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Aaron Neville(生于1941年1月24日,美国路易斯安那州新奥尔良)是美国R&B歌手和音乐家。 他在美国已经有四张白金认证的专辑和四个十大命中,其中三张在Billboard的“成人当代”图表中排名第一。 他的首张单曲,从1966年起,在灵魂图表中排名第一,为期五周。

他还与他的兄弟Art,Charles和Cyril一起录制为Neville Brothers,并且是歌手/键盘演奏家Ivan Neville的父亲。 混合的非裔美国人,白种人和美洲原住民遗产,他的音乐也具有Cajun和克里奥尔人的影响。
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Apache [Barnes & Noble Exclusive] 英文
1.Be Your Man
2.Make Your Momma Cry (提供)
3.Sarah Ann (提供)
4.I Wanna Love You (提供)
5.Ain't Gonna Judge You (提供)
6.Hard to Believe
8.Stompin Ground (提供)
9.Orchid in the Storm (提供)
10.All of the Above (提供)
11.Fragile World (提供)
For The Good Times: The Allen Toussaint Sessions 英文
1.Mojo Hannah (提供)
2.Struttin' on Sunday (提供)
3.You Don't Love Me Anymore (提供)
4.She's On My Mind (提供)
5.Baby, I'm A Want You
6.You Can Give But You Can't Take (提供)
7.Where Is My Baby?
8.Speak To Me (提供)
9.Waiting For A Bus (提供)
10.Wild Flower (Los Angeles Sessions) (提供)
11.My Greatest Gift (提供)
12.One Fine Day (Royal Wedding Remix) (提供)
Best Of Aaron Neville 英文
1.Morning Has Broken
2.A Change Is Gonna Come
3.Let It Be
4.Oh Happy Day
5.What A Friend We Have In Jesus
6.I Know I've Been Changed
7.Steer Me Right
8.Jesus Loves Me Devotion(Album Version)
9.Ave Maria Believe Album
10.Touch The Hem Of His Garment (提供)
11.Amazing Grace
My True Story 英文
1.Money Honey
2.My True Story
3.Ruby Baby
4.Gypsy Woman
5.Ting A Ling
6.Be My Baby
7.Little Bitty Pretty One
8.Tears On My Pillow
9.Under The Boardwalk
10.Work With Me Annie
11.This Magic Moment / True Love(Medley)
12.Goodnight My Love(Pleasant Dreams)
Tell It Like It Is 英文
1.Tell It Like It Is
2.For the Good Times
3.All These Things
4.Cry Me a River
7.Baby I'm a Want You
8.Have Faith Speak to Me Nadie (Medley) (提供)
9.Have Faith (提供)
10.Been So Wrong (提供)
11.One Fine Day
13.Love Letters
14.Make Me Strong (提供)
Christmas Prayer 英文
1.Christmas Prayer
2.Christmas Everyday
3.Merry Christmas Baby
Nature Boy: The Standards Album 英文
1.In the Still of the Night
2.Come Rain or Come Shine
3.The Very Thought of You
4.Since I Fell for You
5.The Shadow of Your Smile
6.Nature Boy
7.Our Love Is Here to Stay
8.Blame It On My Mouth
Believe 英文
1.Let Go
2.Amazing Grace
3.A Change Is Gonna Come
4.Steer Me Right
5.What A Friend We Have In Jesus
6.Gotta Serve Somebody
7.I Saw The Light
8.Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
10.If I Had a Hammer
11.Oh Happy Day
12.Going Home
Devotion 英文
1.There Is Still A Dream
2.Jesus Loves Me
3.By Heart, By Soul
4.Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine
5.Morning Has Broken
6.Bridge Over Troubled Water
7.I Shall Be Released
8.Banks of the River Jordan
9.Mary, Don't You Weep
10.What Would Jesus Do?
11.Singing You a Prayer (提供)
12.Were You There?
Thea Tatooed Heart 英文
1.Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You (The Rain Song)
2.Show Some Emotion
3.Every Day Of My Life
4.Down Into Muddy Waters
5.Some Days Are Made For Rain
6.Try (A Little Harder)
7.Beautiful Night
8.My Precious Star
9.Why Should I Fall In Love
10.Use Me
11.For The Good Times
12.In Your Eyes
13.Crying in the Chapel
The Tattooed Heart 英文
1.Beautiful Night
2.Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You (The Rain Song)
3.Crying in the Chapel
4.Down Into Muddy Waters
5.Every Day Of My Life
6.In Your Eyes
7.My Precious Star
8.Show Some Emotion
9.Some Days Are Made for Rain
10.Try (A Little Harder)
11.Use Me
12.Why Should I Fall in Love
Hercules 英文
1.Hey Little Alice (Take 7)
2.For the Good Times
4.Show Me The Way
5.Over You
6.Don't Cry
7.Every Day
8.For Every Boy There's a Girl
9.Wrong Number (I'm Sorry, Goodbye)
10.How Many Times? - With Studio Chat At Start
11.Going Home
Aaron Neville's Soulful Christmas 英文
1.Charles Brown
2.Oh Holy Night
3.The Christmas Song
4.Let It Snow!
5.White Christmas
6.Such A Night
7.Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
8.Silent Night
9.Louisiana Christmas Day
10.The Star Carol
11.Bells of St. Mary
The Grand Tour 英文
1.Don't Take Away My Heaven
2.I Owe You One
3.Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight
4.My Brother, My Brother
5.Betcha By Golly, Wow
6.Song Of Bernadette
7.You Never Can Tell
8.The Bells
9.These Foolish Things(Remind Me Of You)
10.The Roadie Song
11.Ain't No Way
12.The Grand Tour
13.The Lord's Prayer
Warm Your Heart 英文
1.Louisiana 1927
2.Everybody Plays the Fool
3.It Feels Like Rain
4.Somewhere, Somebody
5.Don't Go, Please Stay
6.With You in Mind
7.That's The Way She Loves
8.Angola Bound
9.Close Your Eyes
10.La Vie Dansante
11.Warm Your Heart
12.I Bid You Goodnight
13.Ave Maria
14.House On A Hill (提供)
My Greatest Gift 英文
1.The Greatest Love
Orchid In The Storm 英文
1.Pledging My Love
2.For Your Precious Love
3.The Ten Commandments Of Love
4.This Is My Story / We Belong Together(Medley With Art Neville)
5.Earth Angel
Show Me The Way 英文
1.How Could I Help But Love You
2.Even Though(Aka Reality)
4.Show Me The Way
5.I Found Another Love
6.How Many Times
7.Every Day
8.Hey Little Alice
9.Sweet Little Mama
10.The Ticks Of The Clock
11.For Every Boy There's A Girl
12.Over You
13.I'm Waiting At The Station
14.Wrong Number
15.I've Done It Again(Aka Once Again)
16.Let's Live
17.Don't Cry
18.Get Out Of My Life
Greatest Hits 英文
1.Space Man
2.Tell It Like It Is
3.Why Worry
4.She Took You For A Ride
5.A Hard Nut To Crack
6.You Think You're So Smart
8.Love, Love, Love
9.Since You're Gone
10.Over You
To Make Me Who I Am 英文

1.Say What's In My Heart
2.Just To Be With You
3.Sweet Amelia
4.To Make Me Who I Am
5.The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (提供)
6.Yes I Love You
7.Your Sweet And Smiling Eyes
8.I Can't Change The Way You Don't Feel
9.Please Remember Me
10.What Did I Do
11.God Made You For Me
12.Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue
Now That's What I Call Christmas 2 英文
1.It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
I Know I've Been Changed 英文
1.Don't Let Him Ride
2.I Am A Pilgrim
3.I Done Made Up My Mind
4.I Know I've Been Changed
5.I'm So Glad
6.Live So God Can Use You
7.Meetin At The Building
8.Oh Freedom
9.Tell Me What Kind Of Man Jesus Is
10.There's A God Somewhere
11.You've Got To Move
American Legend 英文
1.All I Need to Know
2.Every Little Thing (Is Gonna Be Alright)
3.Ain't No Sunshine
4.Yellow Moon
American Legend (Live from Basel Switzerland) 英文
1.Stand by Me - Live
2.Everybody Plays the Fool - Live
3.All I Need to Know - Live
4.Every Little Thing (Is Gonna Be Alright) - Live
5.Ain't No Sunshine - Live
6.Tell It Like It Is - Live
7.Yellow Moon - Live
98流行金曲辑[温暖情歌] 英文

1.Telll It Like It Is (提供)
2.Over You
3.The Bells
4.Don't Take Away My Heaven
5.Warm Your Heart
6.You Neve Can Tell (提供)
7.Close Your Evyes (提供)
8.The Grand Tour
9.Louisiana 1927
10.Everybody Plays The Fool
11.Don't Go Please Stay
12.Angola Bound
13.A Change Is Gonna Cme With The Nerville Brothers (提供)
14.Betcha By Golly Wow (提供)
16.Use Me
17.To Make Me Who I Am
18.Don't Know Much
暂存 英文
1.All My Life
2.Crazy Love
3.Can't Stop My Heart From Loving You (The Rain Song
4.Down Into Muddy Water
5.Some Days Are Mad For Rain
6.I Done Made It Up In My Mind
7.Brahms' Lullaby
8.Even If My Heart Would Break
9.I Need You
10.When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
11.My Heart, My Soul
12.Mary's Boy Child
13.Bells of St. Mary's
14.Any Day Now
15.Use Me (Album Version)
16.Wrong Number (I Am Sorry, Goodbye)
17.The Bells of St. Mary's
18.Hark The Herald Angels Sing
19.Ain't That Peculiar
20.It's All Right
21.Rainy Night In Georgia
22.Everybody Plays the Fool (7' Listen Baby Mix)
23.I'm Waitin' At The Station
24.My Girl
25.Go Tell It On The Mountain
26.Stand By Me
27.O Little Town of Bethlehem
28.Let's Stay Together
29.You Send Me
30.Respect Yourself
31.Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
33.The First Noel
34.I'm So Glad (Trouble Don't Last)
35.O Holy Night
36.O Come All Ye Faithful
37.Ten Commandments of Love
38.You Can Never Tell
39.People Get Ready
40.I Can't Imagine
41.The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
42.What Did I Do (To Deserve You)
43.'Yes, I Love You'
44.I Fall to Pieces
45.Please Come Home for Christmas
46.Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
47.These Foolish Things
48.'Somewhere, Somebody'
49.This Is My Story / We Belong Together
50.Mona Lisa
51.Warn Your Heart
52.Save the Last Dance for Me
53.Just to See Her
54.Being With You
55.Over You - 2002 Digital Remaster
56.Let's Live - 2002 Digital Remaster
57.I Don't Want to Live On the Moon (feat. Aaron Neville)
58.A Change Is Gonna Come (Live)
59.Close Your Eyes (Duet with Linda Ronstadt)
60.You're Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher
61.Use Me (club mix edit)
62.Tell It lLke It Is (Re-Recorded / Remastered)
63.Tell It Like It Is (Studio Re-recording)
64.Even Though
65.A Change Is Gonna Come (With Mt. Zion Mass Choir)
66.Bridge Over Troubled Waters
67.Feelings (Remastered)
68.Blame It on My Youth
69.Wild Flower (Reworked Version)
70.Saving Grace
71.Ain't No Cure for Love

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