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Eiffel 65【 共收藏 7 张专辑, 81 首歌 】
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Contact 英文
1.Lucky(In My Life)
2.New Life
3.One Goal
4.King Of Lullaby
5.I Dj With The Fire
7.Far Away
8.I Don't Wanna Lose
9.Morning Time
10.Life Like Thunder
11.Back In Time
12.Johnny Grey
13.Brightly Shines
14.Losing You
15.People Of Tomorrow
17.80's Stars
18.World In The World
Europop 英文
1.Another Race
2.Blue [da Ba Dee]
3.Dub In Life
5.Hyperlink(Deep Down)
6.Living In A Bubble
7.Move Your Body
8.My Console
9.Now Is Forever
10.Silicon World
11.The Edge
12.Too Much Of Heaven
13.Your Clown
Eiffel 65 英文
1.Tu Credi2.Una Notte E Forse Mai Piu
Eiffel 65 (The English Album) 英文
1.Follow Me - Album Mix
2.Follow Me
3.Just One Night and Maybe Goodbye
4.Going to Dance All Night
5.The Filter
6.Like a Rolling Stone (English)
8.The World Inside My Bedroom
Blue [da ba dee] [2009 Remixes] 英文
1.Blue [Saint 09 Club MIx]
2.Blue [Da Ba Dee] [Gabry Ponte Remix]
3.Blue [Da Ba Dee] [Gabry Ponte vs. HiFi Blueprint Remix]
4.Blue [Da Ba Dee]
A Taste Of Eurodance Pop 英文
1.Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Babys Radio Edit
2.Living In A Bubble - Radio Edit
3.Europop (Kraft mix)
暂存 英文
1.World In A World
3.Blue (Da Ba De)
4.All I Really Want
6.I Wanna Be
7.I Dj With The Fire - Album Mix
8.Johnny Gray - Album Mix
9.Brightly Shines - Album Mix
10.Losing You - Album Mix
11.Too Much Of Heaven - Video Edit
12.Too Much of Heaven (original album version)
13.Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Gabry Ponte Rmx
14.Discovery Channel
15.Blue (Da Be Dee)
16.Blue Da Ba Dee (Radio Edit)
17.Blue 2009 ((DJs From Mars Red Planet Fm Remix))
18.Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Gabry Ponte 2K9 Remix)
19.Blue (original Ice Pop 12″ mix)
20.Blue (Da Ba Dee) [DJ Ponte Ice Pop Radio Mix]
21.Move Your Body (radio edit)
22.Move Your Body - D.J.Gabry Ponte Original Radio Edit
23.Blue (Da Na Dee)
24.Move Your Body (Gabry Ponte Extended Rework)
25.Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Video Edit)
26.Move Your Body (D.J. Gabry Ponte Radio Edit)
27.Blue (Da Ba Dee) [DJ Ponte Ice Pop Radio]
28.A Decade In Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Gabry Ponte Edit)
29.just one night and maybe goodbye - album mix
30.Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Extended Remix]
31.Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Boostedkids & Monkey Bros Remix
32.Blue (Da Ba Dee) - Dj Ponte Ice Pop Mix
33.Blue - Radio Edit

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