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Jack Johnson( 杰克强森 )【 共收藏 31 张专辑, 312 首歌 】
杰克·强森(Jack Johnson,1975年5月18日-)是一位来自美国夏威夷的歌手、影片制作人和音乐创作者,同时也是冲浪好手。他的音乐在商业方面获得很大成功,在发行了第一张专辑《Brushfire Fairytales》之后就全心投入音乐创作与演唱。至今已发行了多张EP与专辑,并是轻柔摇滚乐的代表人物之一。

杰克·强森 - 主唱,吉他
亚当·托普 - 鼓,打击乐器
玛洛·波多维斯基 - 贝斯
柴克·基尔 - 键盘,合声
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All The Light Above It Too 英文
1.Subplots (提供)
2.You Can't Control It
3.Sunsets For Somebody Else
4.My Mind Is For Sale
5.Daybreaks (提供)
6.Big Sur (提供)
7.Love Song #16 (提供)
8.Is One Moon Enough? (提供)
9.Gather (提供)
10.Fragments - From The Film 'The Smog Of The Sea'
Sunsets For Somebody Else 英文
1.Sunsets For Somebody Else
My Mind Is For Sale 英文
1.My Mind Is For Sale
Fragments 英文
From Here To Now To You 英文
1.I Got You
2.Washing Dishes
3.Shot Reverse Shot
4.Never Fade
5.Tape Deck
6.Don't Believe A Thing I Say
7.As I Was Saying
8.You Remind Me Of You
10.Ones And Zeros
In The Morning (Single) 英文
1.In The Morning
To the Sea 英文
1.You And Your Heart
2.To The Sea
3.No Good With Faces
4.At Or With Me
5.When I Look Up
6.From The Clouds
7.My Little Girl
8.Turn Your Love
9.The Upsetter
10.Red Wine,Mistakes,Mythology
11.Pictures Of People Taking Pictures
12.Anything But The Truth
13.Only The Ocean
14.What You Thought You Need (Live From Yokohama) (Japan Bonus Track)
En Concert 英文
1.Belle / Banana Pancakes (提供)
2.If I Had Eyes
3.Do You Remember / Remember (提供)
4.Sleep Through The Static
6.Bubble Toes / Express Yourself (提供)
7.Wasting Time
8.What You Thought You Need
9.Country Road With Paula Fuga (提供)
10.Staple It Together
11.Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
12.Constellations - feat. Eddie Vedder
13.The Horizon Has Been Defeated / Mother And Child Reunion (提供)
14.Good People
15.All At Once
18.Times Like These
19.Angel / Better Together
Sleep Through the Static 英文
1.All at Once
2.Sleep Through the Static
6.If I Had Eyes
7.Same Girl
8.What You Thought You Need
10.Go On
11.They Do,They Don't
12.While We Wait
14.Losing Key
Sing-A-Longs And Lullabies For The Film Curious George 英文
1.Upside Down
3.People Watching
4.Wrong Turn
5.Talk Of The Town
6.Jungle Gym
7.We're Going To Be Friends
8.The Sharing Song
9.The 3 R's
11.With My Own Two Hands
13.Supposed To Be
Breakdown 英文
2.Constellations(Exclusive Version)
3.Girl I Wanna Lay You Down
4.Breakdown (Video) (提供)
In Between Dreams 英文
1.Better Together
2.Never Know
3.Banana Pancakes
4.Good People
5.No Other Way
6.Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
7.Staple It Together
9.Crying Shame
10.If I Could
13.Do You Remember
Thicker Than Water 英文
3.The Cove (提供)
4.Holes To Heaven
On And On 英文
1.Times Like These
2.The Horizon Has Been Defeated
3.Traffic In The Sky
7.Wasting Time
8.Holes To Heaven
9.Dreams Be Dreams
10.Tomorrow Morning
11.Fall Line
12.Cookie Jar
13.Rodeo Clowns
15.Mediocre Bad Guys
16.Symbol In My Driveway
The September Sessions 英文
1.Pirate Looks At 402.F-Stop Blues
Brushfire Fairytales 英文
1.Inaudible Melodies
2.Middle Man
4.Sexi Plexi
6.Bubble Toes
7.Fortunate Fool
8.The News
9.Drink the Water
10.Mudfootball(For Moe Lerner)
11.F-Stop Blues
12.Losing Hope
13.It's All Understood
iTunes Originals 英文
1.A Pirate Looks at Forty (iTunes Originals Version)
2.Symbol In My Driveway
3.Tomorrow Morning
5.F-Stop Blues
8.The Horizon Has Been Defeated
9.The News / Natural Mystic (iTunes Originals Version)
10.Cookie Jar (iTunes Originals Version)
11.Traffic In the Sky (iTunes Originals Version)
12.Dreams Be Dreams
iTunes Festival: London 2013 英文
1.Do You Remember (Live)
2.Washing Dishes (Live)
3.Shot Reverse Shot (Live)
4.Better Together (Live)
This Warm December 英文
1.Someday At Christmas
Some Live Songs EP 英文
1.Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down
Sleep Through The Static: Remixed 英文
1.Monsoon (Money Mark Casio Remix)
2.Hope (Nightmares On Wax Remix)
3.If I Had Eyes (Culver City Dub Collective Remix)
Sessions@AOL 英文
1.Banana Pancakes - Sessions@AOL
2.Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Sessions@AOL
3.Better Together - Sessions@AOL
4.Banana Pancakes (Live)
5.Better Together (Live)
6.No Other Way (Live)
Maybe This Christmas 英文
1.Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Instant Karma 英文
If I Had Eyes / Let It Be Sung (Single) 英文
1.Let It Be Sung2.If I Had Eyes (Single)
From Here To Now To You Live 英文
1.As I Was Saying (Live At the ASB Theatre/2013)
2.Washing Dishes (Live)
3.Home (Live)
4.Tape Deck (Live)
5.Shot Reverse Shot (Live At the Chicago Theatre/2013)
From Here To Now To You (Commentary Version) 英文
1.I Got You - Commentary Version
2.Washing Dishes - Commentary Version
3.Shot Reverse Shot - Commentary Version
4.Never Fade - Commentary Version
5.As I Was Saying - Commentary Version
6.Radiate - Commentary Version
7.Home - Commentary Version
En Concert (Live) 英文
1.Belle / Banana Pancakes (Live - Paris, France)
2.Times Like These (Live - Santa Barbara, CA)
3.Home (Live - Honolulu, HI)
4.Gone (Live - Morrisson, CO)
5.All At Once (Live - Barcelona, Spain)
6.Good People (Live - Manchester, TN)
7.The Horizon Has Been Defeated / Mother and Child Reunion (Live - Manchester, TN)
8.Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Live - Barcelona, Spain)
9.Staple It Together (Live - San Diego, CA)
10.What You Thought You Need (Live - Honolulu, HI)
11.Wasting Time (Live - George, WA)
12.Flake (Live - San Francisco, CA)
13.Sleep Through the Static (Live - Paris, France)
14.Do You Remember / Remember (Live - Santa Barbara, CA)
15.If I Had Eyes (Live - Honolulu, HI)
16.Angel / Better Together (Live - Paris, France)
En Concert (Bonus Track Version) [Live] 英文
1.Belle / Banana Pancakes (Live In Paris, France)
2.Times Like These (Live In Santa Barbara, CA)
3.Home (Live In Honolulu, HI)
4.Gone (Live In Morrisson, CO)
5.All At Once (Live In Barcelona, Spain)
6.Good People (Live In Manchester, TN)
7.The Horizon Has Been Defeated / Mother and Child Reunion (Live In Manchester, TN)
8.Constellations (with Eddie Vedder) [Live In Manchester, TN]
9.Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (Live In Barcelona, Spain)
10.Staple It Together (Live In San Diego, CA)
11.Country Road (with Paula Fuga) [Live In Santa Barbara, CA]
12.What You Thought You Need (Live In Honolulu, HI)
13.Wasting Time (Live In George, WA)
14.Flake (Live In San Francisco, CA)
15.Sleep Through the Static (Live In Paris, France)
16.Do You Remember / Remember (Live In Santa Barbara, CA)
17.If I Had Eyes (Live In Honolulu, HI)
18.Angel / Better Together (Live In Paris, France)
A Weekend At the Greek (Live) 英文
1.Posters (Live)
2.If I Could (with Money Mark) [Live]
3.Rodeo Clowns (with G. Love) [Live]
4.Mudfootball (with G. Love) [Live]
5.Plastic Jesus / Fall Line / Spring Wind (Live)
6.Girl I Wanna Lay You Down (Credits)
暂存 英文
1.Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology
2.What You Thought You Need (Live From Yokohama)
3.Bubbly Toes
4.Alien Casinos
5.Drink The Water (acoustic)
6.Might Just Let It Go
7.Nice Car, Boy
8.Poor Taylor
10.The Faultline
11.Who's To Say (G.A.T.E.)
12.Jack Kerouac
13.I Know
14.Mud Football
15.Mama You've Been On My Mind / A Fraction Of Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie
16.Mama You've Been On My Mind/A Fraction Of Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie
17.On And On (Times Like These)
18.Holes In Heaven
19.Gone, Gone, Gone (New Song)
20.By the Way
21.Rocky Raccoon
22.JACK JOHNSON - Times Like These
23.Bad News
24.Constellations (Demo From The Mango Tree) [Bonus Track]
26.You're Missing Me
27.Wasting Time [Live]
28.Home [Live]
29.Good People [Live]
30.Times Like These [Live]
31.Constellations [Live]
32.Gone [Live]
34.Walk Alone
35.Sitting, Waiting, Wishing [Live]
36.Sexy Plexi
37.Losing Keys
39.Rodeo Clowns (Acoustic)
40.I Got..
42.Seasick Dream
43.All At Once - Live In Barcelona, Spain/2008
44.Good People - Live At Bonnaroo, Manchester, Tennessee/2008
45.Sitting, Waiting, Wishing - Live In Barcelona, Spain/2008
46.Sleep Through The Static - Live In Paris, France/2008
47.Do You Remember / Remember - Live In Santa Barbara, California/2008
48.Sleep Through The Static - Paris, France
49.Go On / Upside Down (Live In Barcelona, Spain/2008 / Bonus Track)
50.Credits....Belle / Banana Pancakes
51.Good People - Manchester, TN
52.Bubble Toes / Express Yourself - Album Version- San Francisco, CA
53.Flake - Album Version- San Francisco, CA
54.If I Had Eyes - Album Version - Honolulu, HI
55.Bubble Toes / Express Yourself (Live At Outside Lands, San Francisco, California/2008)
56.Belle / Banana Pancakes - Album Version- Paris, France
57.Bubble Toes / Express Yourself (Live San Francisco, CA)
58.They Do, They Don't - Live From The Solar Powered Plastic Plant
59.Better Together - Live feat. G Love
60.Talk Of The Town - Sessions@AOL
61.Backstage Pancakes
62.Better Together (feat. G. Love)
63.Angel (Holiday)
64.What You Thought You Need (Live)
65.Upside Down (Remix)
66.3 Rs
67.No Other Way (Acoustic Version)
68.Adrift (Live From The Solar Powered Plastic Plant)
69.You And Your Heart (Boys Like Us Remix)
70.At or With Me (Born Weakling Remix)
71.Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
73.People Need the Lord
74.The Horizon Has Been Defeated - Single Version
75.On and On
76.Rodeo Clown
77.Badfish / Boss DJ
78.Banana Pancake
79.Mud Football (For Moe Lerner) [Live - Kelly Slater's Radio K-OS Version]
80.Enemy (Live From The Solar Powered Plastic Plant)
81.Gone (Live Acoustic Version)
82.Mother and Child Reunion
84.It's All Understood (Live)
85.My Own Two Hands
86.High Tide or Low Tide
87.High Tide or Low Tide (Live)
88.Taylor (album version)
89.Times Like These (acoustic)
90.I Shall Be Released

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