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InDRUpendence Day 英文
1.Do It Again
2.She Wants Me
4.Indrupendence Day (提供)
5.Sold Out Of Love (提供)
6.Rain (提供)
7.Rule The World (提供)
8.Makin' Luv
9.Love MD
10.Back To The Future
11.Below Zero
12.Can't Stop
13.Remain Silent
14.Shut It Down (提供)
15.State Of Emergency
16.Whatcha Do
Dru World Order 英文
1.Xstacy Jones
2.I Should Be(Steps)
3.If I Could
4.No Doubt
5.Old Love
6.I Do(Millions)
7.I Love You
8.Never Stop Loving You
9.Men Always Regret
10.My Angel / How Could You
Enter The Dru 英文
4.Enter The Dru(Interlude) (提供)
5.Holding You
6.How Deep Is Your Love
7.I'll Be The One
8.I'm Wondering
9.Nowhere Without You(Interlude)
10.One Good Reason
11.Real Freak
12.These Are The Times
13.The Love We Had(Stays On My Mind)
14.This Is What We Do
15.What Are We Gonna Do
16.What Do I Do With The Love
17.You Are Everything
Dru Hill 英文
1.5 Steps
2.All Alone
3.Anthem (提供)
4.April Showers
5.Do U Believe?
6.In My Bed
7.Love's Train
8.Never Make A Promise
9.Nothing To Prove
11.Share My World
12.So Special
13.Tell Me
14.Whatever U Want
暂存 英文
1.My Angel How Could You
2.I Should Be...
3.Love Train
4.Whatever You Want
5.Real Freak (featuring Chinky Brown Eyes) (提供)
6.This Is What We Do (featuring Method Man)
7.You Are Everything (featuring Ja Rule) (提供)
8.Beautiful Ones
9.Big Bad Momma (How To Be A Player Soundtrack)
10.In My Bed Remix
11.In My Bed (so So Def Mix)
12.It's All About Me
13.We're Not Making Love No More
14.We're Not Making Love No More (SoulFood Soundtrack
15.Wild Wild West
16.Xstacey Jones
17.In My Bed So So Def Rmx
18.Nowhere Without You
19.The Beautiful Ones
20.You Are Everything Rmx
21.Here With Me
22.Love / Hate
23.On Me (feat. NORE)
24.She Said
25.You Are Everything (Remix)
26.Anywhere (Remix)
27.On Me'(feat. N.O.R.E.
28.She Said'(feat. Chinky
29.Wild Wild West'(feat. Will Smith
30.You Are Everything Rmx'(feat. Ja Rule
31.Enchantment Passing Through
32.Never Stop Lovin You
33.What's Happening
34.Pass me by
35.Fall in Love
36.Over (Remix) [feat. Yo Gotti & Trey Songz]
37.Over (Remix) [feat. Eminem]
38.We're Not Making Love Anymore
39.On Me
40.How Deep Is Your Love For Me
42.Holding On
43.That Are We Gonna Do
44.What Are You Gonna Do
45.How Deep Is Your Love (Featuring Redman)
46.The Love We Had
47.We're Not Making Love No More (Live)
48.I'll Never Make a Promise
49.No Doubt (Work It) (radio edit)
50.5 Steps (UK Radio Edit)
51.You Are Everything (Soulsisstah Remix)
52.You're Everything (remix feat. Ja Rule) (radio edit)
53.Sleepin' In My Bed
54.How Deep Is Your Love (From The Rush Hour Soundtrack)
55.How Deep Is Your Love (Single Version)
56.These Are the Times (Scooterpella Mix)

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