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Michael Franti( 迈克尔弗兰蒂 )【 共收藏 13 张专辑, 180 首歌 】
迈克尔·弗兰蒂(生于1966年4月21日)是一位美国音乐家,诗人,口语词艺术家和创作歌手。 迈克尔·弗兰蒂(Michael Franti)因参与了许多音乐项目(其中大多数是政治和社会重点)而闻名,包括Beatnigs和Hiphoprisy的一次性英雄。 他是现任独立项目的创始人兼主唱Michael Franti&Spearhead,这个乐队将嘻哈与各种其他风格混合,包括放克,雷鬼,爵士,民谣和摇滚等。 他也是直接支持各种和平和社会正义问题的支持者,尤其是中东和平倡导者。
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SoulRocker 英文
1.Crazy For You
2.Still Standing
3.Summertime Is in Our Hands
4.Love Will Find A Way (提供)
5.Do You Feel The Way That I Do? (提供)
6.I Got Love For Ya
7.We Do This Every Day (提供)
8.Once A Day [feat. Sonna Rele]
9.Good To Be Alive Today
10.We Are All Earthlings
11.Get Myself To Saturday
12.My Favorite Wine Is Tequila
I’m Alive (Life Sounds Like) (Single) 英文
1.I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like) (Single)
All People 英文
1.I'm Alive (Life Sounds Like)
3.All People
4.Long Ride Home
5.Life Is Better With You
6.Earth From Outer Space
7.Closer To You
8.Show Me A Sign
9.On And On
10.Wherever You Are
11.Say Goodbye
Chocolate Supa Highway 英文
1.Africa On Line (提供)
2.Chocolate Supa Highway
3.Keep Me Lifted
4.Food For The Masses
5.U Can't Sing R Song
6.Tha Payroll(Stay Strong)
7.Madness In Tha Hood(Free Ride)
8.Rebel Music(3 O'clock Roadblock)
9.Why Oh Why
10.Comin' To Gitcha
11.Life Sentence (提供)
12.Ganja Babe
13.Wayfarin' Stranger
14.Gas Gauge(The World's In Your Hands)
15.Water Pistol Man
Home 英文
1.Love Is Da Shit
2.People In Tha Middle
3.Piece O' Peace
5.Of Course You Can
6.Hole In The Bucket
8.Dream Team
10.Crime To Be Broke In America
11.100,000 Miles
12.Red Beans & Rice
13.Caught Without An Umbrella
Yell Fire! Live 英文
1.Time To Go Home - Live
2.Yell Fire! - Live
3.Sweet Little Lies - Live
4.Sometimes - Live
5.Rock The Nation - Live
6.I Know I'm Not Alone - Live
7.Everybody Deserves Music - Live
8.Everybody Ona Move - Live
Theomachia 英文
1.Eschatos (提供)
2.The Lie Of Progression
4.Perdition Tide
5.Polemos Pater Panton
6.Praesagium (提供)
7.Herald The Lightning
8.Prey To The Conqueror
10.To Slake The Thirst Of Ages
11.Aftermath (提供)
The Sound Of Sunshine 英文
1.Shake It
2.I'll Be Waiting
3.The Only Thing Missing Was You
4.Love Don't Wait
5.The Thing That Makes Me Get Through
6.Anytime You Need Me
7.The Sound Of Sunshine
8.Hey Hey Hey
11.The Sound Of Sunshine Going Down
Stay Human 英文
1.Do Ya Love
3.Oh My God
FestivaLink Presents Michael Franti & Spearhead at Taos Solar Music Festival, NM 7/1/07 (Live) 英文
1.Life In the City (Live)
2.Yell Fire (Live)
3.Yes I Will (Live)
4.Hello Bonjour (Live)
5.Nobody Right, Nobody Wrong (Live)
6.Never Too Late (Live)
7.People In tha Middle (Live)
8.East to the West (Live)
9.Stay Human (All the Freaky People) (Live)
10.What I Be (Live)
11.Hey Now Now (Live)
12.Everyone Deserves Music (Live)
Everyone Deserves Music 英文
1.Yes I Will
All Rebel Rockers 英文
1.Life In The City
2.I Got Love For You
3.High Low
4.Rude Boys Back In Town
5.A Little Bit Of Riddim
6.All I Want Is You
8.The Future
9.Nobody Right Nobody Wrong
10.Have A Little Faith
11.Hey World (Don't Give Up Version)
12.Hey World (Remote Control Version)
13.Say Hey (I Love You)
暂存 英文
2.Red Beans and Rice
3.Speaking Of Tongues
4.Gas Gauge (Tha World's In Your Hands)
5.Water Pistol Man (Chocolate Mix)
6.Listener Supported
7.Rock The Nation
8.Skin On The Drum
9.We Don't Mind
10.Anybody Seen My Mind
11.Stay Human
12.Love'll Set Me Free
13.Love Invincible
14.Anybody Seen My Mind?
15.I Know I'M Not Alone
17.Closer to the Sky
18.Say Hey
19.Water Pistol Man (Chocolate Remix)
20.Food For Tha Masses
21.100.000 Miles
22.What I Be
23.Feelin' Free
24.What I've Seen
25.Say Hey (I Love You) Radio Disney Edit
26.Yell Fire
27.Thank You
28.Every Single Soul
29.Everyone Deserves Music
30.Bomb the World
32.We Don't Stop
33.Stay Human (All the Freaky People)
34.One Step Closer To You
36.Is Love Enough?
37.Light Up Ya Lighter
38.East To The West
39.Hello Bonjour
40.Time To Go Home
41.Everybody Ona Move
42.See You In The Light
43.Never Too Late
44.Hey Now Now
45.Crazy, Crazy, Crazy
46.Sweet Little Lies
47.My Lord
48.We Don't Stop - Live Version
49.The Only Thing Missing Was You (Franti-Bowman Molten Remix)
50.I Don't Wanna Go
51.Gangsta Girl
52.Do It For the Love
53.The Sound of Sunshine (Italian Version) [feat. Lorenzo Jovanotti]
54.I'll Be Waiting (Radio Edit)
55.Say Hey (I Love You) [Giants Version]
56.Obama Song (feat. SoliLLaquists of Sound, Cherine Anderson & Anthony B)
57.Subterranean Homesick Blues
58.Only Thing Missing Was You
59.Bomb the World (Armageddon version) (feat. Radioactive & Ledisi)
60.Madness in the Hood (Free Ride)
61.Hole In The Bucket (Single Edit)
62.Good To Be Alive Today (Acoustic Remix)
63.People in the Middle
64.Feeling Free
65.Yell Fire (live in Alaska)
66.The Sound of Sunshine (Single Version)
67.Ganja Baby
68.A Minute's All I Need
69.Stay Human (Streets are Alive mix)

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