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Coolio( 库利奥 )【 共收藏 15 张专辑, 181 首歌 】
Artis Leon Ivey Jr.(出生于1963年8月1日),专业地称为Coolio,是美国的说唱歌手,演员,厨师和唱片制作人。 Coolio在他的专辑It Take a Thief(1994),Gangsta's Paradise(1995)和My Soul(1997)中,在90年代中后期取得了主流成功。 他以1995年获得格莱美奖的单曲“黑帮天堂”以及其他单曲“Fantastic Voyage”(1994),“1,2,3,4(Sumpin'New)”(1996)和“ CU当你到达那里“(1997)。 他也以90年代中后期的Nickelodeon系列凯南与凯的主打歌而闻名。 Coolio从此独立发行专辑,并成为厨师,用Coolio创作了一个名为Cookin的网络系列,并发布了一本食谱。
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Greatest Hits & Remixes 英文
1.It's All The Way Live
Steal Hear 英文
1.Gangsta Walk
2.Cruise Off (提供)
3.They Don't Know (提供)
4.It's On (提供)
5.Boyfriend (提供)
6.Do It
7.Lady And A Gangsta (提供)
8.Make Money (提供)
9.Back It Up Now (提供)
10.Keep On Dancing (提供)
11.Dip It (提供)
13.One More Night
14.Here We Come (提供)
15.Keep It Gangsta (提供)
El Cool Magnifico 英文
1.What is an MC
2.Cadillac Vogues (提供)
3.Show Me Love (提供)
4.Ghetto Square Dance (提供)
5.Would You Still Be Mine (提供)
6.Hear Me Now (提供)
7.Island Hop (提供)
8.Like This (提供)
9.Skirrrt (提供)
10.Gangbangers (提供)
11.Pop Yo Collar (提供)
12.Shake It Up
14.I Like Girls
15.Knockout Kings
Fantastic Voyage: The Greatest Hits 英文
1.Aw Here It Goes
My Soul 英文
1.2 Minutes & 21 Seconds Of Funk
2.Can I Get Down 1x
3.Can U Dig It
4.C U When U Get There
5.Hit 'Em
8.Intro (提供)
9.Knight Fall
10.Let's Do It
11.My Soul
12.Nature Of The Business
13.One Mo
14.Ooh la la
15.The Devil Is Dope
16.Throwdown 2000
Nothing To Lose Soundtrack 英文
1.See You When I Get There2.C U When U Get There
Gangstas Paradise 英文
1.A Thing Going On
2.Bright As The Sun
4.Exercise Yo' Game
5.For My Sistas
6.Fucc Coolio
7.Gangsta's Paradise
8.Geto Highlites
9.Get Up Get Down
10.Is This Me
11.Kinda High Kinda Drunk
12.Recoup This
14.Sumpin' New
15.That's How It Is
16.The Revolution
17.Too Hot
Gangsta's Paradise 英文
1.1,2,3,4 (Sumpin' New)
2.A Thing Going On
3.Bright As The Sun
5.Exercise Yo' Game
6.For My Sistas
7.Fucc Coolio
8.Gangsta's Paradise
9.Geto Highlites
10.Get Up Get Down
11.Is This Me
12.Kinda High, Kinda Drunk
13.Recoup This
15.Sumpin' New
16.That's How It Is
17.The Revolution
18.Too Hot
It Takes A Thief 英文
1.Bring Back Somethin' Fo Da Hood
3.County Line
4.Fantastic Voyage
5.Ghetto Cartoon
6.Hand On My Nutsac
7.I Remember
8.It Takes A Thief
9.Mama, I'm In Love Wit a Gangsta
10.N Da Closet
11.On My Way to Harlem
12.Smokin' Stix
13.Sticky Fingers
14.Thought You Knew
15.Ugly Bitches
16.U Know Hoo
17.Mary Jane
The Greatest Hits and Remixes (Re-Recorded Version) 英文
1.1,2,3,4 (Sumpin New) [feat. Goast] [Re-Recorded]
2.C U When U Get There (Re-Recorded)
3.Change (vs. Enni Morricone) [Re-Recorded]
4.Ooh La La (Re-Recorded)
5.Gangsta's Paradise (Bernasconi & Farenthide Re-Cut Remix) [Re-Recorded]
6.Fantastic Voyage (The Cube Guys Remix) [Re-Recorded]
The Greatest Hits Acoustic Vibrations 英文
1.Gangsta's Paradise (Acoustic Version)
2.Change (Acoustic Version)
3.Fantastic Voyage (Acoustic Version)
The Greatest Hits (Remixes) 英文
1.Gangsta Walk (Dj Shorty Remix)
2.1,2,3,4 (Sumpin' New) (Fisher Noman Remix)
3.Change (Dj's From Mars Remix)
4.C U When U Get There (Danny Freakazoid Remix)
Rhino Hi-Five: Coolio, Volume 2 英文
1.County Line (LP version)
2.Geto Highlites (LP version)
3.Devil Is Dope (LP version)
4.Ugly Bitches (LP version)
Best of Coolio 英文
1.Gangsta's Paradise (Kylian Mash & Tim Resler Remix (Bonus Track))
2.Gangsta Walk (Shorty Radio Edit (Bonus Track))
3.1, 2, 3, 4 (Fisher Noman (Bonus Track))
4.Fantastic Voyage (The Cube Guys Remix (Bonus Track))
5.Gangsta's Paradise
暂存 英文
2.Hit 'em High
3.Hit 'em High (the Monstar's Anthem)
4.I'm Seein' Bodiez In The Alley And Blood In The Valley
5.Somebody's Gotta Die
6.The Winner
7.A Thing Goin' On
8.All The Way Live (Now)
9.Fantastic Voyage (Timber Mix)
10.I Breaks 'Em Off
11.Money (Dollar Bill Y'all)
12.Sticky Fingers (Alternate Lyrics)
13.I See You When You Get There
14.All The Way Live
15.C U When I Get There
16.It's All The Way (now)
17.C U When You Get There
18.Thru The Window
20.C U When U Get There (Bill & Humberto's Orchestra Mix)
21.C U When U Get There (Album Version)
23.See You When You Get There
24.Gangster's Paradise
25.I Remember - feat. J-RO of the Alkaholiks and Billy Boy
26.Gangster's Paradise - Radio Edit
27.Fantastic Voyage (LP version)
28.Too Hot (LP version)
30.Ghetto Square Dance (Tomekk remix) (DJ Tomekk radio version)
31.County Line (radio version)
32.Gangsters Paradise (New Version)
33.1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New) (Baghira remix)
34.Ooh La La (album version)
35.Gangsta Paradise
36.Take It to the Hub
37.1,2,3,4 (Sumpin' New) (Timber mix)
38.Gangsta's Paradise (instrumental)
39.Gangsta's Paradise (from Dangerous Minds) (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
40.Gangsta's Paradise (Mac Daddy remix) (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
41.Gangsta Walk (feat. Snoop Dogg)
42.Hotel C
43.GANGSTA'S PARADISE 2k11 (Kylian Mash & Tim Resler Radio Remix)
44.Gangsta's Paradise (Gangsta Mix)
45.Gangsta's Paradise (feat. L.V.) - Amended
46.Gansta's Paradise
47.Gangsta's Paradise (album version)
48.Gangsta's Paradise (From ''Dangerous Minds'')
49.Gangsta's Paradise (LP version)
50.Fantastic Voyage (Exclusive Version)
51.Gangsta's Paradise (Exclusive Version)
52.Rollin' With My Homies
53.Too Hot (clean version)
54.All the Way Live (Now) (Timber mix)
55.Rappers Delight
56.C U When U Get There (radio edit)
57.C U When U Get There - Edit

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