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Live...In the Moment 英文
1.Where the Nightingale Sings
2.Why Theory?
3.To Hell With Poverty
4.At Home He's a Tourist
5.Isle of Dogs
6.Damaged Goods
8.Do As I Say
9.Love Like Anthrax
10.What We All Want
12.I Parade Myself (提供)
13.History's Not Made by Great Men (提供)
14.I Found That Essence Rare
What Happens Next 英文
1.Where the Nightingale Sings
2.Broken Talk
3.Isle of Dogs
4.England's In My Bones
5.The Dying Rays
6.Obey the Ghost
7.First World Citizen
9.Graven Image
10.Dead Souls
Songs Of The Free 英文
1.Call Me Up
2.I Love A Man In A Uniform
3.Muscle For Brains
4.It Is Not Enough
5.Life, It's A Shame
6.I Will Be A Good Boy
7.The History Of The World
8.We Live As We Dream, Alone
9.Of The Instant
Entertainment 英文
2.Natural's Not In It
3.Not Great Men
4.Damaged Goods
5.Return The Gift
6.Guns Before Butter
7.I Found That Essence Rare
10.At Home He's A Tourist
Damaged Goods 英文
1.Damaged Goods2.Love Like Anthrax
Solid Gold / Another Day/Another Dollar 英文
1.History's Bunk!
2.What We All Want
3.Why Theory?
5.The Republic
6.To Hell With Poverty
7.Cheeseburger (live)
Return the Gift 英文
1.He'd Send the Army
2.He'd Send In the Army (Melvins remix)
3.What We All Want (Dandy Warhols remix)
4.At Home He's a Tourist (The Others alternate mix)
5.Damaged Goods (Hot Hot Heat remix)
6.Anthrax (Faultline remix)
7.Not Great Men (Phones extended version)
8.Ether (Into the Ether Tony Kanal remix)
9.I Love a Man in a Uniform (Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix)
10.Natural's Not in It (Ladytron Remodel)
11.To Hell With Poverty (Go Home Productions remix)
13.I Love a Man In Uniform (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix)
Mall 英文
1.Don't Fix What Ain't Broke
2.Everybody Wants to Come
3.Hey Yeah
4.Colour From the Tube
5.Soul Rebel
6.Money Talks (提供)
9.Satellite (提供)
12.World Falls Apart
Hard / Solid Gold 英文
1.Silver Lining
2.A Man With a Good Car
3.It Don't Matter
5.A Piece of My Heart
7.In the Ditch
8.If I Could Keep It for Myself
Entertainment! (Expanded & Remastered) [US Release] 英文
1.Ether - Remastered
2.It's Her Factory - Remastered
3.He'd Send In The Army - Remastered
4.Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time - Remastered
5.Anthrax - Remastered
6.At Home He's A Tourist - Remastered
7.Contract - Remastered
8.Glass - Remastered
9.I Found That Essence Rare - Remastered
10.Guns Before Butter - Remastered
11.Return The Gift - Remastered
12.Damaged Goods - Remastered
13.Not Great Men - Remastered
14.Natural's Not In It - Remastered
15.Armalite Rifle - Remastered
100 Flowers Bloom 英文
1.Natural's Not in It
2.If I Could Keep It for Myself (live, 1981)
3.What We All Want (live, 1981)
4.Woman Town
5.Anthrax (live, 1980)
6.Capital (It Fails Us Now)
7.The History of the World (live, 1984)
8.To Hell With Poverty (7' single version)
10.I Fled
11.Is It Love (live, 1984)
12.Call Me Up (live, 1984)
13.He'd Send In the Army (live, 1980)
14.Contract (live, 1980)
15.I Love a Man in a Uniform (Steve Sinclair & Hugo Burnham remix)
16.Damaged Goods (EMI version, 1979)
Hard 英文
2.It Don't Matter
3.I Fled
Content 英文
1.She Said 'You Made A Thing Of Me'
2.You Don't Have To Be Mad
3.Who Am I?
4.I Can't Forget Your Lonely Face
5.You'll Never Pay For The Farm
6.I Party All The Time
7.A Fruitfly In The Beehive
8.It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good
9.Do As I Say
10.I Can See From Far Away
A Brief History Of The 20th Century 英文
1.Paralysed2.Woman Town
暂存 英文
1.Is It Love
2.A Hole In The Wallet
3.In The Ditch
4.It's Her Factory
5.Why Theory
6.Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time
8.I Love A Man In Uniform
9.Armalite Rifle
10.Paralyzed (Tortoise Remix)
11.If I Could Keep It For Myself
12.He'd Send In The Army
13.Guns Before Butter (Alternate)
14.She Said
16.What We All Want (live)
17.Call Me Up (If I'm Home)
18.To Hell With Poverty (The Loaded Edit)

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