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Michael Cretu
姓名:Michael Cretu
出生年月日:1957年 3月 18日


Frank Peterson
姓名:Frank Peterson

David Fairstein
姓名:David Fairstein

Andy Hard
姓名:Andy Hard

Jens Gad
姓名:Jens Gad

1991年-Sadeness Part1
1991年-Principles Of Lust
1991年-The Rivers Of Belief
1991年-Mea Culpa PartII
1993年-Carly's Song
1993年-Return To Innocence
1994年-He Eyes Of Truth
1994年-Out From The Deep
1994年-Age Of Loneliness
1997年-Beyond The Invisible
1997年-TNT For The Brain
1999年-Gravity Of Love
2000年-Push The Limits

1990年-MCMXC a.D. 西元1990
1994年-The Cross Of Changes AndLe Roi Est Mort 徘徊不定
1996年-Le Roi Est Mort VIVE Le Roi 改朝换代
2000年-The Screen Behind The Mirror 浮世镜
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Stars Misaligned EP 英文
1.Stars Misaligned
2.Of Vile And Bliss
3.Enigmatic Species
4.The Circus Of The Collective
5.Demise Of Automony
Cobalt 英文
1.Skydancer (提供)
2.It Doesn't Matter At All (提供)
3.When He Gets Home (The Ride) (提供)
4.Medication Nation (提供)
5.You Say You Know (提供)
6.Addiction (提供)
7.The Enchantress (提供)
8.Dance Away These Blues (提供)
9.Hero (提供)
10.The Moon Doesn't Love Me Anymore (提供)
Seven Lives Many Faces 英文
2.Seven Lives
3.Je Taime Till My Dying Day
4.The Language Of Sound (提供)
5.Deja Vu (提供)
6.Between Generations
7.Language Of Sound (提供)
8.Superficial (提供)
9.We Are Nature
10.Downtown Silence (提供)
11.Sunrise (提供)
12.Je T'aime Till My Dying Day
13.Epilogue (提供)
Eccentricities 英文
1.When Superman Comes Home (提供)
2.Midnight Star (提供)
3.The Fortress (提供)
4.Driven (提供)
5.Buy Belize (提供)
6.Shadows of My Heart (提供)
7.Fed Up (With All of You) (提供)
8.Home With You (提供)
9.Jungle Boy Blues (提供)
10.Pagan Moon (Electric Mix) (提供)
11.At the End of the Day (提供)
Juxtaposition 英文
1.Sunshine and Wine (提供)
2.Never Say Goodbye (提供)
3.Pagan Moon (提供)
4.Nicotine (提供)
5.Everything You Need (提供)
6.Miracle (提供)
7.Dance With You (提供)
8.Awakening (提供)
9.Until This Is Over (提供)
Voyageur 音乐
1.From East To West (提供)
2.Voyageur (提供)
4.Page Of Cups (提供)
5.Boum - Boum
6.Total Eclipse Of The Moon
7.Look Of Today
8.In The Shadow, In The Light
9.Weightless (提供)
10.The Piano (提供)
11.Following The Sun
Love, Sensuality, Devotion: The Greatest Hits 英文
1.Sadeness Part 1
Screen Behind The Mirror 英文
1.Between Mind & Heart
2.Camera Obscura
3.Endless Quest (提供)
4.Gravity Of Love
5.Modern Crusaders
6.Push The Limits
7.Silence Must Be Heard
8.Smell Of Desire
9.The Gate
10.The Screen Behind The Mirror
11.Traces(Light And Weight) (提供)
Mcmxc Ad. 英文
1.Back To The River Of Beli
2.Callas Went Away
3.Find Love
5.Knocking Of Forbidden Doors
6.Mea Culpa
7.Mea Culpa Part Ii
8.Principles Of Lust
11.Sadeness Part I
12.The Rivers Of Belief
13.The Voice & The Snake
14.The Voice Of Enigma
15.Way To Eternity
Trilogy 英文
1.Age Of Loneliness
2.Almost Full Moon (提供)
3.Back To The River Of Beli
4.Beyond The Invisible
5.Callas Went Away
6.Find Love
8.I Love You... I'll Kill You
9.Knocking Of Forbidden Doors
10.Mea Culpa
11.Morphing Thru Time
12.Odyssey Of The Mind
13.Out From The Deep
14.Principles Of Lust
15.Prism Of Life
16.Return To Innocence
17.Roi Est Mort Vive Le Roi! (提供)
20.Second Chapter
21.Shadows In Silence
22.Silent Warrior
23.T.n.t. For The Brain
24.The Child In Us
25.The Cross Of Changes
26.The Dream Of The Dolphin
27.The Eyes Of Truth
28.The Rivers Of Belief
29.The Roundabout
30.The Voice & The Snake
31.The Voice Of Enigma
32.Third Of Its Kind (提供)
33.Way To Eternity
Le Roi Est Mort Vive Le Roi 英文
1.Beyond The Invisible
2.Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi(The King Is Dead Long Live The King)
3.Morphing Thru Time
4.Odyssey Of The Mind
5.Prism Of Life
6.Shadows In Silence
7.T.n.t. For The Brain
8.The Child In Us
9.The Roundabout
10.Third Of Its Kind (提供)
The Cross Of Changes 英文
1.Second Chapter
2.The eyes of truth
3.Return to innocence
4.I love you ... I'll kill you
5.Silent Warrior
6.The dream of the dolphin
7.Age of loneliness(Carly's Sog)
8.Out from the deep
9.The cross of changes
The Platinum Collection 英文
1.Principles Of Lust - Radio Edit
2.Beyond the Invisible (Radio Edit)
3.Out From the Deep
4.Principles of Lust
5.Return To Innocence (Radio Edit) (2001 Digital Remaster)
6.Push the Limits (133 Bpm) [ATB Remix]
7.Gravity of Love (140 Bpm) [Judgement Day Club Mix] (提供)
8.Out from the Deep (168 Bpm) [Trance Mix]
9.Mea Culpa, Pt. 2 (Fading Shades Mix)
10.Boum Boum (Chicane Club Version)
11.Return To Innocence - Long & Alive Version
12.Following The Sun - Radio Edit
13.Boum Boum - Enigma Radio Edit
14.T.N.T. For The Brain (112 Bpm) - Radio Edit
15.Return To Innocence - Radio Edit;2001 Digital Remaster
16.Rivers Of Belief
17.Return to Innocence
Lsd - Love Sensuality Devotion 英文
1.Turn Around
2.I Love You...I'll Kill You (Remastered)
3.Return To Innocence (Remastered)
4.Morphing Thru Time.
5.Beyond The Invisible.
6.Push The Limits
7.Silence Must Be Heard.
8.Return To Innocence - 2001 Digital Remaster
9.Modern Crusaders.
10.Gravity Of Love. (提供)
11.Principles of Lust
暂存 英文
1.Find Love (Principles Of Lust)
2.Principles Of Lust (Find Love)
3.Sadness, Part I
4.Turn Around (Nothern Lights Club Mix)
5.Simple Obsession
6.I Love You...I'Kill You
7.Age of Loneliness (Carly's Song)
9.The Same Parents
10.Fata Morgana (提供)
11.Hell's Heaven (提供)
12.La Puerta Del Cielo
13.Distorted Love
14.Return To Innocence [Short Radio Edit]
15.Message From IO (提供)
16.Dreaming Of Andromeda (提供)
17.Northern Lights (提供)
18.The Alchemist (提供)
19.Shadows (提供)
20.Return to Innocense
21.Between Mind and Heart
22.Return to Innocence [Long & Alive Version]
24.Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!
26.Return to Innocence [Radio Edit]
27.The Rivers Of Belief (The Returning Silence)
28.Dancing With Mephisto
29.Hello And Welcome
30.Goodbye Milky Way
31.Feel Me Heaven (提供)
32.Invisible Love
33.Sitting On The Moon
34.Age Of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix)
35.Turn Around (Northern Lights Club Mix)
36.Push the Limits (ATB Remix)
37.Return to Innocence (380 Midnight Mix)
38.Principles of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix)
39.T.N.T. for the Brain (Radio Edit)
40.Fear And Love
41.Foolish Games
42.Carly's Song
43.Back To The Rivers Of Belief - Way To Eternity
44.Back To The Rivers Of Belief - Hallelujah
45.Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi
46.Why! ...
47.I Love You
48.Knocking on Forbidden Doors
49.Mea Culpa (Fading Shades Mix)
50.The Voice And The Snake
51.Sadeness (095 Bpm) - Violent U.S. Remix
52.Mea Culpa (100 Bpm) - 2001 Digital Remaster
53.Morphing Through Time
54.Sadeness, Pt. I
55.Eyes of Truth (radio edit)
56.Age of Loneliness (Enigmatic club mix 128 BPM)
57.I Love You, I'll Kill You (Fato DS mix)
59.MMX (The Social Song)
60.T.N.T. for the Brain (Midnight Man remix)
61.Sadness, Part 1 (UK radio edit)
62.20,000 Miles Over the Sea (Boca Junior remix)
63.The Same Parents (Radio Edit)
64.Seven Lives (radio edit)
65.Mea Culpa (Fading Shades)
66.Principles of Lust: Sadeness (reprise)
67.Lost in Nothingness
68.Gravity Of Love - Radio Edit
69.Temple of Love
70.Sadeness (remix)
71.Push the Limits (radio edit)
72.The Eyes of Truth (The Twilight of the Gods) (The Götterdämmerung mix)
73.Mea Culpa, Part II (Fading Shades mix)
74.Sadeness (Meditation mix)
75.The Return to Innocence
76.Sitting On The Moon (Boca Junior Remix)
77.Invisible Love (Boca Junior Remix)
78.Hello & Welcome (提供)
79.The Rivers of Belief (radio edit)
80.Turn Around (Northern Lights club remix)
81.Out From The Deep (Rock Version)
82.Out From The Deep - Short Radio Edit
83.Push the Limits (ATB radio remix)

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