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The Waterboys( 水男孩乐团 )【 共收藏 16 张专辑, 256 首歌 】
Waterboys是1983年由苏格兰音乐家Mike Scott在爱丁堡成立的苏格兰/爱尔兰民间摇滚乐队。乐队过去和现在的成员主要由苏格兰和爱尔兰的音乐家组成,他们与爱丁堡,都柏林,Spiddal,纽约和Findhorn一起,担任乐队的家园。迈克斯科特一直是整个乐队职业生涯中唯一不变的成员。他们探索了许多不同的风格,但他们的音乐主要是混合了凯尔特民族音乐和摇滚乐。 1993年,斯科特离开时开始独立生涯。他们于2000年进行了改革,并继续在全球发行专辑和巡回演出。 Scott强调了Waterboys和他的独奏作品之间的连续性,他说:“对我来说,Mike Scott和Waterboys之间没有任何区别,他们都是同样的东西,他们是指我自己和谁是我目前旅行的音乐伴侣。”

在第二张专辑A Pagan Place的一首歌后,早期的Waterboys音乐被冠以“The Big Music”。这种风格被斯科特描述为“看世界上的上帝签名的隐喻。” Waterboys编年史家Ian Abrahams通过将“大音乐”定义为“......异教的神秘庆典”,阐述了这一点。一切都存在的基本和原始的神性('海洋和沙子'),宗教和精神都包含在内,这是不能拥有或建立的东西,它存在于大地母亲的概念中,对宗教有着祖先的方式,它接受和接受了神性的女性方面,在接受更广泛的异教神殿时是多元的。“

“大音乐”不是被影响就是被用来描述一些其他乐队,包括U2,简单的头脑,在Tua Nua,大国和温室里的花朵。

在八十年代后期,乐队变得更受民间影响。 Waterboys最终重新摇滚乐,并在改革后发行了摇滚和民谣专辑。
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Modern Blues 英文
Harlequin and Clown
1.Destinies Entwined
2.November Tale
3.Still a Freak
4.I Can See Elvis
5.The Girl Who Slept For Scotland
6.Rosalind You Married the Wrong Girl (提供)
7.Beautiful Now
8.Nearest Thing to Hip
9.Long Strange Golden Road
An Appointment With Mr Yeats 英文
1.An Irish Airman Foresees His Death
3.Let The Earth Bear Witness
4.The Faery's Last Song
5.The Four Ages Of Man (提供)
6.The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
7.Mad As The Mist And Snow
8.Before The World Was Made
9.September 1913
10.Song Of Wandering Aengus
11.News For The Delphic Oracle
12.A Full Moon In March
13.Sweet Dancer
14.White Birds
15.The Hosting Of The Shee
This Is The Sea 英文
1.Be My Enemy
2.Don't Bang The Drum
3.Medicine Bow
4.Old England
6.The Pan Within
7.The Whole Of The Moon
8.This Is The Sea
Live Adventures Of The Waterboys 英文
1.And The Healing Has Begun
2.A Girl Called Johnny
3.Because The Night
4.Be My Enemy
5.Death Is Not The End
6.Fisherman's Blues
7.Medicine Bow
8.Meet Me At The Station
9.Old England
10.Purple Rain
11.Saints And Angels
12.Savage Earth Heart
14.The Earth Only Endures
15.The Pan Within
16.The Thrill Is Gone
17.The Wayward Wind
18.The Whole Of The Moon
19.This Is The Sea
20.We Will Not Be Lovers
Whole Of The Moon 英文
1.A Girl Called Johnny
2.Fisherman's Blues
3.Glastonbury Song
4.Higher In Time
5.Love Anyway
6.Medicine Bow
7.Rare, Precious And Gone
8.Red Army Blues
9.She Is So Beautiful
10.Strange Boat
11.The Pan Within
12.The Return Of Pan
13.The Whole Of The Moon
14.This Is The Sea
15.What Do You Want Me To Do
16.When Ye Go Away
Room To Roam 英文
1.A Life Of Sundays
2.A Man Is In Love
3.Bigger Picture
4.Calliope House (提供)
5.Further Up, Further In
6.How Long Will I Love You?
7.In Search Of A Rose
9.Natural Bridge Blues (提供)
10.Room To Roam
11.Something That Is Gone
12.Song From The End Of The World
13.Spring Comes To Spiddal
14.The Raggle Taggle Gypsy
15.The Star And The Sea
16.The Trip To Broadford (提供)
17.The Whole Of The Moon
Dream Harder 英文
1.Corn Circles
2.Glastonbury Song
3.Good News
4.Love And Death
5.Preparing To Fly
6.Spiritual City
8.The New Life
9.The Return Of Jimi Hendrix
10.The Return Of Pan
11.Winter Winter
12.Wonders Of Lewis
Fisherman's Blues 英文
1.And A Bang On The Ear
2.Dunford's Fancy (提供)
3.Fisherman's Blues
4.Has Anybody Here Seen Hank
5.Strange Boat
6.Sweet Thing
7.The Stolen Child
8.We Will Not Be Lovers
9.When Will We Be Married
10.When Ye Go Away
11.World Party
Pagan Place 英文
1.All The Things She Gave Me
2.Church Not Made With Hands
3.Rags(Second Amendment)
4.Red Army Blues
5.Somebody Might Wave Back
6.Song Of The Steppes (提供)
7.The Big Music
8.The Thrill Is Gone
The Waterboys 英文
1.A Girl Called Johnny
4.It Should Have Been You
5.I Will Not Follow
6.Savage Earth Heart
7.The Girl In The Swing
8.The Three Day Man
Windmill Lane Sessions 英文
1.Girl From the North Country
2.I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
3.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
4.Death Is Not the End
5.Forever Young
Out of All This Blue 英文
1.Do We Choose Who We Love
2.Payo Payo Chin
3.The Elegant Companion
6.Mister Charisma
7.Morning Came Too Soon
8.Love Walks In
9.Santa Fe
10.If the Answer Is Yeah
Karma to Burn 英文
1.Glastonbury Song - Album Version
2.The Pan Within - Album Version
3.Whole Of The Moon - Album Version
4.Peace of Iona (提供)
5.Glastonbury Song
6.The Whole of the Moon
7.Fisherman's Blues
Book of Lightning 英文
1.Strange Arrangement (Live)
2.Love Will Shoot You Down
3.Nobody's Baby Anymore
4.She Tried To Hold Me
5.It's Gonna Rain
7.You In The Sky
暂存1 英文
1.When Will We Be Married?
2.Has Anybody Here Seen Hank?
3.This Land is Your Land
4.Jimmy Hickey's Waltz (提供)
5.A Pagan Place
7.Winter In The Blood
8.Raggle-Taggle Gypsy
9.Whole Of The Moon
10.In Search For A Rose
11.Kaliope House
12.Upon The Wind And The Waves
13.The Charlatans Lament
14.Love & Death
15.Lost Highway
17.Let It Happen
18.Is She Conscious
19.Dumbing Down the World
21.Good Man Gone
22.Why Look At The Moon
23.My Love Is My Rock In the Weary Land
24.His Word Is Not His Bond
26.We Are Jonah
27.The Wind In the Wires
28.The Charlatan's Lament
29.Where Are You Now When I Need You?
30.Going To Paris
31.Bury My Heart
32.Ready For The Monkeyhouse
33.My Lord, What A Morning
34.How Long Will I Love You
35.Killing My Heart
36.A Home In The Meadow
37.It's All Gone
38.The Madness Is Here Again
40.Soon As I Get Home
41.A Boy In Black Leather
42.Billy Sparks
43.Out Of Control
44.The Ladder
45.Down Through The Dark Streets
47.Another Kind Of Circus
48.The Ways Of Men
49.Everybody Takes A Tumble
50.Custer's Blues
51.The Whole of the Moon (remastered)
52.Something Fantastic
53.Beverly Penn
54.A Song For the Life (2008 Remastered Version)
55.Room To Roam (2008 Remastered Version)
56.Further Up Further In (2008 Remastered Version)
57.Spring Comes To Spiddal (2008 Remastered Version)
58.How Long Will I Love You (2008 Remastered Version)
59.The Raggle Taggle Gypsy (2008 Remastered Version)
60.Something That Is Gone (2008 Remastered Version)
61.Bigger Picture (2008 Remastered Version)
62.Rosalind (You Married The Wrong Guy)
63.Beverly Penn (2004 Remaster)
64.Sleek White Schooner (2004 Remaster)
65.Then You Hold Me (2004 Remaster)
66.I Am Not Here (2004 Remaster)
67.The Waves (2004 Remaster)
68.Gala (Unedited!) Start
69.Boy In Black Leather
70.A Girl Called Johnny (2002 Remastered Version)
71.I Will Not Follow (2002 Remastered Version)
72.December (2002 Remastered Version)
73.If I Can't Have You (Remastered)
74.Rattle My Bones and Shiver My Soul (Remastered)
75.Nobody 'Cept You (Remastered)
76.You in the Sky (Remastered)
77.Lonesome Old Wind (Remastered)
78.Blues for Your Baby (Remastered)
79.Tenderfootin' (Remastered)
80.Lonesome and a Long Way from Home (Remastered)
81.Sweet Thing (Remastered)
82.Girl of the North Country (Remastered)
83.Let Me Feel Holy Again (Remastered)
84.And a Bang on the Ear (Remastered)
85.When Ye Go Away (Remastered)
86.When Will We Be Married (Remastered)
87.Fisherman's Blues (2nd version)
88.Too Close to Heaven - 2013 Remastered Version
89.Killing My Heart (2nd version)
90.I Will Meet You in Heaven Again
91.A Golden Age
92.Will the Circle Be Unbroken
93.You Don't Have to Be in the Army to Fight in the War
94.Fisherman's Blues - 2013 Remastered Version
95.The Whole of the Moon (2004 Remastered Version)
96.Nobody 'cept You
97.Red Army Blues (Live)
98.Some of My Best Friends Are Trains
暂存 英文
1.Anatomy of a Love Affair
2.Martin Decent
3.Buckets of Rain
4.The Stolen Child (Remastered)

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