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Hinder( 缓冲乐团 )【 共收藏 14 张专辑, 109 首歌 】
Hinder是2001年由主唱Austin Winkler,吉他手Joe“Blower”Garvey和鼓手Cody Hanson成立的来自俄克拉荷马州的美国摇滚乐队。 乐队与Winkler发行了四张录音室专辑; 极端行为(2005年),达到极限(2008年),所有美国梦魇(2010年)和欢迎来到Freakshow(2012年)。 在2013年Winkler离开乐队之后,他们寻找了一位新的主唱,并加入了Marshal Dutton。 当The Smoke Clears(2015)是Hinder的第一张专辑新主唱的专辑。


乐队最新发行的第六张全长录音室专辑“The Reign”于2017年8月11日发布。
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Stripped EP 英文
1.Not an Addict (提供)
When the Smoke Clears 英文
1.Rather Hate Than Hurt
2.Hit The Ground
3.Wasted Life
4.If Only for Tonight
6.Dead to Me
7.Foolish Eyes
8.Nothing Left to Lose
9.Letting Go
10.I Need Another Drink
11.When She Cries (提供)
Save Me 英文
1.Save Me(Explicit)
Welcome to the Freakshow 英文
2.Talk to Me
3.Get Me Away From You
4.Is It Just Me
5.I Don't Wanna Believe
6.See You In Hell
7.Anyone But You
8.Wanna Be Rich
9.Save Me
10.Ladies Come First
11.Shoulda Known Better
All American Nightmare 英文
1.Bad Mutha Fucka
2.All American Nightmare
3.The Life
4.Put That Record On
5.2 Sides Of Me
6.Waking Up The Devil
7.What Ya Gonna Do
8.Hey Ho
9.Red Tail Lights
10.Everybody's Wrong
12.Good Life
Take It To The Limit 英文
Universal Republic
1.Use Me
2.Loaded and Alone
3.Last Kiss Goodbye
4.Up All Night
5.Without You
6.Take It to the Limit
7.The Best is Yet to Come
8.Heaven Sent
9.Thing for You
10.Lost in the Sun
11.Far from Home
NapsterLive Session (UK Version) 英文
1.How Long - NapsterLive Session
2.Lips Of An Angel - NapsterLive Session
3.Get Stoned - NapsterLive Session
4.Homecoming Queen - NapsterLive Session
Live from Las Vegas at the Palms 英文
1.Homecoming Queen (Live)
2.Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know) (Live)
3.Better Than Me (Live)
4.Lips of an Angel (Live)
5.Lips of an Angel
6.Better Than Me
7.Homecoming Queen
Live at House Of Blues -- Cleveland, OH 英文
1.Use Me - Live at House Of Blues - Cleveland, OH
2.Take It To The Limit - Live at House Of Blues - Cleveland, OH
3.Up All Night - Live at House Of Blues - Cleveland, OH
4.Lips Of An Angel - Live at House Of Blues - Cleveland, OH
5.Get Stoned - Live at House Of Blues - Cleveland, OH
Lips Of An Angel 英文
1.Lips Of An Angel (Chris Lord Alge Edited Mix)
2.By the Way (acoustic)
3.Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know) (acoustic)
4.Lips Of An Angel
Hinder Connect Set 英文
1.Homecoming Queen (Connect Set (Live))
2.Lips Of An Angel (Connect Set (Live))
3.Get Stoned (Connect Set (Live))
4.Room 21 (Connect Set (Live))
Far From Close 英文
4.Back and Forth
6.Stay the Same
7.End of Me
8.Look Back
10.Upside Down
Extreme Behavior 英文
1.Get Stoned
3.By The Way
4.How Long
5.Room 21
6.Bed Of Roses
7.Take Me Home Tonight
8.Lips Of An Angel
暂存 英文
1.Live For Today
2.Running In The Rain
4.One Night Stand
5.Without You (album version)
7.Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)
8.Nothin Good About Goodbye
10.Born To Be Wild
11.So Far Home
12.All American Nightmare (Single)
13.Get Stoned - Remastered Album Version
14.The Love I Live For
15.Put That Record On (Demo Version)
16.2 Sides of Me (Demo Version)
17.Sooners Don't Back Down
18.Lips of an Angel (Jason Nevins club edit)
19.The Fight's About to Begin
20.Remember Me

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