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Amy Winehouse( 艾美怀丝 )【 共收藏 18 张专辑, 260 首歌 】
艾美·翡翠·怀恩豪斯(Amy Jade Winehouse,1983年9月14日-2011年7月23日)是一位英国歌手和作曲人,闻名于其低沉的嗓音和其女低音,她其女低音的表达与音乐风格包括揉合了灵魂乐(经常被归类为蓝眼灵魂乐或新派灵魂乐)、节奏蓝调、爵士乐,和雷鬼音乐。其首张专辑《Frank》于2003年发布,在英国获评论界的好评并获得水星音乐奖的提名。随后她于2006年的专辑《Back to Black》在第50届葛莱美奖上赢得5个奖项。平了当今女艺人于一晚赢得最多奖项的纪录,也使她成为首个获得该成就的英国女性,包括一般类别的“四大奖”当中的三个:最佳新人、年度唱片及年度歌曲奖。

艾美·怀恩豪斯曾3度赢得艾弗·诺韦洛奖:《Stronger Than Me》在2004年获得最佳当代歌曲奖;2007年,《Rehab》再获该奖;2008年,《Love Is a Losing Game》赢得最佳音乐及歌词奖。她于2007年全英音乐奖上赢得最佳英国女艺人奖,亦凭专辑《Back to Black》获最佳英国专辑的提名。

2011年7月23日,艾美·怀恩豪斯因酒精中毒去世,享年27岁。她的专辑《Back to Black》在她身故后成为了英国21世纪畅销的专辑。

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The Collection 英文
1.Intro/Stronger Than Me
2.You Sent Me Flying/Cherry
3.Know You Now
4.I Heard Love Is Blind
5.Moodyu2019s Mood For Love/Teo L (提供)
6.There Is No Greater Love
7.In My Bed
8.Take The Box
9.October Song
10.What Is It About Men
11.Amy Amy Amy/Outro (提供)
13.Mr Magic (Through The Smoke)
14.Me & Mrs Jones (提供)
15.He Can Only Hold Her
17.Our Day Will Come
18.Between The Cheats
19.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
20.Like Smoke
Lioness: Hidden Treasures(藏丝精选) 英文
1.Our Day Will Come(总会有一天)
2.Between The Cheats(暂别游戏人生)
3.Tears Dry(泪已干)
4.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow ?(明天是否依然爱我 )
5.Like Smoke(如烟)
7.The Girl From Ipanema(伊帕内玛女孩 )
8.Half Time(中场休息)
9.Wake Up Alone(孤独醒来)
10.Best Friends, Right ?(好朋友 不是吗?)
11.Body And Soul(全心全意)
12.A Song For You(这首歌只给你 )
Back To Black 英文
2.You Know I'm No Good
3.Me & Mr. Jones(Fuckery)
4.Just Friends
5.Back to Black
6.Love Is a Losing Game
7.Tears Dry on Their Own
8.Wake Up Alone
9.Some Unholy War
10.He Can Only Hold Her
Frank 英文
1.Stronger Than Me(Intro)
2.You Sent Me Flying
3.Know You Now
4.Fuck Me Pumps
5.I Heard Love Is Blind
6.Moody's Mood For Love
7.There Is No Greater Love
8.In My Bed
9.Take The Box
10.October Song
11.What Is It About Me
12.Help Yourself
13.Amy Amy Amy(Outro)
The Soul Of Unplugged And Electrified 英文
1.Teach Me Tonight (提供)
4.Back To Black
5.To KNow Him Is To Love Him
6.You Know I'm No Good
8.Tears Dry On Their Own
9.Me & Mr. Jones
10.He Can Only Hold Her / Doo Wap (That Thing)
11.Mighty Quinn
12.Don't Go To Strangers
13.Some Unholy War
The Other Side of Amy Winehouse: B-Sides, Remixes & Rarities 英文
1.Valerie (live lounge)
2.Monkey Man
3.Hey Little Rich Girl
4.Stronger Than Me (a cappella)
5.Tears Dry on Their Own (Eric Clapton remix)
6.In My Bed (Bugz in the Attic vocal edit)
7.Rehab (I Can't Help Myself remix)
8.You Know I'm No Good (live lounge)
9.Fuck Me Pumps (MJ Cole mix edit)
10.Back to Black (Rumble Strips remix)
11.I Should Care (live)
12.Love Is a Losing Game (acoustic)
13.'round Midnight
14.To Know Him Is to Love Him (Napster live session)
15.You're Wondering Now
Tears Dry on Their Own 英文
1.Tears Dry on Their Own (Alix Alvarez Sole Channel mix)
2.You're Wondering Now (feat. Zalon & Ade)
3.Tears Dry On Their Own (Clean Version)
4.Tears Dry on Their Own
5.You're Wondering Now
Sex And The City Vol 2 英文
1.Fool's Gold
Sessions@AOL 英文
1.Know You Now (Live)
2.You Sent Me Flying (Live)
3.There Is No Greater Love (Live)
Live at iTunes Festival London 英文
1.Tears Dry On Their Own - Live at iTunes Festival London
2.Back To Black - Live at iTunes Festival London
3.Love Is A Losing Game - Live at iTunes Festival London
4.Rehab - Live at iTunes Festival London
5.Me & Mr Jones - Live at iTunes Festival London
6.You Know I'm No Good - Live at iTunes Festival London
7.He Can Only Hold Her - Live at iTunes Festival London
8.Monkey Man - Live at iTunes Festival London
In My Bed / You Sent Me Flying 英文
1.In My Bed (radio edit)
2.Best Friend (acoustic)
3.You Sent Me Flying (Definitive Edit)
4.You Sent Me Flying
I Told You I Was Trouble: Amy Winehouse Live From London 英文
2.He Can Only Hold Her
4.Back to Black
5.You Know I'm No Good
7.Love Is a Losing Game
8.Monkey Man
9.Me & Mr. Jones
10.Tears Dry on Their Own
11.Doo Wop (That Thing)
13.Hey Little Rich Girl (feat. Zalon, Ade)
14.Some Unholy War
Frank (B-Sides) 英文
1.I Heard Love Is Blind (live at Concorde)
2.In My Bed (CJ mix)
3.There Is No Greater Love (Janice long session)
4.'Round Midnight
5.Stronger Than Me (Harmonic 33 remix)
6.Take the Box (live at Concorde)
7.Fool's Gold
8.What It Is (demo)
9.Fuck Me Pumps (MJ Cole remix)
10.Teach Me Tonight (Hootenanny)
Frank & Back to Black 英文
1.Some Unholy War
2.Valerie - Live At BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, London / 2007
3.Intro / Stronger Than Me
4.What Is It About Men
5.You're Wondering Now
6.You're Wondering Now
7.Cupid - Deluxe Edition Version
8.Love Is a Losing Game
9.Me & Mr. Jones
10.There Is No Greater Love
12.In My Bed (CJ mix)
13.Teach Me Tonight (Hootenanny)
14.To Know Him Is To Love Him - Live For NapsterLive, London/2006
16.He Can Only Hold Her
18.Back to Black
19.You Know I'm No Good
20.You Know I'm No Good
21.Monkey Man
22.Tears Dry on Their Own
23.Me & Mr Jones
24.What It Is About Men
25.October Song
26.I Heard Love Is Blind (Live at Concorde, Brighton / 2008)
27.Someone to Watch Over Me (Demo)
28.Moody's Mood For Love / Teo Licks - Medley
29.You Sent Me Flying / Cherry - Medley
30.Intro / Stronger Than Me - Medley
31.Mr Magic (Through the Smoke) (Live, Janice Long Session, Miami/2008)
32.You Sent Me Flying (original demo)
33.What Is It (original demo)
34.Medley: Amy Amy Amy / Outro
35.In My Bed
36.Medley: You Sent Me Flying / Cherry
37.Moody's Mood for Love / Teo Licks
38.Stronger Than Me (Later with Jools Holland, London / 2003)
39.Take the Box (Live at Concorde, Brighton / 2008)
Compilation 英文
1.When My Eyes
2.Long Day
AMY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 英文
1.Rehab - Live On Jools Holland, London / 2006
2.Back to Black
3.Tears Dry On Their Own
4.Stronger Than Me
5.Valerie (BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge)
6.Love Is a Losing Game (Live At Mercury Music Awards)
7.We're Still Friends (Live At The Union Chapel)
8.Rehab (Live on Jools Holland)
9.Back to Black (Acapella / Album Medley)
10.Like Smoke (Demo)
11.What Is It About Men (Live At North Sea Jazz Festival)
2007-10-15: Absolutely Live, Tempodrom, Berlin (Radio FM 1 Broadcast) 英文
1.Cupid (Sam Cooke)
2.Back to Black
3.You Know I'm No Good
5.Love Is a Losing Game
6.Tears Dry on Their Own
7.Valerie (The Zutons)
9.You're Wondering Now (The Specials)
10.He Can Only Hold Her
暂存 英文
1.Valerie (Demo)
2.Wake Up Alone (Demo)
3.Our Day Will Come (Reggae Version)
4.Tears Dry
5.The Girl From Ipanema
7.Best Friends
8.Body And Soul
9.A Song For You
10.Rehab (Pharoahe Monch Remix)
11.You Know I'm No Good (Remix)
12.You Know I'm No Good (live @ Paradiso)
13.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Rumba)
14.Rehab (Desert Eagle Discs vocal)
15.Mr. Magic
16.F**K Me Pumps
17.Brother (US Version)
18.What It Is
19.Tears Dry On Their Own (Edited)
20.You Know I'm No Good (Edited)
21.Me & Mr Jones (Edited)
22.Just Friends (Edited)
23.Some Unholy War (Edited)
24.He Can Only Hold Her (Edited)
25.Back to Black (Edited)
26.Love Is a Losing Game (Edited)
27.Do Me Good
29.Rehab (Live)
30.To Know Him Is To Love Him
32.Close To The Front
33.It's My Party
35.The Girl From Inpanema
36.Body & Soul
37.I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus (live)
38.You Send Me Flying
39.You Know I Am No Good
40.Amy Amy Amy
41.Someone To Watch Over Me
42.Alcoholic Logic
43.Beat The Point To Death
44.Valerie ('68 Version)
45.I Heard It Through The Grapevine
46.Rehab (Remix)
47.Rehab - NapsterLive
48.Me and Mr Jones
49.Back in Black
50.I Should Care
51.Lullaby of Birdland
52.Love Is a Losing Game (Demo Version)
53.Fuck my pumps
54.You Know I'm No Good (Demo Version)
55.F*** Me Pumps - US Clean Version
56.All my loving
57.Valerie (27 Dresses)
58.Back to Black (Radio Edit)
59.Tears Dry on Their Own (New Young Pony club Fucked-Up remix)
60.Valerie (live, BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, London/2007)
61.Me & Mr Jones (clean version)
62.Love Is a Loosing Game
63.You Know I'm No Good (Ghostface UK Version)
64.To Know Him Is To Love Him - Live
65.Valerie (Live At Kalkscheune / Berlin)
66.Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (2011)
67.Best Friends, Right?

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