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Sunrise Avenue( 日出大道乐团 )【 共收藏 11 张专辑, 158 首歌 】
Sunrise Avenue是2002年在芬兰赫尔辛基成立的芬兰摇滚乐队。 早期乐队名为Sunrise,名称于2003年更名为Sunrise Avenue。Sunrise Avenue以其引人入胜的旋律和现代歌曲以及充满活力的现场表演而闻名。 他们的风格从摇滚和流行摇滚到摇滚民谣各不相同。 乐队出售了超过200万张专辑和200万张单曲,并在20个欧洲国家和日本进行了多次巡回演出和超过1000场演出。[需要的引证] Sunrise Avenue最著名的歌曲是“Hollywood Hills”(2011),“Fairytale Gone Bad” (2006),“永远的你”(2007),“整个故事”(2009),“治愈我”(2007)和“欢迎来到我的生活”(2009)。 乐队发行了五张录音室专辑,两张现场专辑,三张现场DVD,一张最佳专辑和18张单曲。
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Fairytales (Best Of 2006-2014) 英文
1.You Can Never Be Ready
2.I Don't Dance
4.Nothing Is Over
Unholy Ground 英文
1.Unholy Ground
3.Little Bit Love
4.I Can Break Your Heart
6.Letters In The Sand
7.Girl Like You
8.If I Fall
9.Aim For The Kill
10.Don't Cry (Don't Think About It)
11.Afraid Of The Midnight
Out Of Style 英文
1.Hollywood Hills
2.Damn Silence
3.Somebody Help Me
4.I Don't Dance
5.I Gotta Go
6.Stormy End
7.Kiss Goodbye
8.Sex & Cigarettes
9.The Right One
10.Out Of Tune
11.Angels On A Rampage
12.Sweet Symphony
Popgasm 英文
EMI / Bonnier Amigo Music / Honest
1.Dream Like A Child
2.The Whole Story
3.Rising Sun
4.Welcome To My Life
5.Not Again
7.Monk Bay
8.Bye Bye (One Night Kind)
9.Kiss And Run
11.Birds And Bees
12.Sail Away With Me
13.My Girl Is Mine
14.Something Sweet
On The Way To Wonderland 英文
1.Fairytale Gone Bad
2.Heal Me
4.Sunny Day
5.Choose to Be Me
6.Forever Yours
7.All Because of You
9.It Ain't the Way
10.Make It Go Away
13.Into the Blue
15.Fight 'Til Dying
Out Of Style – Live Edition 英文
1.Damn Silence - Live From Columbiahalle,Berlin,Germany/2011
2.I Don't Dance (live 2011 Berlin)
3.Somebody Help Me (live 2011 Berlin)
4.Fairytale Gone Bad (live 2011 Berlin)
5.Angels on a Rampage (live 2011 Vienna)
6.Only (live 2011 Berlin)
7.Wonderland (live 2011 Berlin)
8.Stormy End (live 2011 Berlin)
9.Welcome to My Life (live 2011 Berlin)
10.Sweet Symphony (live 2011 Vienna)
11.Hollywood Hills (live 2011 Vienna)
12.Out of Tune (live 2011 Vienna)
13.I Gotta Go (live 2011 Berlin)
14.I Don't Dance - Live From Columbiahalle,Berlin,Germany/2011
15.Somebody Help Me - Live From Columbiahalle,Berlin,Germany/2011
16.Fairytale Gone Bad - Live From Columbiahalle,Berlin,Germany/2011
17.Wonderland - Live From Columbiahalle,Berlin,Germany/2011
18.Welcome To My Life - Live From Columbiahalle,Berlin,Germany/2011
19.Hollywood Hills - Live From Gasometer,Vienna,Austria/2011
Heartbreak Century 英文
1.I Help You Hate Me
2.Let Me Go
3.Heartbreak Century
Fairytales 英文
1.Forever Yours
2.6-0 - Live
3.If I Fall - Live
4.Out Of Tune - Live
5.Angels On A Rampage - Live
6.I Can Break Your Heart - Live
7.Hurtsville - Live
8.Girl Like You - Live
9.Fairytale Gone Bad - Live
10.Welcome To My Life - Live
11.Lifesaver - Live
12.Don't Cry - Live
13.Welcome to My Life
14.Nothing Is Over
15.Angels on a Rampage
16.Unholy Ground - Live
17.Little Bit Love - Live
18.Forever Yours - Live
19.Afraid Of The Midnight - Live
20.Hollywood Hills - Live
Fairytales - Best of 2006-2014 (Special Version) 英文
1.Unholy Ground (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
2.Welcome To My Life
3.You Can Never Be Ready
4.Hollywood Hills (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
5.Fairytale Gone Bad (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
6.Hurtsville (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
7.Welcome To My Life (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
8.Out of Tune (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
9.Letters In the Sand (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
10.If I Fall (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
11.Girl Like You (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
12.I Don't Dance (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
13.Forever Yours (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
14.Angels On a Rampage (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
15.Aim For the Kill (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
16.Little Bit Love (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
17.Afraid of the Midnight (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
18.I Can Break Your Heart (Live At O2 World Hamburg / 2014)
19.Hollywood Hills
Acoustic Tour 2010 英文
1.Bad (acoustic live 2010)
2.6-0 (acoustic live 2010)
3.Fairytale Gone Bad (acoustic live 2010)
4.The Way You Make Me Feel (acoustic live 2010)
5.Welcome to My Life (acoustic live 2010)
6.Happiness (acoustic live 2010)
7.Dream Like a Child (acoustic live 2010)
8.Not Again (acoustic live 2010)
9.Only (acoustic live 2010)
10.Forever Yours (acoustic live 2010)
11.Rising Sun (acoustic live 2010)
12.Somebody Will Find You (acoustic live 2010)
13.The Whole Story (acoustic live 2010)
14.Diamonds (acoustic live 2010)
15.Bye Bye (One Night Kind) (acoustic live 2010)
暂存 英文
1.Whole Story
3.Birds & Bees
4.Kiss 'n' Run
5.What's the Story?
6.What I Like About You - non album track
7.First Cut Is The Deepest - Voice Live
8.Forever Yours - Voice Live
9.Hollywood Hils
10.That's All - 2010 Studio Demo
11.Choose to Be Me (Remastered)
14.The First Cut Is the Deepest
15.Bye Bye
16.What I Like About You
17.Little Bit Love (radio edit)
18.Fail Again (Demo Version)
19.Nasty (acoustic)
20.Heal Me (Audiossey remix)
21.Nasty (live 2007)
22.All Because of You (Live)
23.Make It Go Away (Live)
24.Lifesaver (video)
25.Somebody Will Find You (2009 Version)
26.I Help You Hate Me (MADIZIN Mix)

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