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纳西尔·本·奥卢·达拉·琼斯(英语:Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones,发音为/nɑːˈsɪər/,1973年9月14日-),艺名“纳斯”(Nas,/ˈnɑːz/,全称Nasty Nas)。其父为爵士乐音乐人奥卢·达拉(Olu Dara)。纳斯成长于纽约市皇后区皇后桥(Queensbridge)的公共房屋中,尽管中学时便选择辍学,但他创作的歌词仍反映出较高的文学功底。他的出道专辑是1994年哥伦比亚唱片公司发行的《Illmatic》。 该专辑广受好评,其后仍为推崇为该类型的经典之作。纳斯曾是嘻哈超级乐团“The Firm”的成员,该乐团曾发布过一张专辑。

2001年到2005年,纳斯同饶舌歌手Jay-Z争夺纽约第一而结怨,两人都在各自的歌曲中攻击对方,但公认琼斯先生压倒性胜利。两人最后在一场由纽约市地区嘻哈电台赞助的音乐会上共同演唱,结束了敌对状态。2006年,纳斯签约Def Jam唱片公司,当年发布了专辑《Hip Hop Is Dead》(嘻哈已死),制作群中有跟Jay-Z关系匪浅的Kanye West,专辑中也有一首歌曲也有Jay-Z做合作,其后又在2008年发布了一张同名专辑<>。



《Illmatic》 (1994)
《It Was Written》 (1996)
《I Am...》 (1999)
《Nastradamus》 (1999)
《Stillmatic》 (2001)
《God's Son》 (2002)
《Street's Disciple》 (2004)
《Hip Hop Is Dead》 (2006)
未命名专辑 (2008)
《Life Is Good》(2012)


《The Firm: The Album》(同The Firm合作) (1997)
《Distant Relatives》(同达米安·马莱合作) (2010)


《QB's Finest》(同群星) (2000)
《From Illmatic to Stillmatic: The Remixes》(2002)
《The Lost Tapes》 (2002)
《Greatest Hits》 (2007)
《The Lost Tapes: Vol. 2》 (待定)
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The #Illmatic20 Tribute Mixtape 英文
1.Shirt - The World Is Yours (提供)
2.Smoke DZA - Halftime (提供)
3.Doley Bernays - Memory Lane (提供)
4.Al Doe - The Genesis (提供)
5.Euro League - NY State Of Mind (提供)
6.Timeless Truth - Life's A Bitch (提供)
7.Nas Interlude (提供)
8.Denzil Porter - One Love (One L Mix) (提供)
9.The Incomprable Shakespere - The World Is Yours (Tip Mix) (提供)
10.Troy Ave - One Love (提供)
11.Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire - One Time 4 Your Mind (提供)
12.Bodega Bamz - Represent (提供)
13.B.I.C. - It Aint Hard To Tell (提供)
Coachella Nights 英文
1.Life's A Bitch
2.Dead Presidents II
3.Where I'm From (feat. JAY Z) (提供)
4.Interlude (提供)
5.Welcome To Jamrock (提供)
The Essential Nas 英文
1.Find Ya Wealth
2.Drunk by Myself
3.Blaze a 50
4.Got Ur Self a...
5.Made You Look
6.Doo Rags
7.Black Zombie
8.Get Down
9.Oochie Wally
10.You Owe Me (Feat. Ginuwine)
11.Loco-Motive (Feat. Large Professor)
12.Bridging The Gap (Feat. Olu Dara)
13.Warrior Song (Feat. Alicia Keys)
14.Just A Moment (Feat. Quan)
15.Hate Me Now (Feat. Puff Daddy)
16.Thief's Theme
17.No Idea's Original
18.It Ain't Hard To Tell
Me & Mr. Jones 英文
1.A Song For Nas (提供)
2.Life's a Moody B**tch (提供)
3.Sent Me Looking (提供)
4.Hip-Hop Tears (提供)
5.Brother The World is Yours (提供)
6.Mr. Virgo (提供)
7.Thief's Soul (提供)
8.It Ain't Hard to Tel I'm No Good (提供)
9.He Can Only Hold Her The Flyest
10.Second Half (提供)
11.Just One Friend (提供)
12.Get Down in My Bed (提供)
13.Men of Hope (提供)
14.Take the Hate (提供)
15.Unholy Shootouts (提供)
16.Gotta Greater Love (提供)
17.Thug Love (提供)
Life Is Good 英文
2.No Introduction
4.A Queens Story
5.Accident Murderers
7.Reach Out
8.World's An Addiction
9.Summer On Smash
10.You Wouldn't Understand
11.Back When
12.The Don
14.Cherry Wine
15.Bye Baby
16.The Black Bond
18.Where's the Love
20.The Don (Don Dada Remix)
It's A Tower Heist (Single) 英文
1.It's A Tower Heist
Untitled 英文
Def Jam
1.Queens get the money
2.You can't stop us now(feat. eban thomas of the stylistics and the last poets)
4.Make the world go round(feat. chris brown and the game)
5.Hero (feat. keri hilson)
7.Sly fox
9.N.i.....e.r. (the slave and the master)
11.Fried chicken (feat. busta rhymes)
12.Project roach (feat. the last poets)
13.Y'all my
14.We're not alone (feat. mykel)
15.Black president
嘻哈已死 (Hip Hop Is Dead) 英文
1.Money Over Bullshit
2.You Can't Kill Me
3.Carry On Tradition
4.Where Are They Now
5.Hip Hop Is Dead
6.Who Killed It?
7.Black Republican
8.Not Going Back
9.Still Dreaming
10.Hold Down The Block
11.Blunt Ashes
12.Let There Be Light
13.Play On Playa
14.Can't Forget About You
17.Where Y'all At?
Street's Disciple 英文
2.A Message To The Feds, Sincerely We The People
3.Nazareth Savage
4.American Way
5.These Are Our Heroes
7.Sekou Story
8.Live Now
9.Rest Of My Life
10.Just A Moment
12.You Know My Style
13.Suicide Bounce
14.Street's Disciple
15.U.B.R.(Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim)
17.Remember The Times(Intro) (提供)
18.Remember The Times
19.The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch
20.Getting Married
21.No One Else In The Room
22.Bridging The Gap
24.Me & You(Dedicated To Destiny)
25.Thief's Theme
Illmatic:10Th Anniversary Platinum Edition 英文
1.The Genesis
2.N.Y. State Of Mind
3.Life's A Bitch
4.The World Is Yours
6.Memory Lane(Sittin' In Da Park)
7.One Love
8.One Time 4 Your Mind
10.It Ain't Hard To Tell
11.Life's A Bitch(Remix)
12.The World Is Yours(Remix)
13.One Love(Remix) (提供)
14.It Ain't Hard To Tell(Remix)
15.On The Real
16.Star Wars
From Illmatic To Stillmatic-The Remixes 英文
1.Life's A Bitch(Arsenal Mix)
2.One Love(Lg Main Mix) (提供)
3.It Ain't Hard To Tell(Remix)
4.Street Dreams(Remix)
5.Affirmative Action(Remix Edited Version)
6.One Mic (remix)
The Lost Tapes 英文
1.Doo Rags
2.My Way
3.U Gotta Love It
4.Nothing Lasts Forever
5.No Idea's Original
6.Blaze A 50
7.Everybody's Crazy
9.Drunk By Myself
10.Black Zombie
11.Poppa Was A Playa
God's Son 英文
1.Get Down
2.The Cross
3.Made You Look
4.Last Real Nigga Alive
5.Zone Out
6.Hey Nas
7.I Can
8.Book Of Rhymes
9.Thugz Mansion(Nas Acoustic)
11.Warrior Song
12.Revolutionary Warfare
15.Thugz Mirror Freestyle
16.Pussy Killz
17.The G.O.D.
Stillmatic 英文
1.Stillmatic(The Intro)
3.Got Yourself A Gun
5.You're The Man
7.One Mic
8.2nd Childhood
9.Destroy & Rebuild
10.The Flyest
11.Braveheart Party
13.My Country
14.What Goes Around
15.Every Ghetto
Nastradamus 英文
2.Come Get Me
3.Life We Chose
4.Big Girl
5.Last Words
6.You Owe Me
7.Project Windows
8.Quiet Niggas
9.God Love Us
11.New World
12.Shoot 'Em Up
13.The Outcome
14.The Prediction
15.Project Window
16.Some Of Us Have Angels
I Am.The Autobiography 英文
1.We Will Survive
2.Small World
3.You Won't See Me Tonight
4.Undying Love
5.Big Things
6.Money Is My Bitch
7.Hate Me Now
8.Ghetto Prisoners
9.N.Y. State of Mind, Pt. 2
10.Favor for a Favor
11.Nas Is Like
12.Life Is What You Make It
13.I Want to Talk to You
15.Dr. Knockboot
I Am 英文
1.Album Intro(I'am) (提供)
2.Big Things
3.Dr. Knockboot
4.Favor For A Favor
5.Ghetto Prisoners
6.Hate Me Now
7.I Want To Talk To You
9.Life Is What You Make It
10.Money Is My Bitch
11.N.y. State Of Mind Pt. Ii
12.Nas Is Like
13.Small World
14.Undying Love
15.We Will Survive
16.You Won't See Me Tonight
It Was Written 英文
1.Take It in Blood
2.Nas Is Coming
3.If I Ruled the World(Imagine That)
4.Black Girl Lost
5.Affirmative Action
6.Watch Dem Niggas
7.Set Up
9.I Gave You Power
10.The Message
11.Live Nigga Rap
12.Street Dreams
14.Album Intro
15.If I Ruled The World
16.The Set Up
Illmatic 英文
1.The World Is Yours
2.N.Y. State of Mind
3.One Love
4.Memory Lane(Sittin' In Da Park)
6.One Time 4 Your Mind
8.Life's a Bitch
9.The Genesis
10.It Ain't Hard to Tell
11.One Time 4 For Your Mind
iTunes Originals: Nas 英文
2.Thugz Mansion (N.Y.) (Explicit Version)
3.I Can (Live)
4.Bridging the Gap (Live)
5.One Love (iTunes Originals Version) (提供)
6.One Mic (iTunes Originals Version)
7.N.Y. State of Mind
8.If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) (Live)
9.One Love - iTunes Originals Live Version
10.One Mic - iTunes Originals Live Version
11.I Can - iTunes Originals Live Version
12.Made You Look (Explicit Version)
13.Halftime (Explicit Version)
14.N.Y. State of Mind (Explicit Version)
15.Purple (Explicit Version)
The Lost Prophecy 英文
1.Hope (unreleased studio version)
3.Where Are They Now (1980s remix)
4.Represent (Premos original demo)
5.Good Morning (remix)
6.Sinful Living
OG Status 英文
2.Hope (Original Version)
3.Nigger Hatred
4.Be A Nigger Too
5.One More Day
Nas 英文
1.Queens Get The Money
2.You Can't Stop Us Now
4.Make The World Go Round
7.Sly Fox
11.Fried Chicken
12.Project Roach
13.Y'all My Niggers
14.We're Not Alone
15.Black President
16.NIGGER The Slave And The Master
17.Y'all My Niggas
Nas [Exclusive Edition 英文
1.Queens Get The Money - Album Version (Edited)
2.Breathe - Album Version (Edited)
3.Testify - Album Version (Edited)
4.Untitled - Album Version (Edited)
5.Like Me - Bonus Track (Edited)
1.Cops Shot the Kid
2.White Label
3.Simple Things
Illmatic XX 英文
1.The Genesis
2.One Love (One L main mix) (提供)
3.One Love
4.The World Is Yours (Tip mix)
5.The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Show on WKCR October 28, 1993
6.It Ain't Hard to Tell (The Stink mix)
7.It Ain't Hard to Tell - The Laidback Remix
8.One Love - LG Main Mix
9.It Ain't Hard to Tell - Remix
10.I'm a Villain
11.It Ain't Hard to Tell
13.One Time 4 Your Mind
14.Memory Lane (Sittin' in da Park)
16.The World Is Yours
17.N.Y. State of Mind
18.Life's a Bitch
Hip Hop Is Dead 英文
1.Money Over Bullshit - Album Version (Edited)
2.Hip Hop Is Dead (Edited Version)
3.Let There Be Light
4.Hope (Acappella)
5.Shine On
6.Blunt Ashes
7.Hold Down The Block
8.Carry On Tradition
9.Money Over Bullshit
10.Shine On - Album Version (Edited)
11.Hope - Album Version Acappella (Edited)
12.Blunt Ashes - Album Version (Edited)
13.Hold Down The Block - Album Version (Edited)
14.Where Are They Now - Album Version (Edited)
15.Carry On Tradition - Album Version (Edited)
16.You Can't Kill Me - Album Version (Edited)
17.Can't Forget About You
Hellmatic 英文
1.Afterlife Interlude (提供)
2.Funeral Parlour (提供)
3.When Thugs Die (提供)
4.My Worst Enemy
5.Rise And Fall
6.Extinct Freestyle (Jackin For Beats) (提供)
7.Everyday Thing
8.Triple Threat
9.Silent Murder
10.In Too Deep
Executive Decision 英文
3.Life's a Bitch (demo Freestyle version)
4.Executive Decisions
5.Phone Tap
Distant Relatives 英文
1.Tribes At War
4.Count Your Blessings
6.Land Of Promise
7.In His Own Words
8.Nah Mean
10.Ancient People
11.As We Enter
12.Strong Will Continue
13.Africa Must Wake Up
14.My Generation
Coachella Nights (Live) 英文
1.Dead Presidents II
2.If I Ruled the World (Live)
3.The Genesis
4.The World Is Yours
5.One Love (Live) (提供)
6.N.Y. State Of Mind
7.It Ain't Hard To Tell
8.One Mic
10.Made You Look (Live)
11.It Ain't Hard To Tell (Outro) (Live)
12.One Love
13.The Genesis (Live)
14.N.Y. State of Mind (Live)
15.Halftime (Live)
16.Memory Lane (Live)
17.One Time 4 Your Mind (Live)
18.Represent (Live)
19.Made You Look
Cadillac Records 英文
1.Bridging the Gap
暂存1 英文
1.Wanna Be Me
2.N.Y. State Of Mind Part II
3.Fetus (Belly Button Window)
4.Poppa Was A Player
5.Day Dreamin (Stay Scheamin)
6.Sometimes I Wonder
7.Hardest Thing Is To Stay Alive
8.Wanna Play Rough
9.Gangsta Tears
10.U Wanna Be Me
11.I Know I Can
12.Affirmative Action (International Remix)
13.Affirmative Action (Remix)
14.Escobar 97
15.Grand Finale
16.Life We Chose(part 2) feat Cyclinder
17.No Idea's
18.One on One
19.Ouchie Wally (remix)
20.Street Dreams-Remix
21.The Profecy
22.Thugz Mansion
23.Thugz Mirror
24.I'm Gonna Be Alright
25.I'm Gonna Be Alright (Track Masters Remix)
26.The Genesis'(feat. AZ, The Firm
27.Life's A Bitch'(feat. AZ the Visualiza
28.The World Is Yours'(feat. Pete Rock
29.One Time 4 For Your Mind'(feat. Large Professor
30.Watch Dem Niggas'(feat. Foxy Brown
31.Nas Is Coming'(feat. Dr. Dre
32.War Is Necessary
33.The Set Up'(feat. Havoc
34.Power, Paper & Pussy
35.Hate Me Now'(feat. Puff Daddy
36.Live Nigga Rap'(feat. Mobb Deep
37.If I Ruled The World'(feat. Lauryn Hill
38.You Won't See Me Tonight'(feat. Aaliyah, Timbaland
39.Life Is What You Make It'(feat. DMX
40.Nature Shines'(feat. Nature
41.The Prediction'(feat. Jessica Care Moore, Rich Nice
42.Project Window'(feat. Ron Isley
43.Last Words'(feat. Nashawn, Millennium Thug
44.Family'(feat. Mobb Deep
45.Quiet Niggas'(feat. Bravehearts
46.You Owe Me'(feat. Ginuwine
47.The Outcome'(feat. Jessica Care Moore
48.The Flyest'(feat. AZV
49.Braveheart Party'(feat. Mary J. Blige, Jungle & Wiz
50.My Country'(feat. Millenium Thug
51.Every Ghetto'(feat. Blitz
52.Zone Out'(feat. Bravehearts
53.Hey Nas'(feat. Kelis, Claudette Ortiz (City High)
54.Thugz Mansion (Nas Acoustic)'(feat. 2Pac, J. Phoenix
55.Warrior Song'(feat. Alicia Keys
56.Revolutionary Warfare'(feat. Lake
57.Thugz Mirror (Freestyle)
58.Made You Look (Remix)'(feat. Jadakiss, Ludacris
59.Me & You
60.Black Zombies
61.You're Da Man
62.Surviving The Times
63.N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave And The Master)
64.U Wanna Be Me (Macy Gray)
65.Carry On Tradition [Clean]
66.Not Going Back [Clean]
67.You Can't Kill Me [Clean]
68.Hope (A Cappella Version)
69.Where Are They Now?
70.Who Killed It? [Clean]
72.Let There Be Light [Clean]
73.Can't Forget About You [Clean]
74.Still Dreaming [Clean]
75.Where Are They Now? [Clean]
76.Money Over Bulls**t [Clean]
77.N.Y. State Of Mind, Part 2
78.Blunt Ashes [Clean]
79.Play On Playa [Clean]
80.Hope (A Cappella Version) [Clean]
81.Hustlers [Clean]
82.Hold Down The Block [Clean]
83.Made You Look Remix Featuring Nas, Jadakiss & Ludacris
84.Heaven (Ft. Jully Black)
85.Mile Soundtrack - NaS - U Wanna Be Me
86.You Owe Me (Featuring Ginuwine)
87.Memory Lane
88.My Book Of Rhymes
89.Thugz Mansion (N.Y.)
90.Got Ur Self A Gun
91.Black Republican [Clean]
92.Can't Stop Us Now
93.Affirmative Action - featuring AZ, Foxy Brown and Cormega
94.Live From The Bridge
95.You Won't See Me Tonight (Featuring Aaliyah)
96.Favor For A Favor (Featuring Scarface)
97.Hip Hop Is Dead [Clean]
98.Like Me
暂存 英文
1.Just A Moment (Featuring Quan)
2.Nastradamus (Clean Version)
3.Street Glory
4.Among Kings
7.Kids In Da PJ's
8.Da Bridge 2001
9.Wanna Play Ruff
10.Hardest Thing To Do Is Stay...
11.Flyest Angel
12.More Than I Can Say
13.Nature Shines
14.You Gotta Love It
15.Tribal War
16.The Promised Land
17.In Public
18.Oochie Wally (Remix)
19.Made You Look (Remix)
20.Im Gunna Be Alright
21.Teenage Thug
22.Less Than An Hour
23.Bridging The Gap (Album Version)
24.Quick To Back Down
25.Remember The Times - Explicit Album Version
26.The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch - Clean Album Version
27.Getting Married - Explicit Album Version
28.The Makings Of A Perfect Bitch - Explicit Album Version
29.America - Album Version (Edited)
30.Sly Fox - Album Version (Edited)
31.N.I.*.*.E.R. (The Slave and the Master) - Album Version (Edited)
32.Y'all My Ni**as - Album Version (Edited)
33.Black President - Album Version (Edited)
34.No Introduction - Album Version (Edited)
35.A Queens Story - Album Version (Edited)
36.Daughters - Album Version (Edited)
37.The Don - Album Version (Edited)
38.Bye Baby - Album Version (Edited)
39.Nasty - Album Version (Edited)
40.The Black Bond - Album Version (Edited)
41.Roses - Album Version (Edited)
42.Nasty - Explicit Version
43.I'm a Villain (Instrumental)
44.Life's A Bitch - Explicit Remix
45.Star Wars - Explicit Album Version
46.I Can (The Juliano Creator Remix)
47.Rule (Radio Edit)
48.First Day Out
49.Zone Out (The Bravehearts)
50.Made Nas Proud
51.Life's a B****
52.The Don (album version) (explicit)
53.Life's a Bitch (radio)
54.It Ain't Hard to Tell (with Nas Is Like beat)
55.Foul Breeze
56.Ny State of Mind 2
57.Sweet Dreams
58.Intro (Illmatic Release Party)
59.The Season
60.The King
61.Find Ya Wealth (Instrumental)
62.Blood Diamonds Are Forever
64.Gangster Tears
65.If I Ruled the World (main mix)
66.Street Dreams (R. Kelly Remix)
67.Death Anniversary
68.Good Life
71.Affirmative Action 2005
73.The Rise and Fall (dirty version)
74.Mo Money Mo Murder
75.On the Road Again
76.Purple (clean)
77.Choir Song
78.Less Than an Hour (Theme from Rush Hour 3)
79.Secret Agent Man
80.Hero (clean) (Promo Only clean edit)
81.Hero - Album Version (Edited)
82.Thief's Theme (clean album version)
83.Good Morning
84.Salute Me
85.Nas' Angels...The Flyest
86.Talk of New York
87.Life's a Bitch (Live)

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