She Is Love (Full Band Version) [Bonus Track]
36.Be Here (Bonus Track)
37.Losing Sleep (Bonus Track)
38.Under Control (Live) [Bonus Track]
39.What Side of Love (Acoustic Version)
40.Living Rain
41.Jesus Is Real
42.Come My Way
43.Complete (Radio Re-Mix)
44.Come to the River

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