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Moore is More 英文
1.Baby I Can Touch Your Body (提供)
2.Talking In My Sleep
3.Alone (提供)
4.Don't Make Me Laugh (提供)
5.Doctor Doctor (提供)
6.Mrs. Under, Stood (提供)
7.On And On (提供)
8.Giving You My Always (提供)
9.Jesus, I Want You
10.Cry Me a River (提供)
Things That Lovers Do 英文
1.With You I'm Born Again
Exposed 英文
1.Straight Up
2.Take Care Of Me
3.I'm Keeping You
4.Go Ahead With All That
6.When It Comes To Me
7.Train Of Thought
8.Better Than Making Love
10.You Can't Leave Me
11.Everything We Want
12.Love's Still Alright
This Moment Is Mine 英文
1.If I Gave Love
2.Girls Will Talk (提供)
3.Chante's Got A Man
4.A Different Light
5.I Cry To Myself
6.Blooming Flower
8.I've Got The Love
9.I Started Crying
10.I Got A Secret To Tell Ya (提供)
11.Love And The Woman
12.In My Life
13.This Moment Is Mine
Love Supreme 英文
3.This Time
4.My Special Perfect One
5.I'm What You Need
6.Your Love's Supreme
7.Old School Lovin'
8.Free / Sail On
9.Without Your Love(Interlude)
10.I Want To Thank You
12.Thank You For Lovin' Me
13.Soul Dance
14.Am I Losing You ?
15.Thou Shalt Not
Precious 英文
1.Love's Taken Over
3.It's Alright
4.Finding My Way Back To You
5.Listen To My Song
6.As If We Never Met
7.Candlelight And You
8.Who Do I Turn To
9.I Wanna Love
10.Sexy Thang
11.Because You're Mine
12.Love's Taken Over(Quiet Storm Mix)
Waiting To Exhale Soundtrack 英文
1.Wey U
Love The Woman 英文
1.Always Gonna Be Somethin
2.Can't Do It
4.It Ain't Supposed To Be This Way
5.My Eyes (提供)
6.Give Me Time
7.Do For You
8.Love The Woman
9.Love Action
10.First Kiss (提供)
11.Guess Who I Saw Today
暂存 英文
1.Down On My Knees
2.Inside My Love
3.Satisfy You
4.This Is A Test
5.Your Home Is In My Heart
6.Candlelight & You
7.Hey U
8.I Wanna Love (Like That Again)
9.I See You In A Different Light
10.Treated Like Her
11.Am I Losing You
12.Chant�'s Got a Man
13.Without Your Love
14.Wey U
15.When I Said I Do

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