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Benjamin Scott Folds(生于1966年9月12日)是美国创作歌手兼唱片制作人。 从1995年到2000年,Folds是另类摇滚乐队Ben Folds Five的主唱兼钢琴家。 在该团体暂时解散之后,Folds以独奏艺人的身份进行表演,并在全世界巡回演出。 该团体在2011年重新团结。他还与音乐家合作,如威廉沙特纳,里贾纳斯派克特和“怪异铝”扬科维奇,并与尼克霍恩比和尼尔盖曼等作家进行实验性歌曲创作。 除了为动画电影Over the Hedge和Hoodwinked!的配乐贡献音乐之外,Folds还制作了Amanda Palmer的首张个人专辑,并在2009年至2013年期间担任NBC无伴奏合唱歌唱大赛The Sing-Off的评委。 他目前在华盛顿肯尼迪中心担任国家交响乐团的艺术顾问,
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In Concert 2015-2016 英文
1.Not A Fan
2.Erase Me
3.Capable Of Anything
4.Phone In A Pool
5.Steven's Last Night in Town
6.So There
7.I'm Not The Man
9.Ev'ry Single Little Tingle of My Heart (提供)
So There 英文
1.Capable of Anything
2.Not a Fan
3.So There
4.Long Way to Go
5.Phone in a Pool
6.Yes Man
8.I'm Not the Man
9.Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Movement 1 (提供)
10.Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Movement 2 (提供)
11.Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, Movement 3 (提供)
Lonely Avenue 英文
1.A Working Day
2.Picture Window
3.Levi Johnston's Blues
4.Doc Pomus
5.Your Dogs
6.Practical Amanda
7.Claire's Ninth
9.From Above
10.Saskia Hamilton
Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella! 英文
4.Selfless, Cold and Composed
11.Still Fighting It
12.Not the Same
13.The Luckiest
14.You Don't Know Me
Way to Normal 英文
1.Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head)
2.Dr. Yang
3.Frown Song
4.You Don't Know Me (feat. Regina Spektor)
5.Before Cologne
7.Errant Dog
8.Free Coffee
9.Bitch Went Nuts
12.Kylie from Connecticut
Supersunnyspeedgraphic:The Lp 英文
1.In Between Days
2.All U Can Eat
3.Songs Of Love
4.There's Always Someone Cooler Than You
5.Learn To Live With What You Are
6.Bitches Ain't Shit
8.Rent A Cop
9.Get Your Hands Off My Woman
Songs For Silverman 英文
2.You To Thank
7.Give Judy My Notice
9.Sentimental Guy
11.Prison Food
Ben Folds Live 英文
1.One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
2.Zak And Sara
3.Silver Street
4.Best Imitation Of Myself
5.Not The Same
7.One Down
8.Fred Jones Pt.2
12.The Last Polka
13.Tiny Dancer
14.Rock This Bitch
16.The Luckiest
Rockin' The Suburbs 英文
1.Annie Waits
2.Zak And Sara
3.Still Fighting It
5.Fred Jones Pt.2
6.The Ascent Of Stan
7.Losing Lisa
8.Carrying Cathy
9.Not The Same
10.Rockin' The Suburbs
12.The Luckiest
13.Hiro's Song
iTunes Originals 英文
1.Bastard - Live for iTunes Originals
2.Late - Live for iTunes Originals
3.Jesusland - Live for iTunes Originals
4.Landed - Live for iTunes Originals
5.Prison Food - Live for iTunes Originals
6.Still Fighting It - Live for iTunes Originals
7.Mess - Live for iTunes Originals
8.In Love - Live for iTunes Originals
9.Selfless, Cold and Composed - Live for iTunes Originals
10.Smoke - Live for iTunes Originals
11.Brick - Live for iTunes Originals
12.Alice Childress - Live for iTunes Originals
13.Boxing - Live for iTunes Originals
14.Philosophy - Live for iTunes Originals
15.You To Thank - Live for iTunes Originals
Whatever & Ever Amen 英文
Way to Normal (Seeds Version) 英文
1.Hiroshima (B B B Benny Hit His Head) [Seeds Album Version]
2.Effington (Seeds Version)
3.The Frown Song (Seeds Version)
4.Kylie from Connecticut (Seeds Version)
5.Brainwascht (Seeds Version)
Vault, Vol. 3 (2004-2011) 英文
1.In Between Days (Live in Pennsylvania 2005 - Edit)
3.You To Thank (Live in AEC Theatre, Adelaide, Australia, 5/22/11)
4.Adelaide (Live in Adelaide 2011)
5.Jesusland (Live in Kartini Jakarta, Indonesia, 5/26/2011)
6.Bitch Went Nutz (Paradiso Amsterdam, Holland 3/7/11)
7.Say Yes (Live at the Onion's AV Undercover 2010)
8.Free Coffee (Live in Mousonturm Frankfurt, Germany, 11/26/08)
9.Dr. Yang (Live Leuven, Belgium, 11/23/2008)
10.Cologne (Piano Orchestra Version, Seeds Album Version)
11.Mess (Live in Boston with Neil Hannon)
12.Rockin' the Suburbs (Remix '06)
13.Lost In the Supermarket
The Sound of Last Night...This Morning (Live) 英文
1.Frowne Song (Feeble Anthem) (Live from Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
2.You to Thank (Live from Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
3.Annie Waits (Live from Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
4.Effington (Live from Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
5.Brainwascht (Live from Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
6.Way to Normal (Live from Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
7.Bitch Went Nutz (Live from Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
8.Lovesick Diagnostician (Live from Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
9.Free Coffee Town (Live from Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
10.Dr. Yang (Live At Terminal 5, NY, NY 10/1/08)
11.Cologne (Live from St. Paul, MN 10/17/08)
12.One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces (Live from the Warehouse, Houston, TX)
The Best Imitation Of Myself: A Retrospective 英文
2.Missing the War (Live Royal Albert Hall, London, UK, 12/14/99)
3.Time (alternate version - 2004)
4.Such Great Heights (alternate mix from MySpace sessions - 2006)
5.The Secret Life of Morgan Davis (alternate mix - 2001)
6.Wandering (demo - 2000)
7.Hiro's Song (demo - 2000)
8.Losing Lisa (demo - 2000)
9.Boxing (demo - 1992)
10.Best Imitation of Myself (demo - 1992)
11.Unrelated (unfinished song demo - 1996)
15.Selfless, Cold and Composed (Live Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY, 12/9/01)
16.Zak and Sara (Live Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, 6/13/02)
17.Girl (Live Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY, 6/13/02)
18.The Luckiest
19.Dr. Yang (Live Leuven, Belgium, 2008)
20.Narcolepsy (Live Brussels, Belgium, 1999)
21.Stevens Last Night In Town (Demo, 1994)
22.Sleazy (Originally Released on 'Download to Donate: Tsunami Relief', 2011)
23.Not the Same (Live A.E.C. Theatre, Adelaide, Australia, 5/22/11)
24.Sentimental Guy (Live Diamond Hall, Nagoya, Japan, 6/7/11)
25.Picture Window (Live HMV Hammersmith Apollo, London, UK, 2/20/11)
26.Effington (Live Ax Hall, Seoul, South Korea, 6/9/11)
27.Kylie from Connecticut (Live from Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
28.Long Tall Texan (Live Warehouse Houston, TX, 10/24/08)
29.All You Can Eat (Live Myspace Broadcast, 2/27/07)
30.Careless Whisper (with Rufus Wainwright) [Live Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA]
31.Fred Jones, Pt. 2 (with The West Australian Symphony Orchestra) [Live Kings Park in Perth, Australia, 3/12/03]
32.Just Pretend (Live Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia, 3/24/03)
33.Smoke (With the West Australian Symphony Orchestra) [Live]
34.Underground (demo 1992)
35.You Don't Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor) - Seeds Album Version
36.Rock Star (demo - 2000)
37.Song for the Dumped (demo 1996)
38.Steven's Last Night in Town (demo 1996)
39.Kylie From Connecticut (Detroit, MI 2008)
40.Battle of Who Could Care Less (Chapel Hill, NC 2008)
41.Still Fighting It (extended version)
42.Rocky (4 Track Demo, 1993)
43.Still Fighting It - Extended Version-previously unreleased
The Banger Sisters 英文
1.Dr. My Eyes
Supersunnyspeedgraphic 英文
3.Rent a Cop
Super D 英文
Sunny 16 英文
Stems And Seeds 英文
1.Frown Song
2.Bitch Went Nutz
3.Way To Normal
4.Free Coffee Town
5.Lovesick Diagnostician
6.The Frowne Song
9.Dr. Yang
10.You Don't Know Me
12.Errant Dog
13.Free Coffee
14.Bitch Went Nuts
17.Kylie From Connecticut
Speed Graphic 英文
Songs for Goldfish (Live) 英文
1.In Between Days (Live Version)
2.Gone (Live Version)
3.Hiro's Song (Live Version)
4.You to Thank (Live Version)
5.Weather Channel Music (Live Version)
6.Evaporated (Live Version)
7.There's Always Someone Cooler Than You (Live Version)
8.Rockin' the Suburbs (Remix '06) (Live Version)
Picture Window 英文
1.Picture Window
2.Levi Johnston's Blues
3.Your Dogs
4.Practical Amanda
5.Doc Pomus
6.Claire's 9th
7.Working Day
8.Saskia Hamilton
10.From Above
Motor City (Live At Detroit, MI 10/9/08) 英文
1.Free Coffee Town (Live At Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
2.Lovesick Diagnostician (Live At Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
3.Bitch Went Nutz (Live At Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
4.Kylie from Connecticut (Live At Detroit, MI 10/9/08)
Live at Tower Records 04/26/2005 英文
1.Jesusland - Live at Tower Records
2.Bastard - Live at Tower Records
3.Trusted - Live at Tower Records
Live In Perth (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) 英文
1.Rock This Bitch (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
2.Lullabye (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
3.The Ascent of Stan (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
4.Not the Same (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
5.Evaporated (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
6.Brick (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
7.Annie Waits (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
8.Steven's Last Night in Town (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
9.All U Can Eat (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
10.Gracie (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
11.Smoke (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
12.Zak and Sara (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
13.Fred Jones, Pt. 2 (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
14.The Luckiest (with West Australian Symphony Orchestra) (Live in Perth)
Live In Dallas (10/23/08) 英文
1.Way to Normal (Live At Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
2.Brainwascht (Live At Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
3.Effington (Live At Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
4.Annie Waits (Live At Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
5.You to Thank (Live At Dallas, TX 10/23/08)
Fifty-Five Vault 英文
1.In Love (demo 1998)
2.Ascent of Stan (live, 2002: New York, NY, USA)
3.Bitch Went Nutz (live, 2008: Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
4.Cologne (piano orchestra version 2008)
5.Dr. Yang (live, 2008: Belgium)
6.Evaporated (demo 1992)
7.Free Coffee (live, 2008: Germany)
8.Golden Slumbers (live, 2001: New York, NY, USA)
9.Hiro's Song (shaker version) (live, 2011: Melbourne, Australia)
10.Adelaide (live, 2011: Adelaide, Australia)
11.You to Thank (live, 2011: Adelaide, Australia)
12.Jesusland (live, 2011: Jakarta, Indonesia)
13.Protection (demo 1992)
14.Radio Jingles for Tokyo's Inter-FM
15.Rockin' the Suburbs ('06 remix)
16.Say Yes (live, 2010: The A.V. club)
17.Side of the Road (alternate cello version)
18.Silver Street (demo 1994)
19.In Between Days (live, 2005)
Fear Of Pop, Vol. 1 英文
1.In Love
3.Rubber Sled
Ben Folds Live (Clean Version) 英文
1.One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces - Clean Live Album Version
2.The Luckiest - Clean Live Album Version
3.Philosophy (inc Misirlou) - Clean Live Album Version
4.Rock This Bitch - Clean Live Album Version
5.Tiny Dancer - Clean Live Album Version
6.Army - Clean Live Album Version
7.Brick - Clean Live Album Version
8.One Down - Clean Live Album Version
9.Jane - Clean Live Album Version
10.Not The Same - Clean Live Album Version
11.Silver Street - Clean Live Album Version
12.Zak And Sara - Clean Live Album Version
13.Emaline - Clean Live Album Version
暂存 英文
1.Fred Jones Pt 2
2.The Enemies
4.One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces [Live]
5.Fear Of Pop
7.Battle of Who Could Care Less
10.Song for the Dumped
12.I Paid My Money
13.Ben Folds Landed
14.Doctor My Eyes
15.Alice Childress
16.Cologne [Piano Orchestra Version]
17.Missing the War
19.Uncle Walter
20.Sports & Wine
23.The Bitch Went Nuts
25.Bizarre Christmas Incident
26.Side Of The Road
27.Family Of Me
28.Errant Dog (Live At Boston, MA 9/26/08)
29.Careless Whisper
30.Root To This
31.Lost In The Supermarket
32.Frowne Song
34.The Secret Life Of Morgan Davis
35.Make Me Mommy
36.Them That Got
37.Red Is Blue
38.Fred Jones Part 2
39.The Frown Song
40.Avery M. Powers Memorial Beltway (提供)
41.Your Dog
42.Golden Slumbers
43.How I Wish You Were Here
44.Kkk Took My Baby Away
45.Eddie Walker - Live Album Version
46.Eddie Walker (Live)
47.The Luckiest (Album Version)
48.Ass Crack Bandit
49.Still Fighting
50.Landed (New Version)
51.Song for the Dumped (Demo 1994)
52.The Ascent of Stan (Live in NYC 2002)
53.Not a Fan (with yMusic) [Live]
54.So There (with yMusic) [Live]
55.You Don't Know Me (featuring Regina Spektor) - Explicit Album Version
56.Lonely Christmas Eve - From 'Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas' Soundtrack
57.Tom & Mary
58.Bitches Ain't Shit (clean version)
59.Jackson Cannery

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