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Randy Newman( 兰迪纽曼 )【 共收藏 23 张专辑, 324 首歌 】
兰迪·纽曼(英语:Randy Newman,1943年11月28日-),全名兰道尔·斯图亚特·纽曼,美国创作歌手、编曲家、作曲家和钢琴家,以电影配乐及讽刺而幽默的流行歌曲著称。
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Harps And Angels 英文
1.Harps And Angels
2.Losing You
3.Laugh And Be Happy
4.A Piece Of The Pie
5.Easy Street
6.Korean Parents
7.Only A Girl
9.Feels Like Home
10.A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country
Bad Love 英文
1.My Country
3.I'm Dead
4.Every Time It Rains
5.Great Nations Of Europe
6.The One You Love
7.The World Isn't Fair
8.Big Hat, No Cattle
9.Better Off Dead
10.I Miss You
11.Going Home
12.I Want Everyone To Like Me (提供)
Land Of Dreams 英文
1.Dixie Flyer
2.New Orleans Wins The War
3.Four Eyes
4.Falling In Love
5.Something Special
6.Bad News From Home
7.Roll With The Punches
8.Masterman And Baby J
9.Red Bandana
10.Follow The Flag
11.It's Money That Matters
12.I Want You To Hurt Like I Do
Trouble In Paradise 英文
1.I Love L.a.
2.Christmas In Capetown
3.The Blues
4.Same Girl
6.My Life Is Good
8.Real Emotional Girl
9.Take Me Back
10.There's A Party At My House
11.I'm Different
12.Song For The Dead
Born Again 英文
1.It's Money That I Love
2.The Story Of A Rock And Roll Band
3.Pretty Boy
4.Mr. Sheep
6.They Just Got Married
8.The Girls In My Life(Part 1)
9.Half A Man
10.William Brown
Little Criminals 英文
1.Short People
2.You Can't Fool The Fat Man
3.Little Criminals
4.Texas Girl At The Funeral Of Her Father
5.Jolly Coppers On Parade
6.In Germany Before The War
7.Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein In America
9.I'll Be Home
10.Rider In The Rain
11.Kathleen(Catholicism Made Easier)
12.Old Man On The Farm
Good Old Boys 英文
4.Mr. President(Have Pity On The Working Man)
6.Louisiana 1927
7.Every Man A King
9.Naked Man
10.A Wedding In Cherokee County
11.Back On My Feet Again
Sail Away 英文
1.Sail Away
2.Lonely At The Top
3.He Gives Us All His Love
4.Last Night I Had A Dream
5.Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear
6.Old Man
7.Political Science
8.Burn On
9.Memo To My Son
10.Dayton, Ohio - 1903
11.You Can Leave Your Hat On
12.God's Song(That's Why I Love Mankind)
12 Songs 英文
1.Underneath The Harlem Moon
2.Have You Seen My Baby?
3.Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
4.Mama Told Me Not To Come
6.Lover's Prayer
8.Yellow Man
9.My Old Kentucky Home
11.If You Need Oil
12.Uncle Bob's Midnight Blues
Randy Newman 英文
1.Love Story
2.Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad
3.Living Without You
4.So Long Dad
5.I Think He's Hiding
7.Laughing Boy
9.The Beehive State
10.I Think It's Going To Rain Today
11.Davy The Fat Boy
iTunes Live from SoHo 英文
1.Losing You (Live)
2.It's Money That I Love (Live)
3.You've Got a Friend In Me (Live)
4.A Few Words In Defense of Our Country (Live)
Walt Disney Records - The Legacy Collection: Toy Story 英文
1.The Fool (Piano/Vocal/Demo)
2.Strange Things (Piano/Vocal Demo)
3.Plastic Spaceman (Piano/Vocal Demo)
4.I Will Go Sailing No More (Piano/Vocal Demo)
Sail Away (US Release) 英文
1.Sail Away - Remastered
2.God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind) - Remastered
3.You Can Leave Your Hat On - Remastered
4.Dayton, Ohio - 1903 - Remastered
5.Memo To My Son - Remastered
6.Burn On - Remastered
7.Political Science - Remastered
8.Old Man - Remastered
9.Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear - Remastered
10.Last Night I Had A Dream - Remastered
11.He Gives Us All His Love - Remastered
12.Lonely At The Top - Remastered
Randy Newman's Faust 英文
1.Pass On Over (Faust Demo)
2.Each Perfect Day (Faust Demo)
3.Northern Boy (Faust Demo)
4.March of the Protestants (Faust Demo)
5.When Love Is In the Air (Faust Demo)
Randy Newman / Live 英文
1.Mama Told Me Not To Come - Live Version
2.Davy The Fat Boy - Live Version
3.Cowboy - Live Version
4.Old Kentucky Home - My Turpentine & Dandelion Wine Live Version
5.Lover's Prayer - Live Version
6.I Think It's Going To Rain Today - Live Version
7.Last Night I Had A Dream - Live Version
8.Living Without You - Live Version
9.So Long Dad - Live Version
10.I'll Be Home - Live Version
11.Lonely At The Top - Live Version
Randy Newman (Live In London) 英文
1.The Great Nations of Europe (Live)
2.It's Money That I Love (Live)
3.Love Story (You and Me) [Live]
4.Laugh and Be Happy (Live)
5.I Miss You (Live)
6.Real Emotional Girl (Live)
7.I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It) [Live]
8.Louisiana 1927 (Live)
9.The World Isn't Fair (Live)
10.God's Song (That's Why I Love Mankind) [Live]
11.Short People (Live)
12.Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear (Live)
13.Rollin' (Live)
14.Marie (Live)
15.Losing You (Live)
Meet the Fockers 英文
1.We're Gonna Get Married
2.Crazy 'Bout My Baby
3.Suspicious Mind
Live At the Boarding House, San Francisco, June 11th 1972 (Remastered) [Live] 英文
1.You Can Leave Your Hat On (Remastered) - Live
2.Lonely At The Top (Remastered) - Live
3.Sail Away (Remastered) - Live
4.Burn On (Remastered) - Live
5.Last Night I Had A Dream (Remastered) - Live
6.Political Science (Remastered) - Live
7.Memo To My Son (Remastered) - Live
8.Suzanne (Remastered) - Live
9.Old Kentucky Home (Remastered) - Live
10.Linda (Remastered) - Live
11.Lucinda (Remastered) - Live
12.Yellow Man (Remastered) - Live
13.Davy The Fat Boy (Remastered) - Live
Good Old Boys (US Release) 英文
1.Rednecks - Remastered
2.Marie - Demo Version
3.Rollin' - Remastered
4.Back On My Feet Again - Remastered
5.A Wedding In Cherokee County - Remastered
6.Naked Man - Remastered
7.Kingfish - Remastered
8.Every Man A King - Remastered
9.Mr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man) - Remastered
Faust 英文
1.Glory Train (Remastered Version)
2.Can't Keep A Good Man Down - Remastered Version
3.How Great Our Lord - Remastered Version
4.Best Little Girl - Remastered Version
5.Northern Boy - Remastered Version
6.Bless The Children Of The World - Remastered Version
7.Relax, Enjoy Yourself - Remastered Version
8.Life Has Been Good To Me - Remastered Version
9.Little Island - Remastered Version
10.The Man - Remastered Version
11.I Gotta Be Your Man - Remastered Version
12.Feels Like Home - Remastered Version
13.Bleeding All Over The Place - Remastered Version
14.Happy Ending - Remastered Version
15.Northern Boy (Faust Demo)
16.Sandman's Coming (Remastered Version) [with Linda Ronstadt]
17.Gainesville (Remastered Version) [with Lisa Ronstadt)
18.My Hero (Remastered Version) [with Lisa Ronstadt]
Dark Matter 英文
1.Sonny Boy
2.It's a Jungle out There (V2)
3.It's a Jungle out There
4.On the Beach
5.She Chose Me
6.Lost Without You
7.The Great Debate
8.Wandering Boy
暂存1 英文
1.Sigmund Freud's Impersonation Of Albert Einstein I
2.Gods Song
3.I Love To See You Smile
4.Mama Told Me (Not to Come)
5.Faust (Act 1)
6.Faust (Act 2)
7.small people
8.A Few Words
9.Change Your Way
10.The Ballad Of The Three Amigos
11.Doctor Doctor
12.Good Morning
14.My Daddy Knew Dixie Howell
15.The Joke
16.If We Didn't Have Jesus
17.Tickle Me
18.Maybe I'm Doing It Wrong
19.Let It Shine
20.Poor Me
22.Let Me Go
23.If I Didn't Have You (Vocal)
25.Woody's Roundup
26.When She Loved Me
27.Strange Things
28.Little Island
29.It's Lonely at the Top
30.Life Has Been Good to Me
31.My Hero
32.Monsters, Inc.
33.Northern Boy
34.Best Little Girl
35.Can't Keep A Good Man Down
36.You Can Leave Your Hat On (Demo)
37.Dayton, Ohio - 1903 (Early Version)
38.Marie (Demo)
39.I Gotta Be Your Man
40.Bleeding All Over The Place
41.Happy Ending
42.Bless The Children Of The World
43.Ray Laid Low (提供)
44.How Great Our Lord
46.Relax, Enjoy Yourself
47.Sandman's Coming
48.Gone Dead Train
49.God's Song
50.Eating The Peach
51.My Name Is James
52.Old Kentucky Home
53.I'm Your Puppet
54.I Will Go Sailing No More
55.You've Got A Friend In Me (Randy Newman & Lyle Lovett)
56.A Fool In Love
57.Mr. President
58.Love Story (You and Me)
59.We Belong Together
60.You've Got a Friend In Me
61.New York City
62.One More Hour
63.The Whammer Strikes Out
64.Guilty (Live)
65.Our Time Has Come
66.Almost There - From 'The Princess and the Frog'/Shanghai Disneyland Version
67.You've Got A Friend In Me - From 'Toy Story'/ Soundtrack
68.We Belong Together - From 'Toy Story 3'/Soundtrack
69.You've Got A Friend In Me - From Toy Story/Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
70.The Time of Your Life
71.Tartine De Merde (Maverick - Original Motion Picture Score) - Remastered
72.You've Got A Friend In Me (Cover Version)
73.If I Didn't Have You
74.Rednecks (Remastered Version)
75.Rollin' (Remastered Version)
76.Birmingham (Remastered Version)
77.It's a jungle out there
78.I Will Go Sailing No More (From 'Toy Story')
79.I Will Go Sailing No More (Soundtrack)
80.I Love L.A. (Live)
81.The Beehive State (Live)
82.If You Need Oil (Live)
83.Tickle Me (Live)
84.If I Didn't Have You (From 'Potwory i spółka')
85.Our Town
86.Monsters University
87.Introduction / I Love to See You Smile
88.If I Didn't Have You (Monsters, Inc.)
89.We Belong Together (Toy Story 3)
90.You've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)
91.James and the Giant Peach: Family
92.James and the Giant Peach: My Name Is James
93.A Bug's Life: The Time of Your Life
94.A Bug's Life Suite
95.Radiator Springs Racers: Attraction Ride Through
96.A Fool In Love (Meet The Parents/Soundtrack)
97.Heaven Is My Home (with Valerie Carter)
98.Rosemary (Live)
暂存 英文
1.Good News
2.Never Knew I Needed
3.Make Up Your Mind
4.Blue Shadows on the Trail
5.Mcqueen and Sally

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