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Sum 41( SUM41 )【 共收藏 11 张专辑, 192 首歌 】
魔数41(Sum 41) 是一队来自加拿大安大略的流行庞克乐团。该乐团成员来自当地高校乐团'1996年夏季的41天'。1999年,Sum41与Island Records签了唱片合同,并于2002年发行了他们的首张专辑《All Killer, No Filler》。第一首单曲《Fat Lip》获得了广告牌现代摇滚曲目榜(Billboard Modern Rock Tracks)的第一名的成绩,标志着Sum41在主流获得的成功,并且到目前为止仍然是乐队最成功的单曲。之后,乐队又发行了四张录音室专辑《 Does This Look Infected? 》(2002), 《Chuck》 (2004) 《Underclass Hero 》(2007) 和 《Screaming Bloody Murder》 (2011).乐队演出一年经常多于300场,每年在全球巡回演出,其中大部分为期超过1年。他们已两次获Seven Juno Awards提名(2002年 年度组合 和 2005年 年度摇滚专辑(《Chuck》)). Sum 41还在2012年被获得54届格莱美最佳硬金属摇滚演出提名(《Blood In My Eyes》)。
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13 Voices 英文
1.Fake My Own Death
2.Better Days
3.Black Eyes (提供)
4.War (acoustic)
5.Breaking the Chain (acoustic)
6.Radio Radio (Elvis Costello cover)
Screaming Bloody Murder 英文
1.Reason To Believe
2.Screaming Bloody Murder
4.Time For You To Go
5.Jessica Kill
6.What Am I To Say
7.Holy Image Of Lies
8.Sick Of Everyone
9.Happiness Machine
11.Blood In My Eyes
12.Baby You Don't Wanna Know
13.Back Where I Belong
14.Exit Song
All The Good Shit: The Best Of Sum 41 英文
2.Motivation (Live)
3.The Hell Song (Live)
4.Fat Lip
5.Handle This
6.In Too Deep
8.Pain For Pleasure
9.Makes No Difference
10.Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
11.Still Waiting
12.The Hell Song
13.We'Re All To Blame
15.What Am I To Say
16.Walking Disaster
17.With Me
Underclass Hero 英文
1.Underclass Hero
2.Walking Disaster
3.Speak Of The Devil
4.Dear Father
5.Count Your Last Blessings
6.Ma Poubelle
7.March Of The Dogs
8.The Jester
9.With Me
10.Pull The Curtain
11.King Of Contradiction
12.Best Of Me
13.Confusion And Frustration In Modern Times
14.So Long Goodbye
Does This Look Infected 英文
1.Hell Song
2.Over My Head(Better Off Dead)
3.My Direction
4.Still Waiting
6.Yesterday. com
7.All Messed Up
8.Mr. Amsterdam
9.Thanks For Nothing
11.Billy Spleen
13.Reign In Pain(Heavy Metal Jamboree)
All Killer No Filler 英文
1.Nothing On My Back
2.Fat Lip
5.In Too Deep
7.Handle This
8.Crazy Amanda(Or Amanda Bunkface)
9.All She's Got
10.Heart Attack
11.Pain For Pleasure
Half Hour Of Power 英文
1.Machine Gun
2.What I Believe
3.T. H. T.
4.Makes No Difference
5.Second Chance For Max Headroom
6.Dave's Possessed Hair
7.Another Time Around
Live At The House Of Blues: Cleveland 9.15.07 英文
1.Still Waiting - Live At The House Of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.077
2.My Direction (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
3.March of the Dogs (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
4.Walking Disaster (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
5.We're All To Blame (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
6.Underclass Hero (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
7.Still Waiting (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
8.King of Contradiction (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
9.Makes No Difference (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
10.Motivation (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
11.In Too Deep (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
12.The Hell Song (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
13.Over My Head (Better Off Dead) (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
14.Pain For Pleasure (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
15.Fat Lip (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
16.Machine Gun (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
17.Pieces (Live At the House of Blues, Cleveland, 9.15.07)
Chuck 英文
1.Some Say2.Moron
13 Voices (Japanese Version) 英文
1.A Murder of Crows
3.Twisted By Design
4.The Fall and the Rise
5.God Save Us All (Death to POP)
6.13 Voices
7.There Will Be Blood
8.Breaking the Chain
9.Goddamn I'm Dead Again
10.Fake My Own Death
暂存 英文
1.What We're All About
3.It's What We're All About
4.No Reason
5.The Bitter End
6.Welcome to Hell
7.Open Your Eyes
8.Angels With Dirty Faces
9.Slipping Away
11.I'm Not the One
12.seasons in the sun
14.Walk This Way
19.Dave's Possessed Hair/It's What We're All About
20.Noots (Bonus Track)
21.Fat Lip (Video Version)
22.Reign In Pain
23.This Is Goodbye
24.Intro To Destruction
25.32 Ways To Die (提供)
26.Subject To Change
27.Sum 41 - Fat Lip
28.It's What Were All About
29.Moron (Bonus)
30.Intro (提供)
31.There's No Solution
33.How You Remind Me
34.Introduction to Destuction
37.Crazy Amanda Bunkface
38.Never Wake Up
39.Reason To Believe (Acoustic)
40.We're The Same
41.Fake Sound Of Progress
42.Introduction To Destruction
43.A Thousand Apologies
45.No Brains
46.No Apologies
47.Look At Me
48.Dear Father (Complete Unknown)
49.Confusion And Frustration n Modern Times
50.Underclass Hero (Vocal Up)
51.Screaming Bloody Murder (Single)
53.Ode To Summer
54.Still Laughing
55.The Hell Song - Album Version (Edited)
56.Over My Head (Better Off Dead) - Album Version (Edited)
57.Billy Spleen - Album Version (Edited)
58.Hyper-Insomnia-Para-Condrioid - Album Version (Edited)
59.Thanks For Nothing - Album Version (Edited)
60.Mr. Amsterdam - Album Version (Edited)
61.All Messed Up - Album Version (Edited)
62.No Brains - Album Version (Edited)
63.A.N.I.C. - Album Version (Edited)
64.Still Waiting - Album Version (Edited)
65.My Direction - Album Version (Edited)
66.Some Say - Live
67.The Hell Song - Previously Unreleased (Live)
68.Motivation - Live Version
69.What We're All About - The Original Version
70.Fat Lip ((Edited))
71.Hell Song (live)
72.Makes No Difference (alternative version)
73.Walking Disaster (radio edit)
74.Some Say (edit)
75.Some Say (acoustic)
76.Fat Lip (live)
77.No Brains (live)
78.It's What We're All About (original version)
79.Killer Queen
80.Still Waiting (live version)
81.All Messed Up (demo version)

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