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娜塔莉·玛丽亚·科尔(Natalie Maria Cole)(1950年2月6日 - 2015年12月31日)是美国歌手,演员,歌曲作者和演员。 Nat King Cole的女儿,1970年代中期,作为R&B艺术家,以“这将是”,“不可分割”(1975年)和“我们的爱”(1977)为榜样,成为音乐盛宴。经过一段时间的销售和表演,由于沉重的吸毒成瘾,科尔重新出现作为流行艺术家与1987年的专辑永恒和她的封面布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀的“粉红色凯迪拉克”。在二十世纪九十年代,她重新记录了她父亲的标准,取得了最大的成就,令人难忘...与爱,销售超过七百万份,也赢得了科尔七格莱美奖。她在全球销售了超过3000万条记录。她最著名的是自己在Yakety Yak,Take it Back和Trash Talk中的角色,而Sawyer Cat的歌声在猫不跳舞的特许经营。 2015年12月31日,由于充血性心力衰竭,科尔在加州洛杉矶的雪松 - 西奈医疗中心65岁死亡。
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Natalie Cole En Español 英文
2.Voy A Apagar La Luz / Contigo Aprendi (Medley)
3.Acércate Más [feat. Nat King Cole]
4.Mañana De Carnaval (提供)
5.Bésame Mucho [feat. Andrea Bocelli]
6.Quizás, Quizás, Quizás
7.Solamente Una Vez
8.Oye Como Va (Medley) [feat. Arthur Hanlon] (提供)
9.Yo Lo Amo (And I Love Him) [feat. Chris Botti] (提供)
10.El Día Que Me Quieras
11.Bachata Rosa [feat. Juan Luis Guerra]
Star Dust 英文
1.There's A Lull In My Life
3.Let's Face The Music And Dance
4.Teach Me Tonight
5.When I Fall In Love
6.What A Difference A Day Made
7.Love Letters
8.He Was Too Good To Me (提供)
9.Dind (提供)
10.Two For The Blues (提供)
Love Songs 英文
1.Natalie Cole
3.Miss You Like Crazy
4.Angel On My Shoulder
5.When I Fall In Love
6.A Smile Like Yours
7.I Live For Your Love
9.Too Young
10.I Cant Say No
11.Starting Over Again
12.More Than The Stars (提供)
13.I've Got Love On My Mind
14.The Very Thought Of You
15.As Time Goes By
16.Our Love
17.Snowfall On The Sahara
18.Our Love Is Here To Stay
19.This Will Be
20.Livin For Love
The Magic Of Christmas 英文
1.The Christmas Song(Chestnut Roasting On An Open Fire)
2.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
3.O Tanenbaum (提供)
4.Sweet Little Jesus Boy
5.Sleigh Ride
6.My Grown-Up Christmas List
7.The Christmas Waltz
8.Mary Did You Know
9.Carol Of The Bells (提供)
10.Twelve Days Of Christmas
Snowfall On The Sahara 英文
1.A Song For You
2.Reverend Lee
3.Snowfall On The Sahara
4.More Than You'll Ever Know
6.Say You Love Me
7.Everyday I Have The Blues (提供)
8.With My Eyes Wide Open I'm Dreaming
9.His Eyes Her Eyes (提供)
10.Since You Asked
11.Gotta Serve Somebody (提供)
12.Stay With Me
Unpredictable 英文
1.This Heart
2.Still In Love
3.Party Lights (提供)
4.I've Got Love On My Mind
5.Unpredictable You
6.Peaceful Living
7.Be Mine Tonight
8.I Can't Breakaway
9.Your Eyes
10.I'm Catching Hell
Take A Look 英文
1.I Whish You Love (提供)
2.I'm Beginning To See The Light (提供)
3.Swingin' (提供)
4.Crazy He Calls Me
5.Cry Me A River
7.Fiesta In Blue (提供)
8.I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life (提供)
9.Let There Be Love
10.It's Sand Man
11.Don't Explain
12.As Time Goes By
13.Too Close For Comfort (提供)
14.Calypso Blues (提供)
15.This Will Make You Laugh (提供)
17.All About Love
18.Take A Look
Unforgettable: With Love 英文
1.Medley: For Sentimental Reasons / Tenderly / Autumn Leaves
3.For Sentimental Reasons / Tenderly / Autumn Leaves
4.Unforgettable (Duet With Nat 'King' Cole)
7.Route 66
Good To Be Back 英文
1.Safe (提供)
2.As A Matter Of Fact
3.Rest Of The Nicht (提供)
4.Miss You Lie Crazy (提供)
5.I Do
6.Cood To Be Back (提供)
7.Conna Make You Mine (提供)
8.Starting Over Again
9.Don't Mention My Heartache
10.I Can't Cry (提供)
11.Someone's Rockin' My Dreamboat
Everlasting 英文
2.Jump Start
3.The Urge To Merge (提供)
4.Split Decision
5.When I Fall In Love
6.Pink Cadillac
7.I Live For Your Love
8.In My Reality
9.I'm The One (提供)
10.More Than The Stars (提供)
11.What I Must Do
Dangerous 英文
2.Billy The Kid Next Door
3.Secrets (提供)
4.Nobody's Soldier
5.Opposites Attract
6.A Little Bit Of Heaven
7.Your Car(My Garage) (提供)
8.Love Is On The Way
9.The Gift
Don't Look Back 英文
1.Don't Look Back
2.I've Seen Paradise
3.Hold On
4.Stairway To The Stars
5.I'm Getting Into You (提供)
6.Someone That I Used To Love
7.Danger Up Ahead (提供)
8.Beautiful Dreamer
9.Cole-blooded (提供)
Thankful 英文
2.Our Love
3.La Costa
4.Nothing Stronger Than Love
5.Be Thankful
6.Just Can't Stay Away
7.Annie Mae
8.Keeping A Light
Natalie 英文
2.Heaven Is With You
3.Sophisticated Lady
4.No Plans For The Future
5.Can We Get Together Again
6.Keep Smiling
7.Good Morning Heartache
8.Not Like Mine (提供)
9.Touch Me
10.Hard To Get Along (提供)
Inseparable 英文
1.Needing You
4.I Can't Say No
5.This Will Be
6.Something For Nothing (提供)
7.I Love Him So Much
8.How Come You Won't Stay Here (提供)
9.Your Face Stays In My Mind (提供)
Still Unforgettable 英文
1.Walkin My Baby Back Home
2.Come Rain Or Come Shine
3.Coffee Time
4.Somewhere Along The Way
5.You Go To My Head
6.Nice 'n' Easy
7.Why Don't You Do It Right
8.Here's That Rainy Day
9.But Beautiful
10.Lollipops And Roses
11.The Best Is Yet To Come
12.Something's Got To Give
13.Until The Real Thing Comes Along
14.Its All Right With Me
Smile (Live) 英文
1.I'm Beginning to See the Light (Live)
2.Snowfall on the Sahara (Live)
3.Gotta Serve Somebody (Live)
4.This Will Be (Live)
5.Calypso Blues (Live)
6.Unforgettable (Live)
7.Since You Asked (Live)
8.Smile (Live)
9.Stardust (Live)
10.Our Love Is Here to Stay (Live)
11.This Morning It Was Summer (Live)
Our Love Is Here to Stay (Live) 英文
1.Route 66 - Live ReMastered
2.Tell Me All About It (Live ReMastered)
3.Our Love Is Here to Stay (Live ReMastered)
4.For Sentimental Reasons - Live ReMastered
5.Autumn Leaves - Live ReMastered
6.Mona Lisa - Live ReMastered
7.Smile - Live ReMastered
Natalie Live 英文
1.Sophisticated Lady (She's a Different Lady) [Live]
2.Introduction/Our Love - Live
3.Be Thankful (Live)
4.Something's Got a Hold On Me (Live)
5.I Can't Say No (Live)
6.Can We Get Together Again (Live)
7.Cry Baby (Live)
8.Inseparable (Live)
9.I've Got Love On My Mind (Live)
10.This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) [Live]
11.I'm Catching Hell (Living Here Alone) [Live]
12.Lovers (Live)
Natalie Cole Anthology 英文
1.Inseparable - 2003 Digital Remaster
2.You - Digitally Remastered 02
3.Sophisticated Lady (She's A Different Lady) - Digitally Remastered 02
4.Good Morning Heartache - Digitally Remastered 02
5.Your Eyes - Digitally Remastered 02
6.I'm Catching Hell (Living Here Alone) - Digitally Remastered 02
7.Party Lights - Digitally Remastered 02
8.Annie Mae - Digitally Remastered 02 (提供)
9.La Costa - Digitally Remastered 02 (提供)
10.I Love You So - Digitally Remastered 02
11.Stand By - Digitally Remastered 02
12.Sorry - Digitally Remastered 02
13.I Can't Say No - Digitally Remastered 02
14.You Were Right Girl - Digitally Remastered 02
15.Nothin' But A Fool - Digitally Remastered 02
16.Mr. Melody - 2003 Digital Remaster
17.Peaceful Living - 2003 Digital Remaster
18.I've Got Love On My Mind - 2003 Digital Remaster
19.Our Love - 2003 Digital Remaster
20.Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Digitally Remastered 02
21.Someone That I Used To Love - 2003 Digital Remaster
22.Stairway To The Stars - 2003 Digital Remaster
23.Joey - Digitally Remastered 02
24.No Plans For The Future - Digitally Remastered 02
25.Be Thankful - Digitally Remastered 02
26.Your Lonely Heart - Digitally Remastered 02
27.Hold On - Digitally Remastered 02
暂存1 英文
2.So Many Stars
3.Joy To The World
4.If You Could See Me Now
5.Lush Life
6.You're Mine You
7.Good To Be Back
8.I Love You So
9.I Wish You Love
10.I Won't Deny You
11.I'm Catchin' Hell
12.Introduction/our Love
13.When I Fall In Love (French Version)
14.Livin' For Love
16.Love And Kisses
17.Medley: Let's Fall In Love/you Send Me
18.Like A Love
19.Orange Colored Sky
20.Pick Yourself Up
21.Que Sera, Sera
22.Reverend Lee
23.I'm Catching Hell (Living Here Alone)
24.The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot
26.Stand By
27.Straighten Up And Fly Right
28.Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
29.That Sunday That Summer
30.The Winner
32.You Were Right Girl
33.Your Lonely Heart
35.Sophisticated Lady (She's a Different Lady)
36.This Will Be An Everlasting Love
37.Wild Women Do
38.How Do You Keep The Music Playing?
39.To Whom It May Concern
40.Gonna Make You Mine
41.The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
42.I Wanna Love Again
43.Love Letter
44.Oh Daddy
45.A Tisket A Tasket
46.Ahmad's Blues
47.Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
48.Like a Lover
49.Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
50.I Miss You Like Crazy
51.Swingin' Shepherd Blues
52.Mona Lisa
53.Paper Moon
54.Almost Like Being In Love
55.Don't Get Around Much Anymore
56.Thou Swell
57.The Music That Makes Me Dance
58.Grown Up Christmas List
59.The First Noel
60.Jingle Bells
61.Silent Night
62.What You Won't Do For Love
63.Better Than Anything
64.Ask a Woman Who Knows
65.I Fall To Pieces
66.When I Fall In Love (Duet With Nat King Cole)
67.These Eyes
68.Old Man
69.Christmas Waltz
70.Our Love (Live)
71.Rest of the Night
72.Song for You
73.The More You Do It (The More I Like It Done to Me)
74.Don't Say Goodnight (It's Time for Love)
75.Lovin' Arms
76.The Man With The Child In His Eyes
77.No More Blue Christmas'
78.As A Woman Who Knows
79.You Gotta Be
80.I Haven't Got Anything Better to Do
81.St. Louis Blues
82.My Baby Just Cares for Me
83.This Can't Be Love
84.5 Minutes Away
85.Something's Gotta Give
86.Lollipops & Roses
暂存 英文
1.Tell Me All About It
2.I'm Glad There Is You
3.Since I Fell for You
4.It's Crazy
5.Gimme Some Time
6.Why Don't You Do Right?
7.Love Is Here To Stay
8.Inseperable - 2007 Remastered Version
9.Still In Love (With You Boy)
10.The Joke Is On You
11.Across the Nation
12.The Christmas Song (feat: Nat King Cole)
13.This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) (1991 club mix)
14.Swinging Shepherd Blues
15.Starting All Over Again
16.When I Fall In Love (Spanish Version)
18.If Love Ain't There
19.This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) [Single Version]
20.I Say a Little Prayer for You
21.Walkin' My Baby Back Home (Duet With Nat King Cole)
22.Calling You
23.Inseparable (Remastered 2003)
24.Love Will Find a Way
25.The Christmas Song
26.Wild Women Do (Power mix With Rap)
27.Man With the Child In His Eyes
28.I Do (feat. Freddie Jackson)

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