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Brian Wilson( 布莱恩·威尔森 )【 共收藏 23 张专辑, 293 首歌 】
布莱恩·道格拉斯·威尔森(英语: Brian Douglas Wilson)是一位美国音乐家、制作人、歌曲作者,出生于1942年6月20日,美国著名摇滚乐团海滩男孩成员,布莱恩在乐团中主要负责和声、器乐编配以及词曲创作。


《Brian Wilson》(1988年7月12日)
《I Just Wasn't Made for These Times》(1995年8月15日)
《Orange Crate Art》(与范戴克帕克斯) (1995年10月24日)
《Live at the Roxy Theatre》(2000年6月)
《Pet Sounds Live》(2002年6月11日)
《Gettin' in Over My Head》(2004年6月22日)
《What I Really Want for Christmas》(2005年10月18日)
《That Lucky Old Sun》(2008年9月2日)
《Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin》(2010年8月17日)
《In The Key Of Disney》(2011年10月15日)
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A Sound Stage Special Event 英文
1.Our Prayer (提供)
2.California Saga (提供)
3.California Girls
4.Fun Fun Fun (提供)
5.Help Me Rhonda
6.Wouldn't It Be Nice
7.The Right Time
8.Don't Talk
9.Half Moon Bay (提供)
10.Sail Away
11.Sail On Sailor (提供)
12.Wild Honey (提供)
13.Marcella (提供)
14.This Beautiful Day (提供)
15.Good Vibrations
16.Dance Dance Dance
17.Sloop John B
18.Heroes And Villains
19.All Summer Long
No Pier Pressure 英文
1.This Beautiful Day (提供)
2.Runaway Dancer
3.What Ever Happened
4.On The Island
5.Half Moon Bay (提供)
6.Our Special Love
7.The Right Time
8.Guess You Had To Be There
9.Don t Worry
10.Somewhere Quiet
11.I'm Feeling Sad
12.Tell Me Why
13.One Kind Of Love (提供)
14.Saturday Night
15.The Last Song
Brian Wilson's Jukebox: The Music That Inspired the Man 英文
1.Rhapsody in Blue (提供)
2.Rock Around the Clock (提供)
3.It's A Blue World (提供)
4.Ivory Tower (提供)
5.Baby Hully Gully (提供)
6.Why Do Fools Fall in Love
7.Devoted to You (提供)
8.Their Hearts Were Full of Spring
9.Summertime Blues (提供)
10.Sweet Little Sixteen (提供)
11.Moon Dawg! (提供)
12.Let's Go Trippin' (提供)
13.Miserlou (提供)
14.Louie Louie (提供)
15.Searchin' (提供)
16.Hushabye (提供)
17.Wanderer (提供)
18.I'm So Young
19.There's No Other (Like My Baby)
20.Barbara Anne
21.Turn! Turn! Turn! (提供)
22.Do You Want To Dance? (提供)
23.Wreck of the John B (提供)
In The Key Of Disney 英文
1.When You Wish Upon A Star
2.We Belong Together
3.I Just Can't Wait To Be King
4.Stay Awake
6.You've Got A Friend In Me
7.Baby Mine
8.Kiss The Girl
9.Colors Of The Wind
10.Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
11.The Bare Necessities
12.A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin 英文
1.Rhapsody In Blue/Intro (提供)
2.The Like In I Love You
4.I Loves You, Porgy
5.I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
6.It Ain't Necessarily So
7.'s Wonderful
8.They Can't Take That Away From Me
9.Love Is Here To Stay
10.I've Got A Crush On You
11.I Got Rhythm
12.Someone To Watch Over Me
13.Nothing But Love
14.Rhapsody In Blue/Reprise (提供)
That Lucky Old Sun 英文
1.That Lucky Old Sun
2.Morning Beat
3.Room With A View
4.Good Kind Of Love
5.Forever My Surfer Girl
6.Venice Beach
7.Live Let Live
8.Mexican Girl
9.Cinco De Mayo
10.California Role
11.Between Pictures
12.Oxygen To The Brain
13.Midnight's Another Day
14.Lucky Old Sun
15.Goin Home
16.Southern California
17.Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl
18.Can't Wait Too Long (提供)
19.Midnight's Another Day
What I Really Want For Christmas 英文
1.What I Really Want For Christmas
Gettin' In Over My Head 英文
1.You've Touched Me
2.Gettin' In Over My Head
3.Saturday Morning In The City
Brian Wilson Presents Pet Sounds Live 英文
1.You Still Believe In Me2.I'm Waiting For The Day
Live At The Roxy Theatre 英文
1.'til I Die
2.Add Some Music To Your Day
3.All Summer Long
4.Back Home
5.Be My Baby
6.Brian Wilson (提供)
7.California Girls
8.Caroline, No
10.Don't Worry Baby
11.Do It Again
12.God Only Knows
13.Good Vibrations
14.In My Room
15.I Get Around
16.Kiss Me Baby
17.Lay Down Burden
18.Let's Go Away For Awhile (提供)
19.Love And Mercy
20.Pet Sounds
21.Please Let Me Wonder
22.Surfer Girl
23.The First Time
24.The Little Girl I Once Knew
25.This Isn't Love (提供)
26.This Whole World
Imagination 英文
1.Your Imagination
2.She Says She Needs Me
3.South American
4.Where Has Love Been?
5.Keep An Eye On Summer
6.Dream Angel
8.Lay Down Burden
9.Let Him Run Wild
11.Happy Days
Orange Crate Art 英文
1.Orange Crate Art
2.Sail Away
3.My Hobo Heart
4.Wings Of A Dove
5.Palm Tree And Moon
6.Summer In Monterey
7.San Francisco
8.Hold Back Time
9.My Jeanine
10.Movies Is Magic
11.This Town Goes Down At Sunset
12.Lullabye (提供)
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times 英文
1.'til I Die
2.Caroline, No
3.Do It Again
4.Let The Wind Blow
5.Love And Mercy
6.Meant For You
7.Melt Away
8.Still I Dream Of It
9.The Warmth Of The Sun
10.This Whole World
Sweet Insanity 英文
1.Intro (提供)
2.Someone To Love
3.Water Builds Up
4.Don't Let Her Know She's An Angel
5.Do You Have Any Regrets
8.Spirit Of Rock And Roll
9.Rainbow Eyes
10.Love Ya
11.Smart Girls
12.Country Feelin'
13.Let's Stick Together
14.Concert Tonite
15.Save The Day
16.Let's Do It Again
Brian Wilson 英文
1.Love And Mercy
2.Walkin' The Line
3.Melt Away
4.Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long
5.Little Children
6.One For The Boys
7.There's So Many
8.Night Time
9.Let It Shine
10.Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight
11.Rio Grande
The Early Years 英文
2.The Baker Man
3.Cindy, Oh Cindy
4.Lonely Sea
5.The Shift
6.Cuckoo Clock
7.Heads You Win Tails I Lose
9.Little Girl (You're My Miss America)
11.Ten Little Indians
12.Surfin' Safari
13.Country Fair
14.Land Ahoy
That Lucky Old Sun: AOL Sessions 英文
1.Morning Beat - Live at the AOL Studios
2.Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl - Live at the AOL Studios
3.Going Home - Live at the AOL Studios
4.Southern California - Live at the AOL Studios
Smile 英文
1.Surf's Up
Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology 英文
1.Heroes and Villains (Remastered)
2.Cry (Remastered)
3.Lay Down Burden - Remastered
4.The First Time - Live At The Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 4/7-8/2000 [Remastered]
5.This Isn't Love - Live At The Roxy Theater, Los Angeles, CA, 4/7-8/2000 [Remastered]
6.Soul Searchin' - Remastered
7.Gettin' In Over My Head - Remastered
8.Colors Of The Wind
Live at the Festival Hall 英文
1.Til I Die (提供)
2.Caroline, No
3.Pet Sounds
4.God Only Knows
5.Please Let Me Wonder
6.Love & Mercy
7.I Just Wasn't Made for These Times
8.I Know There's an Answer
9.I'm Waiting for the Day
10.That's Not Me
11.Let's Go Away for a While (提供)
12.Surf's Up
14.Kiss Me, Baby
16.Little Girl I Once Knew
17.Lay Down Burden
Brian Wilson and Friends 英文
1.Wouldn't It Be Nice
2.Heroes and Villains
3.Good Vibrations
4.California Girls
5.All Summer Long
6.Dance Dance Dance
7.Sail Away
8.The Right Time
9.Help Me Rhonda
AOL Sessions 英文
1.Morning Beat (Live)
2.Forever She'll Be My Surfer Girl (Live)
3.Going Home (Live)
4.Southern California (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
3.Listen To Me
4.How Could We Still Be Dancin'
5.I Know There's An Answer
6.Here Today
7.I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
8.A Friend Like You
9.Child Is Father of the Man
10.Our Prayer / Gee (提供)
11.Little Saint Nick
12.Man With All The Toys
13.On A Holiday
14.She Says That She Needs Me
16.Wind Chimes
17.In Blue Hawaii
18.Love & Mercy (Live)
19.Song For Children
20.Roll Plymouth Rock
22.The First Noel
23.The Waltz
24.What Love Can Do
25.Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
26.On Christmas Day
27.O Holy Night
28.Deck The Halls
30.Joy To The World
31.Old Master Painter/You Are My Sunshine
32.Cabin Essence
33.Make A Wish
34.Spirit Of Rock'n'roll
35.One Kind Of Love - From 'Love & Mercy – The Life, Love And Genius Of Brian Wilson' Soundtrack
36.Your Imagination (45 Version)
37.Your Imagination [A Cappella] (45 Version)
38.California Sun
39.My Sweet Lord (Live)
40.We Wish You a Merry Christmas
41.Hark the Herald Angels Sing

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