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Smooth Soul 英文
1.In the Moment (提供)
2.Sail Away (提供)
3.Smooth Soul (提供)
4.Easy Livin' (提供)
5.I Can't Make You Love Me (提供)
6.Right Here (提供)
7.Ode to George (提供)
8.Season's Change (提供)
9.Aand Lug (提供)
10.Mood Mellow (提供)
11.Safe With Me (提供)
Proof Of Existence 英文
1.Proof Of Existence (提供)
2.It's On (提供)
3.Go Be Yourself feat. Porsah Laine (提供)
4.A Day Like This (提供)
5.No More feat. Vega (提供)
6.Live and Direct (提供)
7.Sleepless Nights (提供)
Solex Ahoy! The Sound Map Of The Netherlands 英文
1.Noord Holland (提供)
2.Friesland (提供)
3.Groningen (提供)
4.Drenthe (提供)
5.Overijssel (提供)
6.Gelderland (提供)
7.Limburg (提供)
8.Noord Brabant (提供)
9.Zeeland (提供)
10.Zuid Holland (提供)
11.Utrecht (提供)
12.Flevoland (提供)
Pick Up 英文
1.Athens, Ohio
2.The burglars are coming!!!
3.Randy Costanza
5.Chris the birthday boy
6.Oh Blimey!
7.Dork at 12 o'clock
9.That'll be $22.95
10.Snappy & cocky
11.Another tune like 'not fade away'
12.Pick Up
13.That's what you get with people like that on cruises like these...
14.Five star Shamberg
15.Another Tune Like 'not Fade Away'
Solex Vs.The Hitmeister 英文
1.Solex for a while
2.One louder solex
3.Solex all licketysplit
4.Solex feels lucky
5.Solex by Rolex
6.There's a solex on the run
7.Solex in a slipshow style
8.Peppy solex
9.Some solex
10.Waking up with solex
11.When solex just stood there
12.Solex' snag
13.Solex Is Barely Dressed
14.Solex West
15.Santa Monica(Kissing A Man With A Beard)
暂存 英文
1.That's What You Get with People Like That on Cruises Like These
2.Rolex By Solex
3.Solex in a Slipshod Style
4.Shoot Shoot
5.Santa Monica
6.Close To The Edge
7.Oh Cripes!
8.Ease Up You Fundamentalists!
9.The Show Master
10.Hot Doggitydog Run Run Run
11.Shady Lane
12.Another Tune Like 'Not Fade Away' (Kid 606 Mix)
13.More Than U Know

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